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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Each individual packet of fruit has been designed to mix and match (as desired) with long-term yogurt, pudding, and caramel sauces to boost the overall taste, calorie, and nutritional content.
These berries contain a mixture of phytonutrients such as flavonoids as well as vitamins and minerals such as manganese and potassium. We use only organically grown blueberries that have been nurtured to perfection and harvested at just the right time.

These Looney Tunes treats are a kid specific snack and are made in bite sized pieces for little hands and mouths. The special freeze drying process used in these berries creates a berry that is crunchier and larger than most other freeze dried blueberries.
Full of flavor and packed with essential nutrients, these fresh berries are sent to the freeze dryer and then packaged for your convenience in a zip lock foil pouch that ensures the berriesa€™ crunchy, delicious freshness all year long. With up to a 20 year shelf life, this package is a Wise recipe for any type of emergency, not to mention great for everyday use.

100% of these organic blueberries are harvested from farmers in the United States, primarily in Oregon.

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