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The question most often asked about organics is why use farming practices that were abandoned for easier, bigger yields? Organics can become a controversial issue because growing, especially for one’s self, is a personal thing. Fertilizers are an essential part of growing, and are also a huge source of chemicals for your plants.
One big issue with farming and fertilizers beyond what chemicals are in the fertilizers is that the food produced, despite being bigger, is less nutritious. Regardless of whether flushing removes all traces of chemicals used to grow a plant, residues remain on the plant from pesticides and are hard to remove—washing your apples before you eat them is one thing, but I’ve never considered washing my bud before I smoke it—and I probably never will. Even if full chemical growing practices for marijuana posed no risk to a cannabis user’s health, they might pose a problem to the health of the grower’s community. There are other ethical questions that surround organic marijuana, especially in regard to cost.
Despite the cost of organic grow supplies, there are ways that organic growers can save money.
The choice to go organic or not, entirely or in stages, is up to the individual; but for those who are interested in the environment, our health, the health of others, and in lessening the chemical load on our bodies from living in a culture that uses toxins in most aspects of day to day life, organics are an option that cannot be overlooked.
Whether your home is a sprawling estate or a cozy little urban apartment, your indoor and outdoor spaces both reflect your respect for the natural environment. You spend time and energy making your garden earth-friendly and sustainable, so why shouldn’t your sun protection have the same priorities?
If someone on your list was really good this year, treat them to SpinRay Energy’s DeckPower PV panels. Imagine the perfect food crop: strong, fast growing, easily adaptable to soil and climatic conditions and extremely undemanding, it grows well without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, has a high nutritional value and provides a rich source of high-quality protein and essential omega fatty acids in optimal ratio. It is not a product of our imagination, it is a real story of a real plant – and a sad one indeed. Hemp has been cultivated by many civilizations for over 12.000 years, making it one of the earliest domesticated plants known. Besides protein and fat, hemp seeds also contain a fine amount of fiber and nutrients that act as antioxidants. Hemp can be easily introduced into our diets in one of the following forms: hemp seeds, hemp oil or hemp protein powder.
Hemp oil, which is cold pressed from shelled hemp seeds, can be used in various dishes, preferably at the end of cooking as it is temperature sensitive (as all of the unsaturated fats) and therefore unsuitable for cooking and baking. Hemp protein powder is a popular addition to the diet of athletes, be it recreational or professional ones.
There are a wide range of products now readily available for anyone who wishes to choose organic. Everyone has their own tricks, methods, and procedures for ensuring maximum yield and quality. Chemical fertilizers are comprised mostly of some mix of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium). Commercial inorganic fertilizers rely heavily on NPK fertilizers for yield without crop rotation, often depleting naturally occurring soil nutrients to the point where foods that had vitamins in them once, no longer do. Pesticides are a problem, but so too are pests: high concentrations of either are bad, and this poses quite the problem for indoor growers who, in the quest to create a perfect environment for plants, create a very nice environment for pests.
Neem oil is one form of organic pesticide; it deters some pests, kills others (like mites), and interferes with the life cycle of others. This is, however, not to leave anyone with the impression that if one “truly” cares about any of the aforementioned things, that they must go organic, but simply to provide another avenue for change. To your question about sources of P and K, my company, MightyGrow Organics, recycles the nutrients used to grow corn and soybeans that were once fed to chickens.
The simple-yet-ingenious Belkin switch completely cuts power when a device isn’t needed.
Ellis proves that labor- and energy-intensive grass lawns aren’t the only options for beautiful landscaping. Besides being an extremely healthy superfood, it can also be used as a building material, in paper production, to make plastic and composite materials, clothing, ropes, fuel and even jewelry, as well as offering infinite ways of use in medicine.

Hemp (Cannabis sativa), a versatile herb that has been used for all the above mentioned purposes for millenia, has been a controversial crop since the end of Second World War, due to the presence of cannabinoids (especially the controversial THC). Archaeological records for cultivation and use of hemp come from Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, central and east Europe, China, Taiwan and Japan. Even industrial varieties were now illegal, completely ignoring the fact that they provided more than 25.000 nature-friendly products, all free of the controversial substances.
Not only is it prised in textile, paper and construction industry again, it is also gaining its place in the field of nutrition. Shelled seeds can be sprinkled on fruit or veggie salads, added to soups, baked goods and smoothies or used to make spreads, raw desserts, hemp milk, yoghurt or ice cream.
Use hemp oil in salads, soups, vegetable dishes or consume a teaspoon on an empty stomach in the morning. Due to intensive training, protein needs of athletes are increased and hemp is a rich source of high-quality protein.
From food to clothing to personal care products, there are an ever growing number of organic products. One method used by growers to ensure a quality they agree with and advocate, is adhering to organic standards. The cheapest form of phosphorus is mined phosphorus, which removes phosphorus from the natural environment in a destructive way. The End of Food by Thomas Pawlick uses the example of potatoes, which in some areas, such as Canada, cannot be said to contain vitamin A at all. The Pesticide Action Network (PAN) stated in its global report on health impacts of pesticide use in agriculture that “the amount of pesticide actually reaching the target pest is often low, and a greater part of the pesticide used ends up contaminating the environment.” This is something that bears truth where pesticides are used in most parts of the world. Neem even has some success with preventing mildew and mould because it can be clarified into a hydrophobic extract, which causes it to repel water slightly. For medical patients trying to avoid excess chemicals that might interfere with their treatment or be hard on their already taxed bodies, the extra cost of organic cannabis can be hard to swallow—especially if the extra cost means they might run out of their medicine sooner than they can replenish it, forcing them to go without.
In addition to saving money on pesticides, organic growers can easily rotate and recycle their soil in batches, which saves a large amount of money in the long run. We take the waste manure, process the material so that it is sterile, easy to handle and with very low odor. This all-in-one gasket kit targets some of the most often overlooked draft culprits (door sills and electrical outlets). Until 1883, as much as 90 % of all paper is estimated to have been made from hemp and the same goes for ropes, threads and ship sails. Hemp oil is also appropriate for external use as it can help with skin issues, such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and dry or sensitive skin.
With elimination of fats and fiber, percentage of protein in hemp powder is greatly increased, reaching 50 %. It should be sown in the open ground early in April; to get larger plants it is best to raise it in frames.
Organic marijuana is a somewhat new concept to many, but it is gaining popularity for improved quality, burn, and health of the user and the environment.
In addition to the environmental destruction caused by mining, phosphorus is actually a finite resource that humanity is using at an alarming rate. One of the best things about cannabis is that it contains many beneficial compounds other than THC. The amount of pesticide needed to kill a pest is small, but the amount of pesticides used is often much more than needed because even a thorough visual inspection will risk missing pests that can later make life hell for a grower. Runoff water tainted with fertilizers and pesticides from dumped indoor refuse or from outdoor grows poses a problem to watersheds and public land. The benefit of introducing fewer chemicals into a body that can’t eat because of lack of meds, doesn’t really seem like net benefit. Though these practices don’t entirely make up the cost of organic growing, they do lessen the impact. Includes four door sweeps, 16 foam electrical outlet gaskets, 8 light switch plate gaskets, plus 12 electrical outlet safety caps.
A total of 46 varieties of industrial hemp, which contains extremely low levels of THC, are certified by the European Union.

Hemp oil, produced from hemp seeds, was used as an ingredient of oil paints, varnishes and even fuel. Proteins represent 33 % of their total mass and contain all of the 20 amino acids, including 9 essential ones, which our body can not synthesize itself. Hemp protein contains all the essential amino acids in sufficient amounts, making it a so called »complete protein«. It loves a warm sandy loam, and is one of the few plants that thrive in small London gardens.
Some choose to use organic fertilizer only, some extend that to their pesticides, some growers decide that everything about their grow should be organic. Though the large part of blame for this is not on marijuana growers alone, we all do our part within the world at large and must take responsibility for it.
Cannabis plants, like all plants, derive their chemical compounds from the macro and micro nutrients in the soil. What is left are plants covered in residual pesticides and marijuana that may still have toxins on it when smoked.
You do need to keep your room a bit warmer if you have ladybugs otherwise they’ll find a way to get out, but otherwise red ladybugs eat mites and other pests, and yellow ladybugs eat fungus—reducing the need for fungicides. More than just the environmental impact is that socially growers, especially in California, are gaining a reputation for destroying the environment with a plant that should be able to save the environment with the products it can produce, from plastics to hemp seeds for a balanced, healthy protein.
However, there are organic steps that can be taken to reduce harm while still keeping costs down. In contrast to cannabis grown for recreational use, varieties grown for fiber and seed have less than 0.3% THC and they are unsuitable for producing hashish and marijuana. Numerous farms cultivated hemp and use its fiber, while it also provided protection from erosion on steep slopes. 44 % of hemp seeds is represented by healthy fats, primarily unsaturated fatty acids in optimal ratios. There are varying degrees of strictness to one’s organic grow, but for the marijuana produced to be called organic without caveat, the soil, fertilizers, pesticides, and anything that goes into or onto the plant should be organic—and best if certified organic. Organic fertilizer provides a much more diverse range of nutrients than chemical fertilizer. Largely the polluting culprits are huge operations in the United States, but Canada is no slouch for producing marijuana and we would all benefit from not cultivating that reputation while we cultivate our supply. Simply replacing pesticides can be a huge step to reducing harm for medical patients without increasing cost too much. A ratio between omega-3 in omega-6 fatty acids is especially important, as Western diets are often deficient in omega-3 fatty acids and contain excessive amount of omega-6 fatty acids, mostly consumed in the form of processed foods. Potassium is also often mined as well, while organic sources of potassium include potash (originally derived from wood ash), kelp meal, and again, compost. Though there has been little testing on what affects the cannabis plants as opposed to how the cannabis plant affects humans, medicinal cannabis and ways to grow better medicinal cannabis are areas that researchers and growers and interested individuals are already trying their hand at, and the research field can only expand. Though there processes in place to ban extremely toxic pesticides, it is extremely hard to get even the worst pesticides banned.
Another social aspect of organic growing is that it could help form kinship and shared connections with other organic farmers and producers of food or other products, which can bring allies to our movement. Though the concentrations of NPK can be lower in organic fertilizers, there isn’t a risk of using too much fertilizer and burning your plants. Fertilizers often leave marijuana with an unpleasant taste and poor burn if not flushed from the plant before harvest, but luckily flushing is a fairly ubiquitous practice among growers. Not all marijuana plants get flushed though; for one reason or another between time constraints and Murphy’s law, most of us have tasted marijuana that wasn’t flushed properly.
Common characteristics include a difficult burn with black ash, and a harsh taste to the smoke.

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