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Germains Seed Technology recently introduced ProBio gopure, an organic process that removes bacterial seed-borne pathogens from Swiss chard, beet and coriander seeds.
The US is the largest organic market in the world, with over three million acres of certified organic cropland according to US Department of Agriculture 2014 production data.
The Future Agriculture portal aims to provide an independent one-stop destination for information about products, services, techniques and technology to expand the productivity and capability of the world’s farmers. The Organic Growers School Spring Conference offers practical, regionally-appropriate workshops on organic growing, permaculture, homesteading, urban farming, and rural living plus a trade show, seed exchange, silent auction, children’s program, and pre-conference, on-farm events. More than 70 sessions per day in themed tracks including Gardening, Soils, Livestock, Primitive Skills, Permaculture, Herbs, Alternative Energy, Sustainable Forestry, Homesteading, Cooking, Poultry, Farmers I and Farmers II, Mushrooms and Food Resilience.
What: This much-loved annual event provides practical, regionally-appropriate workshops on organic growing, permaculture, homesteading, urban farming, and rural living. Upcoming events, beautiful photos, free webinars, inspiring partnerships, and latest news are posted weekly. You’ll receive an email to confirm your subscription-  if you use Gmail please check your Promotions tab. I really appreciated the diversity of the people who are here, the ages, backgrounds, what we were doing before, what we want to do, it’s so fun to be around so many kinds of people who all feel inspired to do something different and change the world. The Ashevillage Sanctuary is a gorgeous example of how you can turn a home and yard into a little paradise. Just as water is the foundation of life, it must also be the foundation of design in the built environment.

The rooms are uniquely beautiful with a welcoming spaciousness and timeless design.  They show thoughtfulness and care from the human hand. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The Organic Seed Grower is a comprehensive manual for the serious vegetable grower who is interested in growing high-quality seeds using organic farming practices.
Get exclusive offers on ethical products straight to your inbox - sign up for our newsletter! Find us at the Western Fair Farmers' and Artisans' Market on Saturdays (8am-3pm), June into the winter months.
Fresh in-season produce grown on our farm and eggs from free range chickens fed certified organic feed. It may also help reduce the transfer of pathogenic organisms onto other crops and the field. The research and development team in Gilroy, California, collaborated with the customer to formulate an effective, certified organic disinfection treatment now known as ProBio gopure.
During the trials the hopper opens automatically to spread fertilizer from the air, allowing the pilot to concentrate solely on flying. It is produced by Turret Media FZ LLC, the company behind the award-winning Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture exhibition and conference. You might even leave with a new community of friends to help you build that project you have always dreamed of.

Take this class if you want to reconnect your gut with the land and thousands of years of fermentation practices.
It is written for both serious home seed savers and diversified small-scale farmers who want to learn the necessary steps involved in successfully producing a commercial seed crop organically.
After researching and testing various techniques for years, author Eliot Coleman has condensed his wisdom into The New Organic Grower. I will never look at things the same way again, from how we grow food, to policy, to culture and society as a whole.
There is a sense of safety and harmony I get around permaculture places that I just don’t get elsewhere. Learn how to produce delectable, high-quality produce without using expensive chemical inputs. You’ll read about field-tested techniques, the best equipment to purchase and strategies for marketing your harvest. And for diversified vegetable farmers who are growing a seed crop for sale for the first time, it will provide details on many of the tricks of the trade that are used by professional seed growers. This manual will help the budding seed farmer to become more knowledgeable, efficient, and effective in producing a commercially viable seed crop.

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