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December 5, 2011 By Donya Fahmy Leave a Comment Printer & PDF Friendly VersionTeachers play such an important role in children’s lives and the truly dedicated ones just give and give until it hurts! Perhaps the best gift you can give to a teacher is to share your time and talents with your child’s class.
A fun fresh idea is to surprise your favorite teacher with a basket of organic produce from your local farmers market. An eco-friendly way for even the novice gardener to start and grow organic herbs right on his or her windowsill. Teaching can get pretty stressful, why not give the gift of calm and put a smile on their faces? For more all-natural and organic aromatherapy and skin care gifts for teacher check our Gift Guide for Teacher page. The Aroma Zone is a great resource for learning about aromatherapy, complementary alternative health (i.e. We hope this list of FAQs will give you some quick answers to general questions you might have about living organic herbs. For information about specific kinds of living organic herb plants, see the more detailed information in the Guide to Living Organic Herb Varieties (pdf). At Shenandoah Growers, we believe nothing enhances the flavor of food like organically grown fresh herbs straight from the plant.
This varies by herb variety and a number of other factors, such as the rate at which leaves are removed from the plant and the heartiness of the herb. If you don’t have direct sunlight in your home, you can still keep your living organic herb plant inside.
Our organic living herbs represent the best in innovative technology and sustainable agricultural practice coming together to achieve the simple goal of providing our customers with the freshest, cleanest, and most nutritious produce available. Instead of using prohibited pesticides to control our plants’ quality, we have a number of organic and biological ways of staving off plant predators, including the controlled release of beneficial insects (like adorable ladybugs!) to help keep plant parasites at bay. Before shipment, all plants go through a screening process to make sure that all of the beneficial insects have been removed from the plants; however, if an insect does get through this screening process and makes its way into your home, please be assured that it is not hazardous.
At Shenandoah Growers, we remain committed to sustainability and encourage you to recycle the packaging of your fresh herbs. You can always take the herbs, cut them up, let them dry or dry them out in a very low temperature oven then keep them in a clean screw lid jar. One of the herbs I just bought from the Friendly City Co-op for growing here at home, is thyme. The plastic around the pot helps keep soil from seeping out onto your counter, or the surface on which the pot sits. First thing, make sure they have enough water, saturate them and give it a few days, watering daily or every other day.
I bought a mint plant today, I wanted to know if I have to change the soil after sometime, if so, let me know how often we have to change the soil.
You should not need to change the soil but it is recommended that you transplant your Mint into a larger pot as the original will become root bound rather quickly.
Hi, I don’t know what is happening but I have tried two of your Cilantro plants and as soon as I get them home they shrivel up and die!

I purchased a basil plant a couple weeks ago and feel I’ve followed instructions, but it just looks a little limp and some of the leaves are a little brown on the tips. I am trying to eat healthier and prepare foods with more flavors, so I decided to try fresh organic in lieu of traditional herbs. While there are many, many factors that contribute to the life of the plant, some people are able to keep their plant alive indefinitely and others harvest the leaves and use them within a week to 10 days. I live in SC, that said, I find the best selection at Wal-mart, but have seen them available at Publix as well. Will these plants when re-potted not continue to grow and reproduce as similar herb plants from a greenhouse would?
What this phrase is saying is that if you harvest all the leaves from the plant, the plant will die. I bought two of the Rosemary Living Plants from the local store about a couple weeks ago and now they are dead. Offer to teach a special lesson while the teacher enjoys a cup of coffee and her favorite book.
Something you may not have thought of that many teachers would appreciate is to gift a few favorite books to the school or public library in their name. Kept on a kitchen counter or on a windowsill, a living organic herb plant can provide garden-fresh herbs that are ready to use at your convenience.
Instead of watering your plant from above, keep the leaves clean and dry by watering it from below.
Always water your plant from the bottom, and remember, you should never let the soil get completely dry—fresh herbs like a moist environment! If possible, put it in a location that has indirect light and be sure to water it from the bottom whenever the top of the soil looks dry.
Simply discard it with the knowledge that it has not caused any damage to your plant and has probably helped keep it healthy and parasite-free!
During the winter months, we do not encourage you to keep your living organic plant outside unless you live in a particularly warm climate. If you wish to plant your living organic herb plant outdoors, simply remove the plant and roots from the plastic pot in which you purchased them and transplant them into your garden or into a larger pot. When you are finished with your plant, you can turn out the soil into your garden or reuse it in other potted plants. Earlier this summer I bought one of your basil plants, divided the roots into 3 and repotted the young plants into bigger pots (to give the roots more room). I planted them outside because I have a cat and I am not sure if she will eat them and if they would be harmful to her.
Now, I use this method for saving: chop into small pieces first, freeze on cookie sheet, dump frozen pieces in Ziploc bag, throw bag in freezer. I thought this would be a way to keep fresh herbs on hand at all times, but as I’m reading more on your site it seems that they are not meant to last. I went back to the store where I bought it (Giant in Phoenixville PA), hoping to find a cilantro plant. The plants look fine when I purchase them at Giant, but develop black spots on the leaves and die in 3-4 days!

The plants look fine when I purchase them, but develop black spots on the leaves and die in 3-4 days! If teaching is not your talent, offer to help decorate a bulletin board, organize a project, clean a classroom or make the teacher a home-cooked lunch. Also, many science centers run programs where you can honor someone by providing enrichment toys and treats to the animals. Great gift idea for a teacher who wants to dabble in or already loves growing organic and cooking with savory herbs.
Our Divine and Soothe Bath Salts Duo also make a great gift for teachers, as does our Divine & Soothe Organic Body Oil Duo. Still training of course but had to bump the days forward due to job interviews and doing tests. Starting from the left in the picture above; The 3 pots I've got organic ginger, green stump is new celery growing from kitchen scraps along with the green onions next to it.
It felt more solid then wide stance along with knees drifting forward over the knees a bit.
And because an herb’s natural oil content is at its most concentrated immediately after it has been picked, our living organic herb plants deliver a more intense flavor and a healthier product.
Now that you have your plant at home, the first thing to do is tear away the plastic sleeve at the perforation in order to give the leaves more room to spread out. Simply pour water into the bowl or saucer and allow your plant’s roots to absorb what they need. And if I change it into a new pot do I need to use the same soil, or do I need to buy new soil?
Instead of generic gifts, like chocolates, teaching supplies, and gift certificates, try one of these unique, eco-friendly gifts below. It is important to water all plants as soon as you get home to ensure the soil does not get too dry. Water your herb plant when the top of the soil looks dry, and cut the leaves as you need them for your meals. I have more fresh basil than I could ever use and am making pesto and it’s variations by the bucketload.
Can these easily be found at a local supermarket (Publix) or through a larger chain like Walmart? Beside that is a stevia plant to compliment the store bought extract for my drinks and natural protein shakes.
Find out more about how to care for individual herb varieties in our Guide to Living Organic Herb Varieties. Are there other stores in my area that carry your brand (which is the only kind I’ve ever had success with). These easy to grow giant zinnias come in a wonderful array of colors, and will attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden.

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