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Beautifully Moisturising and Protecting Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil and Sweet Orange Oil. After escaping the city to start a greener lifestyle, Neil & Nikki started to uncover some truths about the halal meat business. Having moved to the countryside in order to escape the hustle and bustle of London and to start a greener lifestyle, English Muslims Neil and Nikki Payne wanted to address their meat consumption. After taking the plunge in their early thirties to split from the capital, starting an organic halal meat business was the last thing on the minds of Neil and Nikki. The launch comes at a time when the public are showing more and more interest in organic and naturally-reared produce. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Arwa is a Muslim freelance writer who is interested in everything climate change related and how Islam can inspire more people to care for their planet and take active steps to save it while we can.
She is endlessly suspicious of all politicians and their ceaseless meetings, especially as they make normal people believe that they are not part of the solution when they are the ONLY solution. Her Indian auntie is her model eco-warrier, and when Arwa is not busy helping out in the neighborhood alleyway garden, swap shopping or attempting fusion vegetarian dishes- with mixed success, she’d like to add- she can be found sipping on foraged nettle tea.
Day 2 in our #5DaysofGiveaways comes from a new US-based halal and organic meat company I’ve recently come to learn more about. We also had a hard time finding halal and organic meats for our family that is the reason we decided to start our company. Eating organic and halal is important because then our food is tayyib and we benefit even more inshaAllah.

Having halal and organic meats are important because halal is the way of the Prophet (pbuh) and organic meat is healthy and pure of any pesticides and gmo’s! Handcrafted using Organic Shea Butter and cold pressed Jojoba Oil, which are both fabulously moisturising and protecting for your lips, particularly during the harsh winter weather.
In response they have now launched their own company selling organic, ethically reared halal meat. Unhappy with the quality of meat available in butchers and at the supermarkets, they had practically become vegetarian. However after witnessing first hand the lack of standards, ethics and principles in much of the halal meat industry they decided to address the problem. Our target market is people who really care about the quality of the animals, their treatment, what they are fed on and how they are slaughtered. Statistics show that in the period from 2005-2006, sales of organic produce grew an astonishing 30%.
You can find all of Arwa’s published work on her freelance site, and check out her musing on her blog.
All of their beef is antibiotic and hormone free, grass fed only, pasture raised and always non confined and humanely treated. They took the plunge and invested their life savings in starting up Abraham Natural Produce, a company providing organic, ethically reared and halal meat.
We are the only company that can tell a customer when and where their lamb was born, what breed it was, where it lived, what it ate, what air it breathed and who slaughtered it. They also try to stay with local farmers so that the animals do not travel far, which can be stressful on them.

Winner will be asked for shipping information, which will be shared with sponsoring company. Our long-lasting formulation comes in a beautiful selection of colours that complement all skin tones, with rich mineral pigments and intense natural colour. Having become smallholders virtually overnight in a small village in Somerset they started to buy and slaughter animals themselves to guarantee a compassionate ending and truly halal meat. Although targeting the UK Muslim population the couple believe the idea has a wider appeal, especially to those interested in local, natural, good quality produce.
On top of this the ethos of the company sits well with many voices that would like to see an end to the domination of the supermarkets in favour of local foods. Through conversations with breeders, abattoir owners and locals they soon discovered some uncomfortable truths about the halal meat industry which has resulted in them launching the UK's first organic halal meat company. One of the unique selling points for Abraham Natural Produce is that Neil went to the lengths of becoming a licensed slaughter man and now slaughters each and every animal himself, guaranteeing that all their meat is 100% genuine halal. In addition we also promote eco-friendly values, support local providers and donate a percentage of profits to charities that help feed the poor and underprivileged.

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