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Sealant layers are followed here (on this, quite steep, roof) by several kinds of mesh fabric that help keep everything held on. Cultivate you're green thumbs, learn the fundamentals of permaculture and experience community living in a nurturing environment at the Panya project permaculture education centre and intentional community. This workshop will be focusing on Organic gardening, teaching you everything you need to know to produce quality, fresh, organic vegetables year round.
From the urban balcony to the rural farm this workshop will teach you how to grow more veg in less space than you ever imagined to be possible! Maximising your available space and producing an abundance of nutritious and delicious vegetables, herbs and soft fruit. The ecological garden aims to host a diverse range of plants and animals, mimicking a natural ecosystem in order to provide services such as pest control & pollination. Apply the science of Permaculture design in order to map, plan and arrange all the elements of your garden to maximise efficiency and productivity.
Learn how to produce a number of different and very effective organic fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides from easily available materials. Be prepared to shift your paradigms and find out what it really means to cultivate communities for the benefit of all beings.
Discover the ancient arts of planting, cultivating and harvesting plants in accordance with the special dynamic rhythms of the cosmos. By the end of this course you’ll have the basics of garden design, soil, vegetable growing and seed saving covered.
This one day course is for the absolute beginner gardener. Do you dream of having your own organic garden to grow food at home, but you’re not sure how to begin? We’ve created this course because not everyone knows instinctively how to garden, and that’s fine.

And you’ll be ready to go home, get your kit together, design your patch, break ground, and start growing beautiful organic food at your place. Do you want to know when to plant to get the best results?If the answer is Yes , then I have two courses available:1. Before you go, would you like to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter with events happening in your area, competitions for free tickets and CD giveaways?
No matter which category you fall into, these well researched online organic gardening courses will help. The video below is not in the Academy, (his content there is reserved for members) But, you can get an idea of the passion Phil has for organic gardening. Dedicated to people who might classify themselves as beginners to intermediate gardeners, the Smiling Gardener Academy delivers! You will see Phil all over the internet with incredible tips and videos to help people learn the ins and outs of organic gardening. Stephanie Donaldson is the Author of numerous books including The Elements of Organic Gardening with the Prince of Whales. If you were searching for a Master Gardener Certificate or easy training courses for pastime organic gardening, I hope these useful resources have provided you with the best information on managing and keeping a bountiful and healthy garden. Tell me your thoughts: I would love to know if you are going for a degree in horticulture or a beginner gardener.
Organic gardening courses: We are enthusiasts, photographers, dog lovers and Wordpress fans. Learn how to apply green manuring techniques, crop rotation and soil food web technologies to help keep your garden healthy and fertile. Regardless of the size of your garden permaculture design can help you to get the most out of it in terms of; production, energy efficiency, economy and enjoyment.

The panya project is a well established intentional community, and permaculture education centre. If you are looking for a complete organic gardening course 101, A-Z set up – this is for you! He enjoys organic gardening, photography, fly fishing, video production, wordpress and his really cool dog aptly named, Beans. The wonderful arts of propagation and how to prune soft fruit to maximise fruit production and save space.
Identify the root causes of potential disease and pest problems in order to create a harmoniously integrated edible ecosystem. Our trainers, facilitators and community members have a wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences to share and welcome the skills and insights that visitors and participants can share with us in turn.
I’ve rounded up the best on-line organic gardening courses so that you can easily learn from home.
Now I want to see if I can get my hands on a Gros Michele tree and grow it, maybe even get it to bear a little fruit.
It is a good thing that fence lines are hard to mow and hard to whack, not that it is even a priority in a cow pasture.

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