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The idea was to create the best possible cold pressed juice with the goal of bringing better health to peoples lives through juice, smoothies and wholefoods. Cali Press will stay true to offering organic as we know the body benefits the most from produce free of harmful chemicals, toxins and pesticides. Here at Cali Press we know our stuff, but we’re realistic about the challenges involved in balancing fun and looking after your health. ORGANIC & LOCAL PRODUCEWe strive to source the best local organic produce from people who care about providing quality fruit and vegetables. At Cali Press we know that you need to start with the best fruit and vegetables to make great tasting juice. We promise to use the finest and freshest seasonal organic produce in our juices, avoiding harmful chemicals, toxins and pesticides where possible.
Our MethodWe maintain a complete cold chain while crafting our juices so they arrive fresh to you.
Unlike traditional methods of blending or grinding, the ‘pressing’ action doesn’t oxidise or degrade the fruit and vegetables keeping the nutrients and enzymes intact. From farm to bottle, we maintain a chilled environment from the fresh produce to the finished product. Unfortunately we don't service your area, if you have a 20 or more interested people in your area please get in touch with us.
When you place your order you need to indicate YES to the items you would like and NO to the items you dona€™t like. Serving quantities are listed next to the item, if serve size is 3, then you will receive 3 items per serve. Unavailables - If you don't see an item in the list it is either unavailable or not up to our high standards. FRUIT: Our favourite New Season Navel Oranges from Fat Goose are here, these are the sweetest and juiciest oranges available. Don't forget, I only choose premium quality produce to go in your box and I am super fussy!

When we were living in Mosman we had Harris Farm across the road which made it easy to do fruits and vegetables shopping, but since we moved house, the only shop I can get to is…Coles.
My box was delivered while I was at work, and it was very exciting coming home to a fantastic box of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. For more information about this service, visit Organics Only websiteDo you eat enough fruits and vegetables?Where do you buy yours?
The owner of this blog may accept forms of cash advertising, paid insertions, product samples, sponsorship, and other forms of compensation.
You may have a blog, and that blog may be full of very interesting content, but it's not serving much of a purpose beyond honing your writing skills and allowing you to get something off your chest if other people aren't reading it. As with getting visitors or potential customers in any other aspect of your online business, it is going to take some promotion. There are a ton of directories and search engines specifically catering to blogs, and it is probably in the best interest of your blog's readership to get it listed in as many as possible. The idea quickly escalated into a life changing series of events with the now Cali Press team quitting their jobs and setting about becoming full time cold pressed juicers.
The name Cali Press comes from our love and nostalgia for Golden California and its fun and natural way of clean living. Cali Press can be delivered to your office, your front door or can be bought in any of our cafe locations around Sydney.
We strive to source ingredients from local organic farmers to reduce our carbon footprint and support sustainable farming initiatives within the community. Traditional juicing pushes fruits and vegetables through a heated motor which kills up to 60% of the delicate nutrients and vitamins. As the ‘pressing’ process doesn’t force air into the juice, it will not spoil as fast thus maintaining its natural taste. By controlling the environment where our juices are held they retain the maximum taste and nutrient value. Its best to leave as many selections blank as possible so that we can provide you with the best seasonal fruit and veg on the day to fill the remaining box room (FILLER).

Choose what you would like and we will fill the remaining value with only the best seasonal produce. Cauliflower, Celery, Green Beans, Broccoli, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Red and Green Capsicums, Corn, Cucumbers, Cabbage, Carrots, Kale, Baby Spinach and Lettuce are all very good, as are Pumpkins, Sweet Potatoes and Dutch Cream Potatoes. The owner of this blog does not share personal information with third-parties nor does the owner store information collected about your visit for use other than to analyse content performance. And even we heard that some people stopped eating non vegetarian food just because they did not wanted to get an animal killed just to fill their stomach with food.
Doing so would rule out too many small farms and the fantastic produce they grow while still adhering to organic farming practices. Cali Press ingredients are gently shredded down to a pulp, then slowly pressed to maximise the extraction of the fruit and vegetables vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Combined with our formulas and selection of fresh organic produce, we provide the best tasting juice on offer.
The owner of this blog reserves the right to delete any comments submitted to this blog without notice. But now with moving ahead time, we can see a new trend of organic grocer everywhere, everyone is option for the food labelled with “certified organic”. Mainly to live a healthy and long life, we should exercise on daily basis and intake healthy diet. New season Fuji, Pink Lady and Granny Smith Apples and Packham and Bosc Pears are very good as well. Fresh and plump dates are beautiful, as are the date and coconut rolls, great for a healthy lunchbox treat.

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