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The Greenery is yet another awesome addition to our wonderful city of Murfreesboro!  It is definitely worth a special trip to the downtown square to visit The Greenery! Post © 2016 Sherri Wellborn, Murfreesboro TN Homes & Real Estate (Reliant Realty, Murfreesboro). My daughter and I enjoyed the brisk morning browsing the various booths and sampling whole grain muffins, bread and scones. The two proposals, which will likely face stiff opposition from the liquor distribution industry, were filed Thursday in the Tennessee General Assembly, with Ketron introducing the bill in the state Senate and Lundberg in the House of Representatives. The bill, if passed, would give municipalities in those communities that currently allow retail package stores, liquor-by-the-drink establishments or both to hold a referendum on the sale of wine in retail food stores during the next general election. In order to place the referendum on the ballot, a petition must be presented to a county election commission, which would hold the referendum. The petition would have to include signatures from at least 10 percent of the county’s population that voted in the last gubernatorial election. Kentucky will soon join the list due to a recent federal court ruling which deemed its liquor laws unconstitutional.

According to the Tennessee Fiscal Review Committee, state and local revenues would increase by millions of dollars if consumers are allowed to purchase wine where they shop for food.
Retail food stores already practice mandatory carding, regardless of the customer’s age or how old he or she might appear to be.
Ketron and Lundberg believe that one of the more important pieces of the legislation is the requirement that all retail package stores participate in mandatory carding and take part in the Responsible Vendor Program.
The referendum legislation has the support of the Tennessee Grocers and Convenience Store Association and the Tennessee Retail Association. The state’s retail food store industry employs an estimated 70,000 Tennesseans and remits hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, real, personal, gross receipts and state franchise and excise taxes.
Mesh Boutique is a mesh of concepts to bring a fun and unique variety of items to Murfreesboro.
Also, hoping to minimize their negative environmental impact, Mesh is as natural, organic, and eco-friendly as possible.
I admit it is subjective and I know they are for different purposes but I love the way you come across in this video Sherri.
The legislation as written provides the exact ballot question that will be asked of voters.

Liquor stores are currently exempt from these requirements under current state alcohol laws.
By using local designers and artists, to recycled furniture and artwork, we try to keep things green. Filed under Featured Stories, Murfreesboro Businesses, Murfreesboro Community, Murfreesboro Fashion, Murfreesboro News. I'm so glad to see more and more organic and non-conventional shops opening around the country! Bill Ketron discuss their proposal to allow referendums be held regarding wine in grocery stores during a Jan. This change would allow for uniform treatment of alcohol sales, regardless of where they occur. Many people report that their skin complexions have improved significantly after switching to natural olive oil soaps.

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