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The pupils of Kylemore High School and Primary School are blessed to have a place where students and teachers can slow down for a few minutes and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
A contribution of R10 (€1) per month (R120 or €10 per annum) provides the funding to take one child on a gardening excursion each year. We have an ongoing school feeding scheme of one nutritionally-enhanced muffin (baked on the premises of the high school) and a cup of soup provided to the poorest children on a daily basis. A contribution of R100 (€10) per month provides a muffin and cup of soup per day for one child, as well as contributes to their early childhood development. Through the sponsors of our Educate a Child programme, Imbali provides for the school fees, uniforms, full day care, and other schooling needs of under-privileged, vulnerable and orphaned children. By donating R200 (€20) per month per child, you can support a child's learning, and make a difference for life.
Garden Artisans LLC served the New Hampshire Lakes Region as a full service organic gardening company for fifteen years. A NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professional service, Garden Artisans designs and consults to sustain and improve the environment a€“ good news for you, your children, and pets. As our organic garden is a demonstration project for both our villagers and our guests, we decided to separate our garden into four different sections where each of the four types of vegetables would be grown.
Laying out the plots in the proper way is a key component to running a healthy organic farm.
In addition to the layout, we also dug down 1.5 feet in the ground to loosen our soil for the roots to grow deep and raised our beds 6-9 inches off of the ground by mounding the earth. We did have an issue with ants in the beginning, but after consulting Shafiqul we mixed fresh chili peppers with water and sprayed them on the affected plants. In the end, our organic plot seems to be doing well, and we are now enjoying eating the fresh, organically grown vegetables!
Consistent with reverence for the Earth is allowing it to remain in its pristine state without pesticides and pollutants. One way we can do this is to counter the industrial agricultural industry which grows monocultures of soy, corn, wheat, etc. Our garden area has expanded over the past few years with the addition of chickens, rabbit sand goats. The garden is a sacred space for me – a place where I live and love most authentically – a place of light and life. Nourished by prayer, supported by community and energized by ministry, we are constantly addressing the needs of these times. The organic vegetable garden provides the setting for diverse activities to engage students’ interest in environmentally conscious growing practices, healthy nutrition, and physical outdoor activity with a tangible purpose. Tertia Jepthas and Jeanette Fritz, our diligent teachers work with the pupils to develop a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility and ownership of the project.

Select a piece of child art today and make a difference to the lives of our aspiring artists in Kylemore. Clark, our summer intern, and ULAB professor Shafiqul Islam designed our planting plan: first, we plant a round of legumes (beans and peas) to enrich the soil with nitrogen.
This means that after four growing seasons plot #1 will be fully organic and will have gone through all of the cycles, but it the other three plots will take a few more seasons to get the nutrients in the right order.
First, a border that is at least 2.5 feet wide is planted around the entire outside of the plot.
To learn and to teach how to grow crops organically, we have established an Organic Garden on the Brentwood grounds. In season, come and taste strawberries picked that very day…peas that can be eaten right from the bush… tomatoes picked at the peak of ripeness.
The wheat will be interplanted with red clover which is a good source of nectar for honey bees and other pollinators.  We have numerous ideas for the wheat but we know our chickens would be very happy to share in the harvest. It involved making phone calls to animal control, animal shelters, veterinarians, police, and those who needed to know about what happened, waiting for people to come or call back, asking visitors to stay away from the goats, ‘closing’ the garden for the first time ever, giving shots to the goats, explaining over and over the ugly details of the past few weeks, and burying Amiga’s body. The vet told us that we needed to close the goats in their shelter during the night to keep them safe.
I viewed everyone with suspicion – wondering if they were the owners of this creature who behaved so viciously, wondering if the dog was abused or neglected or trained to kill. We have not used any chemicals on our land since we purchased it in 2010-11, so the soil is safe and fertile. Beside that we created a 1.5 foot wide walking path and then the planting beds which are 4 feet wide.
In fact, we have started using this magic ant repellent on other parts of the resort where we find ants. We work a natural garden in keeping with our belief that all of God’s creation are sacred and should be treated with respect and care.
We have invited a few interested people to use some of our space to grow their own vegetables. Within three weeks, we lost four rabbits (Max, Ruby, Pumpkin and Serendipity) and a goat, Amiga.
The other two goats were traumatized; on high alert, they wouldn’t eat or rest, and they startled at every sound and movement. I was angry at the owner who, at best was neglectful, or at worst came and watched the violence. I am apprehensive about the safety of the animals, and I am concerned about keeping up this pace and responsibility over the long run. Because we are a spa resort, we decided to get a bit fancy with our layout and make it a walking labyrinth as well.

The first Sunday night, two rabbits went missing – the wooden bottom boards of their hutch removed in such a way that we thought they were stolen by a person. My anger has mostly dissolved into heavy lifting and hard work at the garden, but I am still sad.
The next Sunday night, two more rabbits were gone, and their hutches were torn apart by an animal. I’m grieving the loss of the animals as much as I am grieving the desecration of our sacred space through violence. Planting in this order restores the nutrients in the soil and creates the ideal growing conditions for our crops.
The Friday night after that, Amiga the goat was viciously killed, and loud barking was heard during the night.
I was also terribly sad, especially when observing the trauma of the surviving goats, when I had to tell people and children who love those goats that they had been attacked, or each time I accidentally filled three bowls with food instead of two.
With the rain tapping the top of the car, I faced the goats and followed every frightened move they made, straining my eyes into the darkness towards the now offensive and alarming sounds of a typical night. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw Amiga’s dead and desecrated body and I worried what would happen next. It’s different, and I don’t know that it can go back to the way it was before.” She’s right. For the first time – alone and unable to do anything but look – I was exhausted and scared.
Just before this all happened, I was shoveling woodchips with a volunteer and thinking that I didn’t want any of my life at the garden to change.
I’m being reminded, once again, to appreciate every moment and live fully because the world can be altered completely overnight.
I need to hold all that I treasure with open hands, grateful for each gift for as long as it remains. I’m being challenged to allow myself to be loved by the people around me, which means opening myself up to be vulnerable. Here in this darkness and worry, I’m being asked to live the faith I profess, and give myself to God who is working through all the mess.
I’m living here in the darkness outside the tomb, anxious and sorrowful, trusting in the dawn of resurrection.

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