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Wal-Mart announced on Thursday that it will enter the USD 29 billion organic food market with plans to sell Wild Oats organic products that will be 25 per cent cheaper than conventional products. The Wild Oats products will be positioned in 2,000 stores early this month, which will be half its national footprint. According to Wal-Mart's internal survey, it is revealed that nine in ten find organic food to be better compared to conventional foods and 91 per cent of those responded showed that they were interested in buying organic food if it was affordable. Wild Oats, familiar to consumers since Walmart acquired the brand in 2007, will be re-launching a line of organic food with more than 90 per cent being organic with the remaining items following the company's standards regarding additives and ingredients. The decision follows Target’s recent announcement of its own plans to dip into the organic food market with its Simply Balance food range. Grocery stores in Las Vegas are toughing it out despite the sagging economy that the country has been going through the past several months.
One of the groceries operating in Las Vegas is Sunflower Farmers Market, which has two stores in the Las Vegas Valley area. Smith’s, which has 32 stores in the Southern Nevada area, has also been dealing with the challenge of the sagging economy, as well as the many competitors that it has in the area.
Other grocery chains in Nevada which are holding up well despite the economic crisis include Fresh and Easy, Albertsons and Vons.

If you're from out of town and need to go to Whole Foods, this is the one to go to since it is close to the airport and Strip and there is ample parking, being part of the Town Square shopping center. It is further expected that the items will be available in over 4,000 Walmart grocery stores across the US. Target reported that it saw a 15 per cent climb in its sales of natural and organic products last year.
A lot of them have come up with alternative strategies to keep attracting customers to their stores.
Although Fresh and Easy had to close 6 facilities from the 27 that it once had operating, the management has said that those are only temporary closures and as soon as the economy bounces back, the company plans to reopen the locations. These strategies include remodeling the stores and coming up with special sales and discounts on goods they sell. Steve Black, the store’s vice president for IT and marketing, said that it has always been a challenge to provide customers with organic foods that are low priced.
One of its advantages is that it has strong purchasing power, as well as programs aimed to keep its customers keep coming back to their stores. As for the store itself, it seemed smaller than most Whole Foods I've been to, everything from the health food section to prepared foods.

However, their business is still doing well as its sales went up from 5% to 10%, as compared to last year. Like the past routine most of the stalls were empty in Sunday Bazaars, particularly the vegetables which have shown an enormous cut were almost missing from the makeshift market, including garlic India, garlic desi, lemon, bitter gourd, ocra, cabbage and radish.
Most of the veggies rates were constant, while some of the goods witnessed a marginal raise in prices, including Thailand ginger, desi spinach, peas, carrot and potato.
The rate of potato was constant at Rs50 but it was being sold in the range of Rs54 per kg.Garlic rate was decreased which was available for Rs75-90. I say its for my allergies but we all know honey is just pure deliciousness.The Huge Salad Bar.
Shoppers said that some of the items were available at lower rates but majority of goods prices were the same as of the open market retail shops.

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