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Numerous studies have shown that Vitamin D deficiency is rampant, even in countries like Australia and this can lead to osteoporosis. The general understanding is that it is very important to get calcium from the food you eat. Yes, partly, but what about if you eat enough foods containing calcium and you still suffer from osteoporosis.
Most grains, animal foods, and highly processed foods have an acid forming effect on your body fluids. Generally speaking, most vegetables and fruits have an alkaline-forming effect on your body fluids.
So, make sure you include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet to alkaline your blood.

Evelin Liddell is a Homeopath and Fertility Specialist with over 15 years experience in the natural health field mainly working with women and children. Evelin has great success and built an excellent reputation with infertility, hormonal problems, glandular fever and children’s health (asthma, colds, tonsillitis, ear infections, fevers, colic, behavioural problems).
Evelin also has a special interest in nutrition and is currently the only metabolic balance® coach in Queensland, Australia.
The main way to buffer this is by your body using calcium to make your blood more alkaline.
The following are extremely acid forming foods: alcohol, soft drinks, coffee, sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined salt, and more.
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Calcium is the most important nutrient required for bones and of course the new kid on the block is Vitamin D. But in order to supply enough calcium for buffering you must have enough calcium from your diet or your body will simply go to the next available source and rob the needed calcium from your bones and teeth. Create your slideshowBy using the code above and embedding this image, you consent to Getty Images' Terms of Use.

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