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Eating more fruits and vegetables is good for your health, whether you choose organic or conventionally grown varieties. The Environmental Working Group (a non-profit health advocacy group) reviewed the results of over 50,000 governmental tests on pesticide levels of produce items and published the results. About the authorOur Be Fit Nutritionists are comprised of dietetic interns studying at Massachusetts General Hospital.
Find what you need by choosing from the pictures below or use the search box above to find what you need. Drying is the oldest process of preserving food and was developed in the time when only organic fruit was available. One of the great things with organic dried fruit is that you can enjoy fruit from around the world all year round.
Dried fruit, like fresh fruit, can be rich in vitamins and minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, copper and manganese).
In the UK we are among the world's largest consumers of dried fruit, both in terms of total volume and in consumption per head. One of our main organic dried fruit suppliers is Crazy Jack, who in the early 1980s, when there were no organic figs being produced, set up a project with farmers to start their production.
In addition to our usual list, we stock goji berries in various sizes, when we can obtain these. There is nothing quite like a piece of home-made fruit cake with a cup of tea in the afternoon! Making date paste: place dates in a bowl, cover with hot water, leave overnight, drain off excess water, then blend to make the paste. Apricots may be substituted for their cousins, peaches and nectarines, in most recipes - feel free to experiment. Dried blueberries and apples can be added to pancake batter for a taste only beaten by fresh fruit. If you are a keen runner, cyclist or hill-walker, and plan to go out for an hour or more, take on board real carbohydrates instead of the normal sports drink - try home-made flapjacks or our dried fruit. Dried organic apricots are a good source of nutrition for babies and toddlers: start to introduce them after six months. The Dirty Dozen are the most contaminated fruits and vegetables  and the ones you should buy organic if you can. EWG  has a great site on the Dirty Dozen foods and states why some of the fruits and vegetables are on the top 12 list. Of the 12 most contaminated foods, 6 are fruits: apples, strawberries, peaches, domestic nectarines, imported grapes and domestic blueberries. A single celery sample was contaminated with 13 different chemicals, followed by a single sample of sweet bell peppers (11), and greens (10). Hot peppers had been treated with as many as 97 pesticides, followed by cucumbers (68) and greens (66). Nowadays, it is only common for farmers to use insecticides or pesticides in their produce in order to deter attackers. The only sad thing about organic farms is that due to the fact that there are only a few of them, their fruits and vegetables tend to fetch a higher price in the market.
We all know that there are lots of commonly-eaten organic produce out there that are not in this list. Onions – According to experts, even if you onions along with its skin, there’s no need for you to worry about pesticide exposure because it doesn’t absorb anything. Avocado, Pineapple, Mango, Kiwi and Watermelon – Recent studies show that these fruits have found to have a very small amount of pesticide in skin.
Sweet Corn and Peas, Asparagus, Eggplant and Cabbage – These vegetables are also found to have very small amounts of pesticide in skin. As the fruit is not air-freighted, the environmental impact is much less than it would otherwise be.
We pack a great deal of dried fruit ourselves and can offer many combinations of sizes, with a standard 10% case discount on all purchases. They are great for snacking on straight from the pack, or can add sweetness to a dish when cooking. There are three options to choose from: you can have our own organic apricots, packed in various sizes, or purchase Crazy Jack apricots, in both the traditional and the 'Ready to Eat' range. Our conventionally produced cranberries are available in large bags, making them especially good value. At Naturally Good Food, we stock Crazy Jack organic currants, which come from their traditional home in Greece, around Vostizza, where the finest currants are prepared.
Dried figs are much easier to use than fresh figs, as they are much more robust (also, in the UK, fresh figs are not always available). Perhaps they are not the most appealing of fruit to look at, but these unsulphured organic dried pears have a delicious taste, and a soft but firm texture. Crazy Jack organic pineapple comes mainly from Sri Lanka, but they also source from the Far East and are looking at setting up a project in Kenya.

Our dark raisins are dried directly in the sun, turning the sugars in the grapes a dark colour and giving the raisins a rich caramel flavour. If you want a larger pack size, we have our own sultanas, packed to Soil Association Organic Standard, in a variety of sizes up to 12.5kg.
If you don't bake frequently, or don't want to mix your own fruit, our mixed fruit is the answer, as it is ready to bake straight from the pack. It contains no added colours, flavours or preservatives and is mainly used as a baking ingredient in cake mixes. With our wide range of organic dried fruit, you can make the cake that is just right for you.
Rinse pieces with water and place no more than 2 layers on a steaming rack over about 1 inch of boiling water. With organic apricots, you can be sure of avoiding the sulphur used as a preservative in many non-organic apricots. If you need a 25kg sack of rice, or 10kg of organic nuts, or just 100g of sunflower seeds, we are the company for you! Strawberries, domestic grapes both had 13 different pesticides detected on a single sample. However, most pesticides are chemically-produced, thereby posing risks to consumers of organic produce.
However, studies show that you can still consume some organic produce even though pesticides are used to them. Learn the difference between conventional and organic food and what it means for your health, environment, and wallet. If you choose the Fairtrade option, you can also help with development issues relating to the fruit's producers. Unlike fresh fruit, this always travels well and you can keep in your desk or bag to snack on. UK Cancer Research reports: 'There is strong evidence that the nutrients in fruit and vegetables do not reduce the risk of cancer when they are taken as supplements. As all our dried apricots are organic, they are naturally dark, as they have not been treated with sulphur dioxide as a preservative. They have no added colours, so are not the typical bright red you would expect from other sources, but are perfect for putting on top of a Black Forest Gateau. As dried figs are much bigger than most other dried fruit, they can be easily stuffed with nuts or honey. The pineapple is dried without adding sugar and without any preservatives, so it is darker than conventional pineapple. In addition, the fruit needs to be full of natural sugar, so that it will preserve well when dried. I provided a list of the Dirty Dozen foods at the bottom of the page for an easy reference while you are shopping. That’s the main reason why most people are now buying produce from organic farms, farms that don’t use chemicals in their fruits and vegetables. This is due to the fact that these ones are tried and tested by experts and is found to have lesser and no pesticide or insecticide content. High doses of supplements could even have harmful effects.' The other important point to make is that supplements are boring, but food is fun!
Because they have been dried, they tend to hold their shape quite well once cooked and do not 'mash' easily like fresh apple.
They grow best in cold wet, northern climates and can endure temperatures as low as -20°C. Grown organically, and dried whole, these berries differ from those offered by many other suppliers, as they are not squeezed to extract the juice before they are dried. The dried fruit is very small, wrinkled and black in colour, and the flavour is absolutely gorgeous - unlike any other! Just one variety of mango is used (the 'Brooks' variety): this is perfumed and sweet, without too much acid, and no soapiness. Having no added sugar, it is not so sweet as conventional pineapple, but does taste much more of the original fruit! We choose larger prunes to pack at Naturally Good Food, so that you get a naturally sweet fruit with a soft texture. Changing your snacking habit is only a small lifestyle change - but it could make a big difference to your health.
Dried naturally in the sun, they have a firm texture and are perfect for snacks - keep them in a desk for a mid-morning snack, or take them out in the fresh air when walking! Crazy Jack currants are not as sweet as raisins or sultanas, but have a more perfumed flavour.
Dates can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes, adding texture and flavour, while chopped dates help to retain moisture in cake mixes. Figs are high in natural simple sugars, minerals and fibre, with large amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and manganese.

The mango is picked when it is very ripe, washed, peeled, sliced by hand and dried on racks. Crazy Jack look out for good, ripe pineapples, with plenty of colour in the fruit, and with flavour as the essential criterion. The combination of fibre, natural sugars and antioxidants in prunes, as well as their great flavour, makes them a superb healthy snack for you.
Sugar has been added to preserve the fruit and keep it soft enough to eat straight from the pack (without sugar, the blueberries would be excessively dry and hard). Putting your dates in the freezer for an hour before you need to chop them will make them much easier to use. Our dried figs are available in our own packs; we also have the Ready to Eat option from Crazy Jack.
Because the product is dried naturally, and the fruit varies from season to season, their pineapple will vary in taste and flavour, but will always be very good.
We sell both natural dried prunes and the Crazy Jack soft 'Ready to Eat' prunes, which have a higher moisture content. Dried organic apricots are much closer to fresh apricots than conventional dried apricots: move to the organic dried fruit aisle and you will appreciate the difference.
All the dates we sell are organic; we have our own packed in a variety of sizes and, of course, Crazy Jack dates.
Our prunes do not contain any artificial preservatives, such as potassium sorbate, which can be found in conventional prunes.
This means that not only are they good for the digestion, but with the combination of sugars and soluble fibre, make an excellent fat replacement in baking. Foods That Are Highly Salted, Pickled, Or SmokedMeats such as bacon, sausage, bologna, and salami are high in fat and salt. Eating these types of foods greatly increases the risk of colorectal cancer and higher rates of stomach cancer.
Diet AnythingDiet foods, including frozen foods, or prepackaged foods labeled as “diet” or “low fat”, including diet sodas, generally contain aspartame, which is a chemical, artificial sweetener. There are numerous studies showing that aspartame causes many diseases and sicknesses such as cancers, birth defects, and heart problems. Microwave PopcornConventional microwave popcorn bags are lined with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid ( PFOA). According to a recent study at the University of California, PFOA is linked to infertility in women. Non-Organic FruitsFruits that are non-organic are contaminated with some very dangerous pesticides such as atrazine, thiodicarb, and organophosphates, as well as high nitrogen fertilizers.
This is a weed killer that causes severe problems in humans, especially in our reproductive capabilities. Potato ChipsPotato chips are high in both fat and calories, which are sure to bring on weight gain. A study done in the New England Journal of medicine found that eating just 1 once of potato chips per day caused an average 2 pound weight gain in one year. Besides being full of trans-fats which can cause high cholesterol in most people, they have excessive sodium levels which, for many people, cause high blood pressure.
While a moderate or low consumption of alcohol can be healthy and lead to a reduced risk of heart disease, excessive drinking is known to cause heart failure, stroke, and sudden death. Canned TomatoesThe lining of almost all canned foods are made with a chemical called bisphenol-A, or BPA.
Tomatoes are exceptionally dangerous due to their high acidity, which seems to cause BPA to leech from the lining of the can into the tomatoes themselves.
Processed MeatsAll these processed meats contain numerous chemicals and preservatives, including sodium nitrates, which make them, look appealing and fresh but are well known carcinogens.
Smoking meats seem to be particularly bad as the meat picks up tar from the smoking process. Farmed SalmonThese fish are fed unnatural diets and are contaminated with chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides, and other known carcinogens. They live in very crowded conditions which results in these fish having 30 times the number of sea lice than wild salmon. Farmed salmon are fed chemicals to make their meat that reddish pink color that should occur naturally but doesn’t because of the diet of chicken litter that they are fed. Artificial SweetenersThere is mounting evidence that the chemicals that make up these sweeteners, especially aspartame, break down in the body into a deadly toxin called DKP. When your stomach processes this chemical, it in turn produces chemicals that can cause cancer, especially brain tumors.

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