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Our passion for quality organic lifestyle led us to our first organic shop in 1999, when the term ‘organic’ was still new to Malaysians. Today, justlife™ is a name that stands for distinctive quality and inspiring Earth-friendly lifestyle. Our products are made of real ingredients without the use of any synthetic chemicals and genetically engineered ingredients.
We strongly encourage values such as artisan that preserves sustainable traditional production methods, fair trade and animal-cruelty free production. Farming in harmony with the rhythm of the moon and nature, Sonnentor unfolds the full potency and therapeutic properties of its teas and herbs. Down To Earth demonstrated how fair trade is helping to end poverty, changing the lives of thousands of farmers and saving thousands of acres of lands from the pollution of agriculture chemicals. NUI’s Certi?ed Fair Trade guarantees fair price for the farm producers, helping them regain control and make improvements to their community. The Bites Artisan is the label for our handcrafted products, produced in small batches by dedicated people in small communities to preserve the authenticity and integrity of the products. Our StoryIt is our passion for quality organic lifestyle that led us to start our first organic shop in 1999 when organic was still new to Malaysians. Today, justlife™ is a name that stands for distinctive quality and inspiring organic lifestyle. Green InitiativesInspired by our vision — to green every industry, justlife™ organizes programs and events from time to time to spread the green messages in various scales, reaching out to a diverse audience. We, at Nature’s Nutrition, are dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality nutrition at the lowest prices.
Mission StatementOur mission is to provide you with quality products at affordable prices so you can live a healthy lifestyle.
O'burger, the first organic fast food joint in Los Angeles, where the burgers and everything else are all organic. One of the biggest eye-openers for me when I first started my real food journey was that so many real foodies shop directly from the farmer or purchase food online.
I was accustomed to using coupons for processed foods at mainstream grocery chains–or buying food for rock-bottom prices at my still-beloved Aldi.
If you are brand new to real food, then I imagine the thought of locally sourcing your food is exciting and ideal–but perhaps a little overwhelming at first. If you are cooking real food, this will be one of the sections where you spend most of your time. Where to Compromise: Purchase dairy that is made from cows not treated with the rBGH growth hormone. If you cannot find any hormone-free cheese, opt for regular (non-processed) cheeses that are natural in color (white). If you cannot find any hormone-free milk, I would personally ditch the dairy milk and choose coconut, almond, or even rice milk instead. Also, try to vary your meats so you aren’t always eating one certain type that may be overexposing your family to certain antibiotics, etc. What to Buy: Aim to purchase frozen organic produce and meats that contain no additives, seasonings, etc. What to Leave: Opt out of the packaged beans and legumes (whether canned or frozen) that have been pre-seasoned. What to Buy: Aim to purchase whole wheat or white whole wheat flour, one of the sweeteners listed above, and coconut (most Wal-marts carry it!), olive or grapeseed oils.
If you remember nothing else about this post, I want you to remember this: Shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store and avoid the inner aisles. Did you know that Stephanie wrote an entire series on this topic in the early days of Keeper of the Home? I’ve been reading some awesome books that explain things about organics, avoiding sugar and wheat, and drinking raw milk. For those that are having a financial stress when it comes to buying their groceries, try to think about what you are spending as an investment in your health.
I find my family and I are happier when we make everything at home…even pizza is possible! Like another person who commented, I think this organic, grass fed talk is all wonderful and all but most of us can’t find that stuff where we live and if we do, it will break the bank. I am a native from Brazil and after a couple of years here in the US and gaining 40 pounds in just one year, I realized that the junk food was killing me (eating out and fast food mostly). I think realistically one CANNOT consume all clean food (non GMO, grass fed, organic) 100% in this WORLD.
I think some of this GREEN eating or lifestyle just turns into bondage and instead of relying on the Lord we rely on our own works. Speaking of avoiding soy, what you would recommend for an almost-1 year old when it’s time to move on to whole milk?
Update 4-11-13: With the proliferation of highly dangerous GMO food dominating our food supply, there is an even more urgent need to grow our own organic food from NON-GMO SEEDS. The post below is part instructional editorial, part advertisement for Jonathan’s Food4Wealth instructional ebook and videos. When we think of organic gardening and permaculture we tend to conjure up images of leathery-skinned bearded warriors who dedicate their lives to working long days in their vegetable plots.  Whilst this may be a wonderful way to live your life, it doesn’t suit the average suburbanite with a full-time job and a hefty mortgage. If you don’t have a vegetable garden, my suggestion would be to create a classic Esther Deans ‘no dig’ garden to get you started.  Once erected, simply follow the ecological gardening method. Only interfere with the system when a single species of plant over-dominates and simply scratch out excess plants when they are small. This is a method of growing food that is reliable, produces an abundance of food, and is easy to understand.
Grow the tastiest, fattest tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, celery, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber and more! Here I am in my garden surrounded by fresh, healthy organic carrots, lettuces, tomatoes, zucchinis, celery, spring onions, swiss chard, baby spinach, parsnip, cucumber, potatoes and pumpkin.
In my experience, the study of natural ecosystems reveals everything we need to know about growing food. From my own results I can say, with absolute certainty, that this is the way we will be producing food in the future.
The Food4Wealth step-by-step instruction manual has been laid out with clear simple instructions and illustrations so that you can easily get started. There are also 14 short video tutorials, over 60 minutes, showing you every step of the way, so that you can see exactly what you should be doing. Plus you will also get an easy to follow step-by-step project plan listing what to do and how to do it. This information contains everything to get set up and start producing organic food for years to come. I am totally hooked on the whole thing and I am growing vegetables from seed and watching them grow. Your information has been very inspiring and working with land is so easy that most of the time you spent lying in the garden and enjoying the moment. The information you provide will be of great benefit especially to people who have never planted a garden before, because it will immediately impress upon them the necessity of providing their plants with a good nutritional base and also that diversity is the mainstay of any food-producing venture.

If traditional gardeners can be convinced to give your method a fair go, I am certain that they will very quickly learn that their current methods are outmoded, time-consuming, ecologically unsound and hopelessly impractical. It (Food4wealth) is especially critical to those of us in the USA, to know how to grow some of our own food.
I was amazed when I ready about what you have done about gardening.  I am 57 years of age and interested in learning your way of gardening. Finally I wish to thank in advance for the wonderful research you have done in order to save our planet Earth.
I am writing to you today to simply say thank you and to share with you another successful food 4 wealth garden plot. I was so proud of how my radishes were doing with a huge top.  When I pulled out one humungous radish, you can only imagine how I felt. Your Food4Wealth garden is basically a natural habitat that is made up of edible plants, and you can create one more easily than you realize. Once this amazing ecosystem is set up you will be able to harvest fresh organic food every single day. The Food4Wealth 80 page instruction manual comes with over 60 minutes of comprehensive video tutorials. When I discovered this method I felt a sense of urgency to get it out into the world where it can start to empower people’s lives. If, after some time, we find ourselves with a surplus of money, I will take this method to the poorest regions of the world where people don’t have access to the internet. By buying the Food4Wealth package you are not only buying the most comprehensive guide to growing food in the world’s most prolific way, but also helping to fund the people who need it to survive.
If we are to make a difference to our planet, live economically and improve our lives, we need to start taking action – real physical action.
With more people like you using the Food4Wealth method to produce food, we are all bound to spark a revolution in food production that will make our world a better place. Are you a lightworker in need of a professionally designed, visually pleasing, search-engine friendly website?
With the up rise of healthy lifestyle in the recent years, healthy and nutritional food values are a must in most meals. There I can enjoy mixing beetroots, beans, barley, quinoa, chickpeas, potatoes, but also lasagna, stir fried tofu, vegetarian shepherd’s pie and risotto. I love cooking with fresh veggies and a big passion for pasta and pizza reveals my Italian origins. Since we first opened our door in 1999, justlife™ has been a platform to inspire the love for nature and respect for life. Since then, what remain unchanged are our persistent effort in cultivating awareness for an Earth-friendly lifestyle and promoting authentic quality products under our roofs. As genetically modified foods are usually not labeled, buying products with an organic certification is the only sure way to avoid them.
Buying products with an organic certification is the only sure way to avoid GM ingredients.
We are passionate about empowering our customers through knowledge, service, and a responsibility to the health of our bodies and our planet. We are your total health food and natural food market with an array of fresh organic produce, vegan and vegetarian entrees, wheat and gluten free products, vitamins, supplements, groceries, dairy, frozen items, homeopathics, and health and beauty. We, at Nature’s Nutrition, dare you to be healthy by following a good lifestyle of good nutrition, exercise, and a positive attitude. I’ll walk you through each section of the store and virtually point out what to buy, what to leave on the shelf and where to compromise.
But if your hubby absolutely must have his sweet tea with white sugar, don’t cause a fuss. Save the money you would be spending on soft drinks and juices and one day you can buy a Berkey water filter! I’ve just recently started making my own condiments (salad-dressings mostly), and I can honestly say I feel a lot less sluggish. We sometimes shop at a local farmer’s market during the growing season, but our income just took a big hit, so grocery stores are often all we can afford right now. Sometimes it is difficult for other people I know to understand why I try to do these things. Thankfully, due to joining a homeschool co-op I am finding some amazing resources for healthy foods in my area.
You won’t have to go to the doctor as much, you can avoid some of the problems related to sugar consumption too! I have a friend who has chickens and I buy her eggs at $3 per dozen (but I can find them for as little as a $1 if I’m lucky). I still have a hard time resisting the ice cream but I go for whole foods as much as possible. We live in a fallen world and until Jesus comes back we can only do the best we can but STILL some of it will be broken, contaminated and fallen short of the Glory of God. Sure, I found the things suggested in this article, but quickly became frustrated and discouraged. It’s really exciting to think of sourcing food directly from the farm, but I am not 100% there yet, and I hope this post will encourage many that you can eat mostly real at the grocery store!
So many real food blogs push the buy direct from the farmer, or co-ops, and it can be discouraging, especially when we try to find farmers on local harvest and get nothing, and the closest Azure drop point is 2 hours away.
I tried to pretend that I was walking with a reading through her store–and ALL she had was what was in that store.
Jonathan White has developed an excellent method to create your own lush organic gardens that will produce all the food we need and more. Sure, there will be times when you need to step in and direct the system in a certain way; however that is almost always because a certain plant species is getting too successful and the system is at risk of loosing diversity. His package includes a step by step manual plus audio book version and over 60 minutes of video. Food4Wealth is also provided as an Audiobook so you can listen whilst you are in the garden, jogging or commuting.
If it wasn’t for the original inspiration I got from the whole concept of your low maintenance, minimal effort system of vegetable gardening, I can categorically assure you that I never would have started it at all.
My life has a new ‘back to nature’ dimension which helps me feel quietly contented and fulfilled in the knowledge that I have clawed back some sanity in this crazy, ridiculous world. I knew I could write a good book, but I didn’t know how to make it reach all corners of the globe.
Unfortunately, the cost of production grew into the thousands and then there are the marketing costs (which I had no idea about). I will show these people the method so that they can grow their own food in the most effective way possible.
Sitting around talking about it won’t change a thing, but growing our own healthy organic food in an environmentally gentle way will make a positive change for millions of us. Repostings must include this copyright and credit at top and bottom of post and include the entire message without alteration when re-posting.
Look no further, The Golden Light Channel can design a beautiful site for you in WordPress that you can update yourself.

So far my journey into awakening consciousness has been incredible and amazing, and continues to be so!
Thankfully this practice has also led to the growth of a chain of groceries and food stores selling health food, diet supplements, whole foods and importantly, organic foods. A great choice for lunch, the best organic fast food and health store at the same time. The best seasonal, ethical, freshly-prepared food in the centre of London. Sometimes we are just buying the access to the dominant social class, instead.  Material well-being is confused with physical well-being. We are known in the industry as the “Nutritional Supplement Professionals” due to our highly knowledgeable staff. Well, "the buns, the sauce, the vegetables, meat, ketchup, mustard, fries and salad dressing" - it's all organic.
Our goal is to answer the questions you might have and make the transition a whole lot easier!
For my husband and I, it's been…Cauliflower Pickles: Refrigerator Pickles Recipe By Andrea Green, Contributing Writer Will you be planting cauliflower in your garden this year? That being said, a lot of people find it prohibitively expensive, and your grocery might not carry it. I have tried every non sugar sweetener (I was told that because I have PCOS I have to carefully watch what sweeteners I use and to stay away from white). He has developed a method for organic gardening without needing any land for the gardening, with step-by-step instructions on creating these organic gardens for an abundance of fresh, organic vegetables. Why wouldn’t the world want to use a method that produces many times more food with a fraction of the effort?
As the economy has been a bit scary, I got on a self reliance kick.  I had purchased some emergency seeds and wanted to see if anything would actually grow here. Permission is not granted to use these messages in custom YouTube videos, any copyright violation of this will result in a copyright infringement. I also design social media such as Twitter pages, You Tube pages and videos, Pinterest pages, and more. May we all continue to feel the love from the angelic realm and spread the loving light of Source Creator wherever we go, creating a more positive, loving world for All. A natural food store is a place where you can buy food that is healthy, nutritional and free of chemicals and other deterrents like artificial sweeteners, food colorings, etc.
Oh, and leave behind the brown sugar, Karo syrup, agave nectar, and ANY artificial sweeteners as well.
If you build a relationship with vendors they may be willing to assist you or call you if they have extra stuff. But we do consume produce that is not organic and we do consume dairy products that is not grass fed. I knew my second wasn’t tolerating dairy well, so I started her on coconut milk and then moved her to almond milk (I was cautious with the almond because my husband has a tree nut allergy). It will only take a few hours and many of the materials you require can be gathered for free.
My dream became Michael’s too, and he helped me transform my book into a full package that includes a fully illustrated step by step manual, over 60 minutes of video tutorials, project plans, quick reference guides and summary tables. However, we wanted to keep the price as low as possible to ensure that this method was affordable for the majority of people. Well the beef comes from grass-fed cows, the turkey burgers all come from free-range, grass fed turkeys and the veggie patties are vegan-friendly and made in-house from corn, oats and vegetables.
I have heard that raw milk is more tolerable and has the benefit of the good living enzymes. Almond milk has a ton of vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that’s really good for people with inflammatory issues like dietary intolerances. I use stevia as well, but I get a mild sore throat when I get it (similar to the site throat I get when I have used Splenda or aspartame- usually not knowing it was in the drink).
Given the extra cost of eggs with those labels, unless they are also organic they are not worth your money (no better than conventional eggs). I came across a great recipe for lettuce soup, which sort of sounds awful, but was delicious and decided to change the name to garden soup. When you walk into a natural food store, it is guaranteed that you will return with your health intact. According to O'burger, "if its edible, its organic."For the meat-eaters in the audience, O'burger burgers come from Uruguay and are fed on 2 football-field sized areas of pampas grass. That doesn’t hold true if you are buying locally sourced eggs, but for sure if you are buying big name brands. And for many dedicated veterans, it can actually be quite threatening when an embarrassingly simple solution comes along.
There are natural herbs, spices, whole food like fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, fish and poultry, health drinks, juices, protein and vitamin snacks and a whole lot of other ingredients that are nutritious, healthy and most importantly, completely natural and wholesome.Organic Food Store - Nutritions for SaleAnother good invention in the recent years is the organic food store. The burgers are lower in saturated fats and higher in Omega-3's, Vitamins A & E and antioxidants.Since its a food joint, they want the whole experience to be as tasty and healthy as possible, so they made sure their building is healthy as well.
They not only offer wider choices to people, but also have the distinction of storing only superior quality food. I did see a harbinger of Spring today…A beautiful Blue Jay perched outside on my wisteria and sang a song of spring as it bathed in the sun.
Organic food is known to be grown and cultivated without the harmful chemicals and pesticides that most farmers use.
I also shop rarely at my local health food store because of the inflated prices there…I buy apples and bananas there, organic flour, nuts, and sometimes treats.
And once you have time to research the various sources, you’ll find that you can save money by ordering some stuff online and in other ways. For vegetarians and especially vegans, an organic food store is the safest bet and the healthiest option available because these food products are produced under the government mentioned organic food standards and regulations.
In fact, later this week one of our writers will have a post about how to save money on real food!
Processed foods that claim to be organic must contain only organic ingredients and must be free of artificial food coloring, dyes and other additives. They must not be artificially ripened or even genetically modified, like some seedless tomatoes or bananas, etc. I totally understand the benefits and really do want what’s best for my family, but until the prices come down, I can’t make it happen! To be sure if the supermarket product you're purchasing is truly organic, do check the label and trademarks thoroughly.Organic Food Online - Easy and QuickIf it is difficult for you to hunt for organic food stores around, you can try surfing the internet for sources of organic food online shops. Many whole food corporations and organizations have stepped into the market with organic food items and have started online stores from where you can buy your choice of product and get them fresh and easy at your doorstep.

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