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Organic Hair Energizer Hair Growth Booster with Pro Vitamin-B5 is a metabolic hair growth treatment designed with DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) blockers, anti-oxidants and vitamins It Prevents hair loss and thinning by eliminating clogged hair follicles for steady hair growth. For anyone who uses Organic Root Stimulator hair products is it safe to use on color treated hair? Most hair care products that have organic in their name are anything but Organic (especially the products that are found everywhere and cheap). 907 Organic Hair Care is a beauty salon that offers organic hair care services to the greater Fairbanks community. At 907 Organic Hair Care, Joanne Unangst has 23 years of hands-on experience in the hair care industry.
There are numerous hair care products on the market that are filled with harsh chemicals and additives. Fast and lasting results for your hair and scalp.For fast improvement, stop using products with harsh chemicals. Customer Hair Products reviews and testimonials are provided for informational purposes only. To give ya'll a frame of reference for my review, let me first tell you a bit about my hair.
DermOrganic Hair and Skin products are made with hand-harvested Argan Oil straight from the Argan forest in Morocco. As I mentioned in my introduction, I have completely fallen in love with this hair care line! This shampoo was designed to moisturize, rebuild, and smooth your hair with its combination of EFA lipid and amino acid based cleansers. This conditioner has a soft and creamy scent (that is a bit different than the scent of the shampoo). This Daily Hydrating Conditioner contains lipids and Panthenol B5 in addition to the powerhouse Argan Oil. I use by just lightly misting over the lengths of my hair and combing through while my hair is still wet. I love how this product boosts your hairs shine while also nourishing your hair and improving your hair's condition. If you have color treated or highlighted hair, I highly recommend that you scope out this line next time you are in Ulta. Organic Way (Oway) is the world’s first professional organic hair color, care and styling line with biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients. Our green chemists hand select the highest quality formulations to achieve professional results without the use of common salon toxins. Oway lets you immerse your clients in a multi-sensorial, non-toxic salon experience with active botanicals and pure essential oils. Here, we grow, pick and distill our pure organic extracts, essential oils and hydrolates with zero chemicals, in accordance with biodynamic farming standards.
The world’s first professional organic hair color with biodynamic, fair trade ingredients and pure essential oils. An innovative, nectar-based hair color and treatment with organic elderberry, mallow, papamiel and yerba mate.
Our nourishing, ammonia-free cream lightener blended with kukui butter and organic essential oils for a lightening experience that’s gentle on even the most sensitive scalps.

Waveshaper is our thio-free texturizing system full of organic ingredients and antioxidants that create soft, bouncy curls without harsh chemicals. Exclusive, sublime organic shampoos and conditioners artfully crafted with biodynamic, botanical and ethical ingredients that maintain and repair hair. A creative, versatile styling line that lets you define and sculpt your style with powerful organic ingredients, while freeing yourself from toxins found in common salon products. A holistic hair system with specialized products for before, during and after color to rejuvenate and improve hair health with each service.
Revive and repair scalp and hair with these customizable, in-salon  treatments packed with amino acids, hyalominerals and ceramides. Hair Growth Booster is a unique lotion with Organic ingredients, Natural Oils and Herbal Extracts that impart elasticity, moisture, softness and fabulous sheen to the hair. This is because there is no organic standard for non food items so you can call any shampoo Organic legally even if it has zero certified Organic ingredients and is full of stuff that would be banned if there was an Organic standard for such items.
I only use it when my hair is so dry and brittle that my regular moisturizers cannot restore my PH balance (moisture balance).
Whether you are looking to upgrade your current look or enjoy a completely new style, We are happy to provide you with the expert styling services you deserve.
Joanne has experimented with a wide range of organic hair care products to find out what works and what doesn't.
At 907 Organic Hair Care, We only carry all-natural and organic products that help to prevent any adverse effects on your hair and scalp. There are solutions to many hair and skin problems in nature.From the time that we are born we use hair products that are not friendly with our scalp or hair. Try one of our shampoos to begin with.If you are trying our products for first time, please remember that they feel and work differently than most other products.
Customer Hair Products reviews and testimonials reflect the individual Hair Products reviewer’s results and experiences only. It has been used for centuries in Morocco as a food item, a cosmetic ingredient, an ointment, and even for cooking.
While still in the midst of testing a few of the items, I will share the products that I have fallen in love with so far! The conditioner is rich and creamy and of about a medium consistency (not as heavy as a hair mask type conditioner). While I didn't get a ton of volume from this product (my hair is very long), I did get improved hold for my style. The product contains UV inhibitors as well as Omega 6, lipids, antioxidants, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, and hair moisturizers.
You can either apply this on your hair while wet before styling or mist lightly when your hair is dry to amp up the shine. Also, I like how this product works with your heat products to provide shine and protect your hair. Since I have a highlights appointment coming up in a week, I wanted to save it to test as a post-highlights treatment (even though I could really use it anytime).
Analyze client’s scalp and hair on a micro-level with our state-of-the-art tools that transform you from a hair stylist to a hair doctor. This light weight formula can be used daily and allows for great manageability and healthier hair while styling.

The free hair care forum I subscribed to has tons of females on there who is relaxed & colored treated and have ORS as one of their top staple product(s).
If you have any scalp or hair issues we suggest that you stop using chemical based hair care products.All of our products are made in the United States by hand in small batches. This hair protein treatment with other conditioners, really does help keep my hair looking and feeling nice and stops breakage.Sally G Longmont COThis is a fantastic product for repairing my hair! Moroccan women are famed for their beautiful skin and many credit this to their use of Argan Oil as a moisturizer.
Be sure to let me know if there are any products pictured that you are particularly interested in hearing a review for (if it is not included in this post).
My hair is left looking shiny and feeling soft and silky when I use this shampoo and conditioner duo.
Also, it improves comb ability by providing hair with fabulous slip while also reducing any frizzies. That is great you are trying to cut out products that have harsh and unnecessary ingredients like SLS.
I used it about 6 days ago and I was able to sleep on my hair with wrapping it for about 5 days before my hair began to show signs of dryness.
We do not use equipment that can destroy the nutritive value of each product.Our products are unique from any other hair care products that you have tried. After the first use my hair was so soft, shiny, vibrant, and my ends looked healthier than ever!
I usually have to use a ton of conditioning products, leave ins, and serums to keep my hair looking shiny and good. I like to apply this right after I comb out my hair and after using the DermOrganic Leave-In Spray Therapy.
So far I am able to cut out alot of products in my regimen that have mineral oil, lanolin, petroleum, SLS and parabens. So, know that the use of these products supports initiatives to help elevate the socioeconomic status and improve literacy rates of women in Morocco.
This protective leave in is formulated with argan oil as well as Omega-6, Lipids, Antioxidants, Vitamin E and Natural Moisture Factors. My favorites from this line (so far) are the Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Leave-In spray.
I haven't really had it that long though, but I'm impressed with what I have so far.Lindsey M House Springs MOEvery woman in the world should use this protein at least once a month. As for the ORS Uplifting shampoo, this is a clarifying shampoo that should be used no more than once a month, twice if you get lots of build up quick, clarifying shampoos can be very drying because it clears out all the silicones from the products, oils and other stuff that are stuck on the scalp. I have fine thin hair and this always makes my hair smooth silky and stronger without loosing body.I make all my girlfriends with dry, curly or frizzy hair use this.

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