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Winnipeggers who live in the Exchange District are getting an early Christmas present this year a€“ a neighbourhood grocery store and deli. Sacco & Vanzettia€™s is the latest venture of the workersa€™ collective which runs Bookstore and Coffeehouse, a business that, in its 13 years of operation, has come to be known as much for its radical politics as its all-vegan menu. Existing location (91 Albert St.) has been remodeled to accommodate the new store, which offers canned and packaged goods, bulk foods and a year-round selection of fresh produce. In keeping with the collectivea€™s commitment to providing sustainable, socially responsible alternatives, the products sold at Sacco & Vanzettia€™s are organic, fairly traded and sourced locally as much as possible. And yes, everything at Sacco & Vanzettia€™s is vegan, too a€“ including the assortment of sauces and take-away options available from the in-store deli. The distinctive multicultural neighbourhood of Kensington Market is undoubtedly among the most photographed areas of the city for tourists and is a source of great food and one-of-the-kind vintage pieces for locals. The owner of this special store, Abi, started the business in 2009, after a friend of hers and an antique dealer offered the shop to her. This organic store started in 2003, distinguishing itself from the other markets in the area with lots of room for browsing and its super tidy (almost boutique-like) interior.
The store owner, Potsothy Sallapa, grew up in a farm family and because of this influence, he decided to start a business of his own.
With more than 3,000 square feet available for the items, you’re sure to find all kinds of treasures among the exquisite collector pieces from the ’40s to ’60s, retro design, and unique fashion pieces.
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It's an "old-fashioned corner grocery store" inside a windowed storefront with wood floors and tin ceilings.
Offering a wide assortment of produce from many local and regional farmers, growers, producers, and bakers.
The Kitchen prepares world-inspired fast-food for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Sunday Brunch! Downtown Grocery is "an old-fashioned grocery" featuring local-organic products grown by local & regional farmers and producers or prepared in other local kitchens. The 607 Third Street storefront is ideal because we're next to Sweets on Third and across from Back When Cafe, Terradea Aveda Salon & Spa, Art Books and Banter, Nicoles Boutique, VOSStudios, Evolutions in Design. We provide shoppers with good and valued information and we welcome shoppers to discuss questions and concerns with members of our Grocery Team or email your ideas to Kevin Korpela. For any Organic Jetsetter a visit to the Reading Terminal Market on 12th and Arch St is a must. Located on the lower level of First Canadian Place, Naturally Yours is a supplements shop, a grocery store, and a place to pick up a quick, healthy lunch.
Naturally Yours is a long time fixture in the First Canadian Place "Market Place" (read: the corridor that's also home to Prairie Girl Bakery, Longo's, Akco and others).

I stop by the shop and meet the owner, Tom, who is a bit shy to chat but obviously proud of his store. And for a fairly small shop here at First Canadian Place, Naturally Yours is stacked with products. And while Naturally Yours has long been the dominant First Canadian Place presence in terms of healthy, vegetarian, and gluten-free, it is poised to get some company. Freshdaily is Canada's source for hyper-local arts, music, film, fashion, food and news coverage.
Disclaimer: Comments and entries represent the viewpoints of the individual and no one else. In the summer, for example, purchases fresh vegetables from the Landless Farmers Collective, a small group that grows organic produce on under-used urban land (this past summer, it farmed a plot in front of the Pan Am Pool on Grant Avenue) and delivers it via bicycle. Ferdinando Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were Italian-born, working-class Americans who were executed in Massachusetts in 1927 for armed robbery and murder. It boasts specialty stores whose owners are not afraid to walk the extra mile to deliver the best items from all over the world! She accepted and from then on she became a “Canadian Picker,” embarking on an incredible adventure all across Canada to find the perfect pieces and antiques for her shop. It features various art, furniture, glasses, old video games, shoes, magazines, and other random vintage decor that you can use to design you house.
Located right in the heart of the vibrant Kensington Market, it is a popular pick for vegans and people who are looking for a hearty and healthy diet. The friendly and festive atmosphere culminates every year with Pedestrian Sundays when he invites many friends from farms to display and sell their goods in his store.
Bungalow is one of the few places in Canada that specialize in 20th century modern, with a focus on Scandinavian design. In addition to helping us find our very first home, you have become a very close friend to both Ian and I. The "Five Initiatives for llergen Friendly Foods" (ask for a copy or see page) helps daily meal planning, such as gluten or dairy intolerance.
Of course, those areas already have health food stores catering to their needs, so another shop would simply add to the abundance.
It has many of the eco-friendly items you'd find, say, at the Big Carrot or at Essence of Life, but it's just an elevator ride down for the 8,000 people who work in the building, and a stop along the way for the 80,000 more who pass through its doors.
Though the building as a whole, including the Market Place, has undergone a thorough renovation, Naturally Yours has been around pretty much as is for decades.
He tells me he got into the business simply because he needed something to do after university, and has watched over the operation of this shop and a Naturally Yours on Kingston Road ever since. Most prominent is its collection of herbs and supplements, but also available are eco-friendly shampoos, natural feminine hygiene products, healthy bagged snacks — the types of things most people would pick up at the giant Rexall down the hall, but with an eco-friendly twist. Naturally Yours rotates a menu of lunch and daily soup offerings that include yam burritos (which Tom points out is a clear Naturally Yours lunch frontrunner), mac and cheese, zucchini lasagna and more, all of which typically ring in around $7.00.

Best of all, the ingredients for each dish is posted alongside, with information or quirky facts added about certain ingredients. A shop called Kupfert & Kim is moving in across the hall, offering Financial District workers another option for meatless and wheat-free. Published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 (Canada) license. The price is determined by the copyright owner, quality of the digital file and the resolution. From retro furniture and funky fashion to organic foods markets, bakeries, spice and dry goods stores, and cheese shops, Kensington simply has it all.
Endless rummaging through different barns, basements, and attics of various collectors throughout Canada brings excitement and a lot of travelling to her job.
The best part is that most if not all of the items are still in mint condition and reasonably priced!
It carries a vast amount of exotic fruits and vegetables, hormone-free meat, premium juices, and a wide selection of bulk food such as beans and figs.
Before they started this business, both worked in the clothing business in their early 20s and were quite successful at it. Toronto's downtown core, however, has anything but an abundance of green grocers, especially at the heart of the bustle in the Financial District.
We introduce the stories behind some of our favourite spots that can be found nowhere else but here. And they must have done something right, because today the vintage haven Bungalow has two locations (in the same street!). You helped us to identify exactly what we were looking for — you were our real estate agent, our friend, our marriage counselor and everything in between! At the age of 22, he is trying to make a name for himself in the advertising and photography industry that he dreams of being successful one day. His love & passion towards photography is what makes him a proficient photographer in general. It’s unclear how much of the menu is organic but the emphasis is on freshness and locals supporting locals.
Why not head over to Food and Friends, a great little general store at 1933 Spruce St (a stone’s throw from Pumpkin) and bring back a few bottles of fully organic beer. Food and Friends has a mind-blowing selection of beer and nice selection of organic groceries.

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