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Two of the UK’s leading organisations pioneering organic methods of gardening are joining forces to offer a range of cutting edge courses to the general public. Throughout 2015 courses will be exchanged by both centres, covering a range of topics such as composting, organic gardening, building a garden bench, making a compost toilet and beginner guides to renewable energy. The central UK location of Ryton Organic Gardens will allow a greatly increased number of people to participate in innovative and acclaimed day courses taught by CAT tutors across a range of topics. Garden Organic is a national charity for organic growing, providing a range of programmes to enhance individuals, communities and the environment through organic growing.
The Centre for Alternative Technology is an environmental education charity that aims to inform, inspire and enable practical solutions for sustainable living. While the winter in Wales hasn't so far shown its teeth, the gardens are notably more monochromatic. Volunteering in the CAT gardens for the last six months has armed me with the skills I need to progress as an organic gardener and hopefully one day run my own market garden. As the sun's finally shining and our seedlings are ready for planting out, now's the time for turning in the green manures on site. Ryton Organic Garden is an internationally famous tourist attraction as well as being the site of Garden Organics headquarters.
HOTELS AND PLACES TO STAY NEAR TO GARDENIf you want to find places to stay near Ryton Organic Garden, why not stay in one of our recommended hotels. Fill in your address into the address field below the map and the shortest route will be calculated. Ryton Gardens near Coventry is not only an inspiring place to visit with the family; it is also home to Garden Organic, a charity at the forefront of organic growing in the UK. James has worked in the field of Sustainability for 20 years, with an emphasis on people and the environment, and has also worked in the public and private sectors in the UK and internationally.

What first attracted you to organic gardening and made you want to make it a bigger part of your life? Find an organic mentor – preferably an existing organic grower close by who can help, guide and encourage you. We are currently renewing and re-presenting the gardens to better reflect and enhance the difference between organic and non-organic growing. The gardens at Ryton are open Wednesday – Sunday and there are various events and activities over the year (more information is available on the Garden Organic website).
Thirdly, join or set up a local organic growing group to wave the flag for the organic movement across the country.
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To use any of my images you must first agree and pay for a license directly with, and only with me, the photographer, Jonathan C K Webb. They also aim to protect and preserve plant heritage through their heritage gardens and seed library. Members and supporters of both organisations will be encouraged by this innovative collaboration to share the benefits more widely. Each hotel has genuine guest reviews enabling you to book from anywhere in the world in total confidence. James Campbell is the Chief Executive of Garden Organic, and we spoke to him about organic growing and why he thinks it is so important for gardeners to know more about the subject.
Prior to joining Garden Organic, he headed up the international development team at global environmental NGO, Earthwatch.

Coming from a non-gardening background, it never occurred to me that anyone would want to add chemicals to the natural environment. With that knowledge, working with the natural world rather than challenging it gives hugely enhanced prospects for the future health and wellbeing of our people, plants and communities. Garden Organic’s founder, Lawrence Hills, became convinced of the health benefits of organic growing, and founded the Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA) to provide a scientifically sound evidence base. Obviously starting to grow and garden organically is absolutely the best way to engage people. Course leaders from Garden Organic will be running a series of residential courses in composting and organic garden techniques at CAT. Not only do we feature hotels near the garden, we also feature hotels worldwide and at all major airports. My naivety paid off and I became an enthusiastic organic gardener and grower, so when the opportunity came to take on this role, I was ready for the move. The charity operated for some 25 years in Essex, moved in the 1980s to Ryton (based on it being the most central point in the country), and in 2004 changed it’s name to Garden Organic, to reflect the move from pure research into the education and promotion of growing and gardening organically.
It’s a little bit like moving from a PC to a MAC – the operating procedures are slightly different, but the outcomes are cleaner and clearer!

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