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Booktopia - Organic Fruit Growing, Your Complete Guide to Producing Beautiful Fruit All Year Round by Annette McFarlane, 9780733329135. Best-selling author Annette McFarlane takes on organic fruit growing in a companion book to her enduring classic ORGANIC VEGETABLE GARDENING.
Complete with profiles of 60 shrubs, vines and trees; including unusual fruits such as carambola, grumichama and granadilla, and specific advice on how to best manage their requirements, ORGANIC FRUIT GROWING will show you - whether a novice or experienced gardener - how to supply your families, friends and neighbours with fruit all year round. Tree Information on growing, planting, pruning, maintenance, ripening, taste, pick or bonsai tips.

SolutionHorticultural barrier glues are widely used within the organic industry to prevent insects climbing up the trunk and into the branches of fruiting trees and vines. Insects make their way to the tops of plants to feed, reproduce, create nests and lay eggs. In this practical, no-fail guide, Annette makes fruit growing easy with advice on: soil preparation, drainage, waterwise design, nutrition, coping with climatic variations (including drought tolerance), propagation, purchasing and planting, pruning and training, pollination, pest and diseases and how to control them organically. Annette covers techniques and methods for fruit production, and there is an A- Z index of fruit covering everything from Apples to Yellow pitayas.

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