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Es Cuco supermarket’s emphasis on locally grown produce guarantees customers the freshest products and the possibility of enjoying them with their nutritional value intact. Supermarket Es Cuco, open daily from May 1st to November 1st and Monday to Saturday, the rest of the year. The distinctive multicultural neighbourhood of Kensington Market is undoubtedly among the most photographed areas of the city for tourists and is a source of great food and one-of-the-kind vintage pieces for locals. The owner of this special store, Abi, started the business in 2009, after a friend of hers and an antique dealer offered the shop to her.
This organic store started in 2003, distinguishing itself from the other markets in the area with lots of room for browsing and its super tidy (almost boutique-like) interior. The store owner, Potsothy Sallapa, grew up in a farm family and because of this influence, he decided to start a business of his own. With more than 3,000 square feet available for the items, you’re sure to find all kinds of treasures among the exquisite collector pieces from the ’40s to ’60s, retro design, and unique fashion pieces. All visual content is licensed by Creative Commons - you may use individual photos but you need to link them back to this original page properly and clearly attribute them to us.
Roland Guballa is currently a Creative Arts student and an aspiring photographer based in Toronto. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown in a way that limits the amount of synthetic materials used during production. Today organic food may be difficult to find or is more expensive than conventionally produced food. In addition to health benefits, organic farming is much safer and healthier for the environment since the soil is not depleted of essential nutrients, and because it does not contribute toxic runoff as their conventional counterparts do.
I’ve been eating orlgnicaaly for 2+ years now and I can tell you that yes, the food tastes better, remarkably so.
We welcome our Armonk neighbors into the DeCicco’s family and look forward to building the types of personal relationships that they expect from their neighborhood food market. DeCicco Family Markets, a second generation grocery chain with 10 locations in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, and Orange Counties, proudly announces its 11th location in the newly constructed Armonk Square in downtown Armonk. The two-story, 18,000-sq-ft store, second in size to only the company’s Brewster store, was stylishly designed by Antonucci and Associates and incorporates rich cherry wood walls, custom tile flooring, extensive stone work, and a copper and tin ceiling. Unique to this store are its second floor gastropub selling wine by the glass and two dozen beers on tap, demo kitchen featuring cooking classes by celebrity chefs, and bocce courts. The grand opening event featured music from DJ Joe Fratto, who also manages DeCicco’s deli department, and arias by Italian tenor Luciano Lamonarca. DeCicco’s and store manager Charles Macias invite area shoppers to enjoy the DeCicco’s experience at its new Armonk store.
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This supermarket has a respectable selection of fresh and packaged organic products to fill your shopping basket to your liking, from organic wine to tofu.
It boasts specialty stores whose owners are not afraid to walk the extra mile to deliver the best items from all over the world! She accepted and from then on she became a “Canadian Picker,” embarking on an incredible adventure all across Canada to find the perfect pieces and antiques for her shop. It features various art, furniture, glasses, old video games, shoes, magazines, and other random vintage decor that you can use to design you house.
Located right in the heart of the vibrant Kensington Market, it is a popular pick for vegans and people who are looking for a hearty and healthy diet.
The friendly and festive atmosphere culminates every year with Pedestrian Sundays when he invites many friends from farms to display and sell their goods in his store. Bungalow is one of the few places in Canada that specialize in 20th century modern, with a focus on Scandinavian design. She's well respected in the real estate circles, she is very connected ( ie mortgage, real estate lawyer, home inspectors, contractors) She's extremely knowledgable, great at her job and she is the reason why we won the bid on a home that we truly LOVE. Pesticides and herbicides were not introduced until the 20th century, so for a large majority of history all foods were organic. Toxic runoff damages not only surrounding eco-systems, but those downstream as well, causing huge and damaging algal blooms at the mouths of our rivers. The store opened its doors on Friday, June 14, following an invitation-only grand opening for more than 300 family members, vendors, friends, and area dignitaries on Thursday, June 13.
Shoppers are invited to bring coffee or gelato upstairs and to enjoy other fare created by DeCicco’s, as well as Armonk’s own Fortina restaurant.
It began as a small storefront in the Bronx, offering a choice of high quality food to its growing array of customers.
Arden (L) on a tour of the 11th and newest DeCicco’s, located at 17 Maple Avenue in Armonk. In addition, it offers an abundance of fresh locally grown produce: seasonal lettuce, potatoes, fruit and more. From retro furniture and funky fashion to organic foods markets, bakeries, spice and dry goods stores, and cheese shops, Kensington simply has it all. Endless rummaging through different barns, basements, and attics of various collectors throughout Canada brings excitement and a lot of travelling to her job. The best part is that most if not all of the items are still in mint condition and reasonably priced! It carries a vast amount of exotic fruits and vegetables, hormone-free meat, premium juices, and a wide selection of bulk food such as beans and figs.

Before they started this business, both worked in the clothing business in their early 20s and were quite successful at it. In the past 100 years or so, there has been a significant increase in pesticide and herbicide use, especially in the production of food. Organic agriculture relies on non-chemical ways of maintaining soil fertility, managing pests and controlling weeds, thus eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides. The produce department carries fresh items from local farmers, as well as organic and international vegetables and fruits. Smith thanked DeCicco’s for its commitment to the County on behalf of the Board of Legislators and County Executive Robert Astorino. For 40 years, DeCicco Family Markets has a proud history of bringing the largest selection of high quality food available to customers with a friendly, personal touch.
We introduce the stories behind some of our favourite spots that can be found nowhere else but here. In addition to a full buffet, DeCicco’s introduced Imperial Biscotti Break beer, an Imperial Porter brewed exclusively for DeCicco’s by Evil Twin Brewing. It is this simple but unwavering mentality that has enabled the company to expand throughout Putnam, Rockland, Westchester, and Orange Counties.
Nasturtiums, carnations, pansies, sweet peas are all available for lovers of good food and new flavours. And they must have done something right, because today the vintage haven Bungalow has two locations (in the same street!). The family operates 10 stores in the following locations: Ardsley, Brewster, Chester Heights, Cornwall, Cross River, Harrison, Jefferson Valley, New City, Pelham and Scarsdale. At the age of 22, he is trying to make a name for himself in the advertising and photography industry that he dreams of being successful one day.
In general, the human body sustains immunity and people feel better when they eat food that is grown as naturally as possible, without the use of synthetically derived materials. The company is also involved in a number of civic and community-related events, regularly working with schools, Little Leagues, churches and Chambers of Commerce groups. His love & passion towards photography is what makes him a proficient photographer in general.

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