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The owner of the only organic flour mill in north-west NSW is certain demand for organic grain products is growing. Craig Neale, owner and manager of Wholegrain Milling Company in Gunnedah, fears it’s too late in the season to secure a good amount of grain from north of the Queensland border due to dry weather. However, having worked up his organics business for 25 years, Mr Neale says he’s no stranger to a tough economic climate.
Mr Neale says people tend to turn to organics due to advice from health professionals or through their own interest. To cook wheat berries, simply bring 2 ½ parts water to one part raw wheat berries, to boil.

Remember that you can slightly alter the cooking times depending on what you’re planning on using the wheat berries for.
If you have any feedback about how we could improve our website or service please click here and let us know. This means that wheat berries retain all of the grain's vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Rinse the berries under running water in a colander until the water runs clear, and add to the boiling water. Allow at least 45 minutes of cooking time and add extra water since wheat berries absorb water and double in size once they're cooked!

In a salad, a slightly more al dente grain may go down better, whereas if making a porridge, you’ll need to cook them for slightly longer to ensure they become nice and soft. Bring back to the boil, then cover and simmer for between 45 minutes and an hour, until the berries are tender.

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