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When Stan Glaser started Glaser Organic Farms in 1980, his mission was to create good food for people, striving for harmony between our bodies and the Earth. Prepared in their own farm’s certified kitchen, their recipes use the fruits, vegetables, flowers, sprouts and herbs grown right there on the farm. In addition to the Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Market, Glaser Organic Farms hosts raw food culinary arts class with Executive Chef Tracy Fleming.
For more information on Glaser Organic Farms, the Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Market and the raw food culinary arts class, please visit their website!
Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few weeks, you probably experienced the giant uproar that rippled through the organic food community after Stanford published a multi-variant study finding that there was little difference “nutritionwise” between conventional and organic food. I would think so, but let’s set aside my opinion for the moment, and try to accept this bit of data as true: that conventionally grown food is as nutritious as organically grown food.
Well, it would mean that conventional food, like organic food, is fine for human nutrition and that this one single perspective is enough information for us to go along our on our merry way and live happily ever after.
Clearly, this is not the case and, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know that its cornerstone philosophy is that diet and health are a part of a healthy food system and that there are three other considerations – the environment, social aspects, and the economics – none included or considered in the Stanford study. I think the outrage from this study comes down to the fact that big food businesses are so dominant in the discourse that studies such as this simply pour gasoline on the frustration and helplessness felt by smaller, unsubsidized organic growers and producers – and us informed consumers.  The opportunistic and quick broadcasting of this particular message showcases the power certain special interest groups wield. The Stanford study did point out that there were more pesticides in conventional food, which they stated was not good for children. What’s insidious is that these opposing giant companies’ long tentacles actually own many of the smaller organic companies consumers rely on for honest marketing and production. Whether GMOs are dangerous to human health is not the question at the moment (although I do think that we should conduct in-depth research before we massively produced a type of food), but rather who is getting to frame the issue and how are we, as consumers, are able to wade through the bombarding bits of information to make more informed choices. Teaser 2 Here, you will find news, views, research, and more—each a key ingredient in the recipe for a new food system movement. Organic gardening is defined as the culture or growing of garden plants such as fruits and vegetables without chemicals.
It is considered an excellent hobby especially for those who are health conscious, for they can easily grow plants (food) of their preference anytime at their own backyard.
East Mountain Organic Farms is located 29 miles southeast in the Manzano Mountains from Albuquerque.
I've been going to the local farmers markets now for quite sometime, and I have really noticed a big difference in the EMO's organic vegetables. Melbourne’s culinary prowess is centered around fresh, local produce and the city is lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of fertile food growing regions.
Not far from Melbourne’s city centre are two farms that are ripe for picking this summer. An afternoon or a weekend indulging in the Yarra Valley’s excesses occasionally induces a guilt-trip, so an outing to a farm gate to stock up on fresh fruit is easily justified. Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is known for its abundant produce with plenty of opportunity to fill up with delights fresh from fertile fields and welcoming farm gates.

On the Bellarine Peninsula, visitors can chomp their way around Bacchus Marsh’s pick-your-own orchards and fields gathering the region’s finest stone fruits, strawberries and berries including at Paynes Orchards which has been inviting pickers in for over 50 years.
Inland from the Great Ocean Road, visitors can enjoy the great views from Tuckerberry Hill while tantalizing their taste buds, or take their pick of strawberries, blackberries and boysenberries from Summer Sensations Cafe and Berry Farms then indulge in the cafe’s famous berry desserts.
Also renowned for its fertile pastures and quality produce, Gippsland provides plenty of opportunities for visitors to gather fresh fruit at local farms and orchards. Soft fruit picking seasons run from November to February in Victoria but it’s always best to check picking times before heading off on a fruit-filled adventure. Glaser’s farm was one of the first that specialized in gourmet, raw food and also one of the first that received USDA organic certification from Quality Certification Services (QCS). They specialize in growing tropical fruits, such as mangoes, papayas, lychees, bananas and avocados, winter vegetables and herbs. In addition, they select the finest produce and certified organic ingredients from local organic farmers and certified organic growers around the world.
It’s understandable then that this fracas is loud because the study only studied one facet of a multi-faceted system.
Yes, there might be problems with the study’s methodology: several statisticians explain that they don’t like using meta-analysis because there are too many methodological problems with the technique of combining hundreds of data sets together – and in the end, researchers, depending on their own interpretation, can come up with different outcomes. Controlling the message to focus on just the human diet and health advantages is quite brilliant. This is enough evidence to question the nutrition argument trumps the environmental argument. It is our job as eaters to decipher the double-speak and obfuscation deliberately spread to misinform. The fact that they are voting against GMO labeling while holding these companies in their portfolios (which would benefit from the labeling) should make us all take to the streets in protest. One just has to observe the proper procedures and methods associated with it, and of course, with proper maintenance care. One of those procedures is to look for healthy, fertile soil which will requires great attention and observation from time to time. Say yes to an organic garden that is chemical free, vitamin filled, fresh, and all natural! Nestled in a valley in what was called San Isidro surrounded by pine trees near Escabosa NM. In summer, visitors love to visit the numerous pick-your-own-produce farms throughout Victoria for delicious hand-picked berries, cherries and other summer fruit.
Nestled in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, Blue Hills Berries & Cherries has plenty of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, youngberries, boysenberries and blueberries just waiting to be plucked. Summery soft-fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and cherries are available from Beechworth Berries farm gate.
More than 30 years later, their Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Market in South Florida serves more than 1,000 people every Saturday.

Their practice of organic farming uses only nutritive components on their trees, gardens and soils. They also provide freshly prepared refrigerated gourmet raw foods – from salad dressings, sprouted spreads and raw fruit pies to pestos and sauerkrauts. They also teach about germination, sprouting and how eating raw foods can be a life-changing experience towards vibrant health for body and mind.
And, as we are seeing, when the viewpoint is narrow the dialogue becomes polarized, off track, and most importantly doesn’t solve the bigger, more looming and interconnected problems in our food system.
Not including the environmental, social, or economic impacts of the growing, producing and distributing of conventionally grown food that routinely and systematically destroys air, water, soil and community cunningly limits the public’s awareness of the bigger problems. Get informed, expand what you read, and resist buying into any single-framed issue.  In other words, take back the power. You can use organic fertilizers that came from natural sources that are very healthy for your organic plants. For a strawberry fix, pickers can head to Ladybird Organics – the only organic pick-your-own strawberry farm in Melbourne. CherryHill Orchards – one of the largest fresh cherry producers in Australia – invites cherry lovers to take to the trees in its 90 acre orchard. Also on the Peninsula is Ripe N Ready Cherry Farm where visitors can choose from over 70 varieties of sweet and sour cherries grown over 24 acres of beautiful Red Hill countryside.
They also sell products online and ship them UPS all over the country and, in a few weeks, they will open an on-farm store.
They also offer raw sweets such as Rawies, Temple Balls, Snow Balls and Carob Fudgy Brownies.
Gerundio of the Department of Agriculture (DA) said.Speaking before the participants to the first Organic Agriculture Program orientation and briefing in Eastern Visayas on November 23, at the Ritz Tower de Leyte, RED Gerundio said, “it is not true that organic agriculture would hamper us from achieving our goal on food security.
Originally owned by their grandfather Frank C Mora, the land was handed down to Celina Mora de Apodaca, their mother. Several studies show that organic farming will even help us attain higher productivity on a long term basis.
What’s irritating is that the message was skillfully positioned and then disseminated as absolute using Stanford’s good name.
East Mountain Organic Farms was formed in 2006, and became certified organic in June of 2007. Let’s go back to the natural way of farming for it is the only means to prevent the environmental and life-threatening effects of synthetic farming,” RED Gerundio told the participants composed of local chief executives, municipal agricultural officers, agricultural technologists, and representatives from the academe, partner-government agencies and some NGOs.RED Gerundio who is an avid organic agriculture advocate disclosed that Region 8 has an allocation of P17 million from the total budget of P900 million for the whole country.

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