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In the economic climate we face ourselves, every organisation places an increased pressure on its business development teams to win new opportunities plus achieve sales targets and forecasts. We all understand the basic principles of organic growth but achieving it is another matter. The fact that companies don’t focus on organic growth will often mean their people are not engaged with the idea, which can be the biggest downfall for many businesses as the people on the ground are your best sales advocate.
So in short, if we invest in our people correctly the result should be empowered individuals who have not only the confidence but the tools and support to actively seek chances for organic growth.
1First, to continue to raise operating margins to the levels of the best-performing competition. 1Based on headline operating profit as defined in the Financial glossary, excluding share of results of associates, and sourced from relevant public filings, adjusted to a comparable basis to WPP.2Gross margin margin is defined as headline PBIT as a proportion of gross margin.
Mergers and acquisitions, which have historically taken the lion’s share of free cash flow. Our acquisition focus in 2011 was again on the triple opportunities of faster-growing geographic markets, new media and consumer insight, including data analytics and the application of technology, totally consistent with our strategic priorities in the areas of geography, new communication services and measurability. Following the strong first-half results in 2011, your Board raised the dividend by 25%, around five percentage points faster than the growth in diluted headline earnings per share, a pay-out ratio in the first half of 33%. Share buy-backs will continue to be targeted to absorb any share dilution from scrip dividends, issues of options or restricted stock, although the Company does also have considerable free cash flow to take advantage of any anomalies in market values, as it did last year.
1Sum of share buy-backs and dividends paid divided by average shares in issue for the relevant period, as a % of the average share price for the relevant period.
4Fourth, we will continue to enhance the value added by the parent company and build unique integrated marketing approaches for clients. But it is also clear that there is an increasing requirement for the centre to complement the operating companies in professional development and client coordination. Such assignments present major, and increasingly frequent, opportunities for the few groups of our size.
Talent and its management therefore remain the lynchpin of our reason for existence: that is what our clients pay us for. In creating highly-competitive incentives with extremely attractive working environments, we increasingly differentiate ourselves from our competitors and improve the attractiveness of WPP companies as destinations for talent.
The blueprint for our executive development curriculum has been completed, and our flagship client leadership training program, Maestro, is being continuously developed. In 2011, your Company teamed up with the Shanghai Art & Design Academy (SADA) to establish the WPP School of Marketing and Communications.
We continued to scrutinise and modify our compensation practices, both to offer competitive and appropriately-based rewards to our people and to attract outstanding talent from elsewhere. Of all businesses, communications services company must be a model of excellent external and internal communications. As a result of this improvement in space utilisation the establishment cost-to-revenue ratio dropped to 6.7%, ahead of our long-term 7% run rate and in spite of a 3% increase in cost per square foot. We continue to target clear sector leadership in procurement, through continuous investment in people, processes and technology. In IT we continue to consolidate our core technology infrastructure with the objectives of reducing cost and improving quality. The convergence of mobile, voice and data communications has allowed us to take advantage of new offerings in the telecommunications sector to increase efficiencies and to provide enhanced support to our increasingly mobile workforce.
In practice development we continue to develop horizontal initiatives in a focused set of high-potential areas across our vertical operating brands: in media investment management, healthcare, corporate sustainability, government, new technologies, new faster-growing markets, retailing, shopper marketing, internal communications, financial services and media and entertainment.
In key geographic markets we are increasingly coordinating our activities through WPP Country Managers.
Furthermore, we continue to encourage internal strategic alliances and promote co-operation. The Group’s commitment to, and investment in, sustainability initiatives supports major business wins. Given the significance of Consumer Insight revenues to the Group, with none of our direct competitors present in that sector, gross margin and gross margin margins are a more meaningful measure of comparative, competitive revenue growth and margin performance.
Our practice development activities are also aimed at helping us position our portfolio in the faster-growing functional and geographic areas. We will also enhance our leadership position in Consumer Insight by further development of our key brands with particular emphasis on North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Continental and Eastern Europe. In addition, we intend to reinforce our worldwide strength in direct and interactive marketing and research through our traditional channels such as OgilvyOne, Wunderman, G2, Blanc & Otus and Lightspeed.

Clients look for creative thinking and output not just from advertising agencies, public relations and design companies, but also from our media companies and our research companies.
Your Company was named Holding Company of the Year at the 2011 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the world’s premier showcase for excellence in communications. Our performance in The Gunn Report, even on an accurately-calculated weighted basis, is as strong, with GroupM topping the Media Holding Company of the Year tables and Mindshare the fastest growing of the two big agencies at the top of the report in terms of media creativity. We are committed to achieving our objectives in the right way, as a company that recognises our responsibilities to clients, our people and the world at large. At the end of 2014, there were a record 19,474 certified organic producers in the United States and 27,814 certified organic operations around the world. This is the twenty-fourth installment of the Organic 101 series that explores different aspects of the USDA organic regulations.
Across the country, more and more people are looking for organic options at their local markets.  Thanks to the remarkable growth in the number of domestic and international certified organic operations, Americans now have more choices than ever.
USDA’s commitment to supporting organic agriculture has been critical to the sector’s continued growth.  In addition to protecting the integrity of the organic seal, we are committed to connecting organic farmers and businesses with USDA resources, including conservation assistance, access to loans and grants, funding for organic research and education, and mitigation of pest emergencies.
The complexities of it are often misinterpreted; it is more than just selling more of what you do, it is about having to build a relationship of trust and highlight the capabilities you and your team have.
Individuals who live and breathe your company’s culture every day coupled with a strong understanding of your client and their business will ultimately lead to you being trusted to deliver excellence – in as many avenues as you chose to commit to. Pressure here has eased as technology pricing has fallen, although we have increased investment in our digital and technology-based service offering, in line with our strategic goals.
Here we have raised the hurdle rate on capital employed so that our return on capital may be increased. In 2011, the Group spent £381 million on initial acquisition payments, net of cash acquired and disposal proceeds.
We have increasingly come to the view, based on co-operative research with leading investment institutions, that, currently, the markets favour consistent increases in dividends and higher maintainable pay-out ratios, along with anti-dilutive buy-backs and, of course, sensibly-priced strategic acquisitions.
For the full year, diluted headline earnings per share (including the exceptional tax credit) rose by 33% and as a result, the second interim dividend has been increased by 45%, bringing the total dividend for the year to 24.60p per share, up 38%, five percentage points higher than the growth in diluted headline earnings per share (including the exceptional tax credit) and 19 percentage points higher than the growth in diluted headline earnings per share (excluding the exceptional tax credit). WPP is not just a holding company focused on planning, budgeting, reporting and financial issues, but a parent company that can add value to our clients and our people in the areas of human resources, property, procurement, information technology and practice development, including sustainability. It is absolutely essential that we have the professional resources and the practice development capability to serve such clients comprehensively, actively and creatively. Our quarterly reviews with the operating companies have been structured to give more time and attention to talent and to clients. The parent company and each of our operating companies installed its own approach to performance assessment and succession planning, aimed at developing the careers of their people, improving the quality of feedback, coaching and mentoring they receive and providing for orderly succession. This jointly run school offers China’s first professional marketing and communications three-year diploma program. For 2012 we will continue our focus on the key drivers of space per head, particularly in the US where it runs above our average, and the cost per square foot on our lease renewals, particularly in the faster-growing markets where the rental markets are rising fastest. This enables our operating companies to concentrate their efforts on client- related developments and other internal business-focused applications. Specifically, we continue to invest in sharing insights and developing initiatives through WPP Digital (in digital marketing and media) and The Store (in distribution and retail). We continue to believe that increasing coordination is required between our brands at the country and global levels, as the arguments for investment in regional management become weaker. Practice development initiatives have therefore been reinforced in such areas as healthcare, retail, internal communications, corporate sustainability and media and entertainment.
We estimate that clients who engaged with WPP on our approach to sustainability were worth at least $1 billion to the Group in 2011. We will continue our growth of research panels and have established a Kantar-wide operational capability. We will also invest directly in new channels through start-ups, particularly as US and French valuations in search, for example, are still prohibitive.
Despite the growing importance of co-ordinated communications and price effectiveness, the quality of the work remains and will remain paramount. This marks the first time the Cannes Lions have measured and recognised creative performance at the parent company level. 2011 also saw the fifth annual WPPED Cream awards, our internal award program for outstanding work across the Group. Sustainability at WPP encompasses our principles for marketing ethics, privacy and data protection, our leading employment practices, our commitment to minimise our environmental footprint and the contribution we make to communities through pro bono work and charitable giving.

We also administer organic certification cost share programs, which offset the costs of organic certification for U.S.
It is then key to work alongside your customer and migrate into their culture to spot key development opportunities on how you can exceed their expectations before they even realise they have a demand …sounds simple really! We continue to believe a margin of 18.3% is a tough, but realistic, objective given that our best-performing companies in each services sector have already demonstrated they can perform at a combined Group margin of 17%. There is a very significant pipeline of reasonably priced small and medium-sized potential acquisitions, with the exception of Brazil and India and digital in the US, where prices seem to have got ahead of themselves because of pressure on our competitors to catch up.
As indicated in the AGM statement in June 2011, the Board’s objective remains to increase the dividend pay-out ratio to approximately 40% as soon as possible compared to the 2010 ratio of 31%.
We will continue to do this through a limited group of 400 or so people at the centre in Dublin, London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and São Paulo. Initiatives involving some of the world’s largest marketers continue to gain momentum. Our recruiting efforts throughout 2011 were especially fruitful as we successfully targeted and recruited top talent within and beyond our industry, often competing with investment banking, management consulting, new media and private equity offers. Our competition is, sometimes, not so rigorous in evaluating and rewarding performance – for example, taking advantage of sharp falls in share prices to re-price or issue options or giving limited disclosure to investors of compensation plan details. In addition, we have increased the number of WPP Global Client Leaders to coordinate our efforts on behalf of clients and to ensure they receive maximum benefit from their relationships with WPP operating brands. This has been especially important in developing our portfolio of direct investments in new media under WPP Digital and where our investments are working with our agencies and people to bring new technology capabilities and understanding to our clients.
We will reinforce our growing position in media research through Kantar Media, which includes our investments in television audience research through the former TNS Media Intelligence and TNS Media Research, and IBOPE and Marktest, which, combined, is the market leader outside North America. If you drew a graph plotting creative awards (as a proxy for creativity) against margins for any group of agencies, there would be a very strong correlation. Based on the collective number of Cannes Lions awarded to WPP agencies for creative excellence, WPP accumulated 1,219 points in the competition, followed by Omnicom second with 1,152 points and Publicis with 744 points.
This is not altruism or charity, it is good business when, like us, you are focused on long-term total share owner return. Do they know your client and their culture well enough to identify prospective business or more importantly risk areas? It may well be that gross margin margin is a more accurate competitive comparison and we achieved 15.5% in 2011, significantly up on 2010 and at the top levels of industry performance.
This is clearly reflected in some of the operational and governance issues that are starting to surface elsewhere at our competitors, particularly in fast-growing markets like China. In 2011, it reached 36% on diluted headline earnings per share (excluding the exceptional tax credit) and 33% on diluted headline earnings per share (including the exceptional tax credit). This does not mean that we seek to diminish the strength of our operating brands, but rather to learn from one another. The world’s largest advertiser is itself integrating its efforts around brands, in the areas of advertising, media investment management, market research, packaging design and public relations.
A failure of external, as well as internal, audiences to understand the importance of globally competitive incentive-based compensation will undermine the Company’s leadership position. All these initiatives are designed to ensure that we, the parent company, really do (as well as being perceived to) inspire, motivate, coach, encourage, support and incentivise our operating companies to achieve their strategic and operational goals.
Awards were won by WPP agencies from more than 30 countries across all continents, including most notably a prestigious Grand Prix awarded to JWT Shanghai, the first time a Chinese agency has won this top prize. Our strong track record in this area enables us to take advantage of new commercial opportunities as sustainability continues to grow in importance for consumers, governments, brands and businesses in Western and fast-growing economies. Our largest client is seeking a seamless model, effectively a one-client agency within our Group. The client’s procurement department fades into the background when the work is strong.
All our clients, whether global, multinational or local, continue to focus on the quality of our thinking, coordination of communications and price.

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