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I am launching a new organic fruit & veg box scheme in the local area called Nourish Organic.
Use this space to create a self-styled ad (with your chosen image and a click through link to your website). This organic fruit and vegetable cart comes with everything your kids need for imaginative role-play. A widely discussed issue relating to feeding the world’s growing population is the debate between conventional farming VS. On the other hand, there are a growing band of academics, practioners and smallholder farmers who disagree with this view. When talking about ways to feed the world population and which production techniques are the best we must be cautious.
If you have plants that are frost intolerant, you can protect these with a temporary cover.
This advice is for moving trees and shrubs small enough not to require the assistance of mechanical equipment. Dig a deep trench around the plant you want to move, using a sharp spade to cut through the roots. Work the spade around the trench dug previously, easing the spade further and further under the root ball until you have cut through all the roots. Place a clear mark on the north-facing side of the plant so that it will be positioned in the same orientation. Carefully transfer the plant to the new hole positioning it at the same level it was planted previously. With very cold weather set to continue over much of Australia for some time, gardeners can protect young seedlings with an easy-to-make cloche. Bare soil in garden beds and around trees, shrubs and vines allows a lot of soil moisture to be lost to evaporation. A method that we have found very helpful to water mulched beds is to use plastic soft drink and juice bottles to funnel water through mulch directly to the root area of susceptible plants.
Simply cut off the base of each container, remove the lids and bury the necks of the containers about 8 cm deep near outer edge of the foliage of plants.
Chilly days and nights after a brief period of perfect gardening weather occur every year in many parts of Australia.
Unfortunately, Australia’s deviation from world-wide practice tricks some gardeners into planting out seedlings while nights are still longer than days and soil is still too cold for root growth of warmth-loving plants.
Seedlings and many vegetable crops are vulnerable to wind damage in winter and early spring. Some parts of Australia are enduring extremely hot weather and, apparently, there is more to come this summer. Although European-based garden texts recommend full sun for most vegetables, where summers are hot and air pollution is low, full sun can result in sunscald. Providing some light shade during the hottest part of the day can prevent sunscald on susceptible crops, and, by keeping the plants cooler, reduces their water consumption, an important consideration where water restrictions apply. Each canopy is positioned to allow morning sun to reach plants, yet not restrict air flow around them. Adequate soil moisture is essential for your vegetable garden to maintain good growth during heat waves.
Some gardeners may not be sure whether they are in a Temperate or Cool climate and, where frosts occur, the position of a property within a neighbourhood (the microclimate) can affect how much frost may affect your garden.
The position of garden beds can also have a marked effect on the amount of plant damage that frosts cause. Many of the seeds are produced at Greenpatch, but where cross-pollination can be a problem, other varieties are produced by local growers.
Greenpatch also has a huge selection of fruiting plants, herbs, cottage garden and aquatic plants.
GARDEN ADVICEIf you have a gardening problem, I can provide advice on Aussie Organic Gardening. For readers in other countries or more western parts of Australia, it is easy to find the local time for the change of phase in Darwin, Perth, Chile, New Zealand or South Africa by going to Time converter. Organic foods are often preferred by many over other foods, especially those that have been genetically modified. I was inspired to start Nourish Organic because I used to work with a similar company (mentioning no names) and was upset by the amount of wasted food.
The 2-tiered cart comes with a variety of fruits, storage bins, and blackboards, and the lower shelf provides extra storage space for even more fun cargo.
For example, the biotechnology and agribusiness perspective would argue there is no alternative to using GM crops.

For example, a report from the University of California provides some insightful case study examples of comparisons between organic and conventional farming methods. In today’s context, approximately 925 million suffer from hunger and as I have mentioned in previous articles, this is mainly a result of poverty, distribution and wastage of crops during production. If plants in your garden have been damaged by frost, please resist the temptation to prune back the damaged parts. The trench will usually have to be dug inside the drip-line of the plant, otherwise the root ball will be too large to handle.
This simple structure named for the French word for ‘bell’ keeps plants warm on chilly nights and can be easily ventilated so that they don’t get too warm during the day.
They may look unattractive but the burnt portions are protecting the plants from further damage. A 5 cm layer of organic mulch over beds and around larger plants (keeping it a hand span from the trunk) will prevent water applied to the soil from being wasted. This is a quick and very efficient way to hand water during drought, water restrictions, heat waves or windy weather. The problem can be solved by placing this simple cloche over beds that contain cold-sensitive seedlings. Keep a close watch on your garden as wind can dry out soils faster than summer heat, resulting in cell collapse of soft tissue plants. While Australian natives have evolved to restrict loss of water through leaves in hot, dry conditions, very hot plants, especially those that originated in cooler Northern Hemisphere regions – such as most of our vegetables and fruits, lose a lot of water through their leaves in an effort to keep cool, in a similar way to humans perspiring. We use lightweight, knitted shade cloth, supported by arches made from 38 mm irrigation pipe attached to garden stakes or star stakes.
Poor air flow (such as in fully enclosed areas) can produce conditions suitable for some fungal diseases to establish.
Tie the corners to garden stakes to provide some relief for garden beds during the hottest part of the day. A bird bath, or containers of clean water positioned where cats and dogs can’t reach them will provide relief for the insect-eating birds and the bees that pollinate your crops. Cold air, like water, always flows downwards; anything that blocks the downward flow will result in frost damage in that area. During heat waves, pot plants become stressed more quickly than plants in garden beds, and your pot plants may not getting as much water as you think. Greenpatch supply a wide range of open-pollinated, organic seeds for vegetables, herbs, flowers, and grains, grasses and sprouts. I like buying organic seed that is produced in Australia because the seed comes from plants that have adapted to Australian soils and seasons.
Neville and Sophia have been producing seeds and plants on their farm for 20 years, and you can order seeds and plants by mail but, as Greenpatch is just off the freeway at Taree and only a short drive from our farm, I enjoy paying a visit and browsing through their stock for plants to add to our collection. Food that is organically grown is grown using a more “natural” process than conventionally grown foods. GMO’s have drawn a slew of negative media attention in the past decade, mostly because GMO’s genetic makeup has been altered and engineered by humans.
The food was wasted because these other companies don't let customers choose what they get. Kid-sized with big sturdy wheels makes it easy for kids to push the cart from place to place. Moreover, it is perceived that without large inputs of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, food supply would automatically decline due to crop loss as a result of weeds and pests. For example, Don Seville, Co-director of the Sustainable Food Lab believes it is more worthwhile to try and increase organic practices (use of compost, biomass, rotations with legumes, and integration of animal manure) in conjunction with artificial fertilizer and pesticides. They may look unattractive, but there are probably more frosty nights to come, and the damaged parts will protect the plants from further damage. This is best done in two stages if you have to move an evergreen plant, but sometimes situations arise, due to weather conditions or moving house where a shrub or tree has to be moved urgently.
The drip-line is the area of soil directly below the outer edges of the foliage – where rain runs off the leaf canopy onto the soil.
This is necessary to compensate for a smaller root ball, so that the plant will not suffer water stress. Water thoroughly to remove any air pockets around the roots, and apply a 5 cm layer of mulch around the plant, keeping it a hand span from the trunk. When the nights are milder, the structure can be easily folded and stored until it is needed again. However, as plants can only absorb the nutrients they need for healthy growth and ripeness of crops as water-soluble ions, inadequate water is the cause of a wide range of problems, including pest attack. Lawns are greedy and as their roots are close to the soil surface, they take water and nutrients intended for fruit trees and favourite ornamentals.

Pour water into the container until it begins to drain slowly – an indication that you have dampened the soil in the root area. A method that we have found very helpful to water mulched beds is to use plastic soft drink and juice bottles to funnel water directly to the root area of susceptible plants. Buildings, solid fences and shrubbery, and flat land at the bottom of a slope can all allow cold air to pool, and plants in these areas are more likely to be damaged by frost. If unsure about what to plant at a particular time of year, a reputable local nursery will have suitable plants in stock and be able to advise you on what is best for your local microclimate.
In fact, plants can benefit from some relief from harsh afternoon sun in warmer climates during summer months.
When potting mix dries out, it shrinks slightly away from the edges of the pot, so that when you water, the water runs down this gap while the root ball remains dry.
Grouping them together helps retain humidity around the plants and reduces water loss through the leaves. Previously, I had found that imported seed did not perform particularly well, and I achieved better results from seed I saved from those plants. Organic farming is a method of farming that relies less on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and more on natural fertilizers. So when a customer opens their box to find a vaguely-known vegetable like Kohlrabi inside, the Kohlrabi would travel from the box - rot in the fridge for a few days - and then into the bin! They argue that organic farming could feed Europe and America but not the rest of the world.
The goal would be to increase organic fertilisation, without necessarily trying to ensure the strict certification standards of ‘organic’ are met. Without a doubt, there is a definite need to integrate sustainable farming methods to promote soil and water conservation. A trolley, or tarpaulin or another large piece of strong fabric will help to use as a sled to drag the plant to its new planting position if the plant is too large to lift into a barrow.
How quickly the hole drains indicates whether drainage is good or you will need to plant the tree or shrub in a raised mound. This is a quick and very efficient way to hand water during water restrictions, heat waves or windy weather. Be cautious though when buying seedlings from Australia-wide nursery chains, as some tend to send the same seedlings to stores in all climate zones. It is more important to position beds across any slope in the ground to ensure that all plants in a bed have equal access to water. To thoroughly wet potting mix, follow the instructions for watering pot plants in Coping with heat waves, and give your plants the best chance of survival in adverse conditions. Organic, open-pollinated seeds are not hybrids or GM seeds, and that means you will be able to save seeds from your crop for next season.
We do save seeds from some of our crops but saving seed from all our vegetables and herbs can tie up garden beds for long periods while the seed matures, and being able to buy locally-produced seed makes life much easier. Organic livestock is raised using organic feed and are not given hormones or antibiotics to encourage their growth.
If the surrounding soil is not damp when you transplant, the water you apply after planting will be drawn away from the root ball into the surrounding dry soil, and the plant will look stressed several days after planting. Avoid placing vegetable garden beds under trees, as trees are very competitive for both moisture and nutrients. Open-pollinated vegetable seed varieties are grown for flavour and vigour rather than shelf life. Organic food and the organic farming process is a more environmental friendly way to produce food, as it focuses heavily on water and soil conservation. I am slowly developing a strong network of local growers who are supplying me with lovely, fresh organic delights.
We must also be weary of proponents of purely conventional methods, as the real focus to feed people may be overrun by business interests. The purpose of organic farming is to mimic the way farmers used to raise their crops and livestock in the early 1900’s. I release a new list every week so all you have to do is see what's available and then let me know what you want.

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