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I was able to tour the store before it opened to the public and found out some great information about the store and the amazing products they carry.
To help celebrate the opening of the newest Whole Foods Market, you can enter to win a 0 Whole Foods gift card! Tianguis Organico or the Organic Market of San Cristobal de las Casas in addition to having wonderful produce also has delicious organic quesadillas made with hand ground maize, artisan cheeses and fresh picked produce. In 2011 Jonathan Look decided to change his life and pursue adventures instead of comfort and possessions. In 2011 Jonathan Look sold everything he owned, took early retirement and began traveling the world. He started this blog to demonstrate to his fellow baby boomers that the world is not some scary place and it is still open and available to those who are motivated and curious enough to go out and see it for themselves. Jen and I just spent an entire morning perusing the new Whole Foods Market Newport Beach wonderland (the word market just doesn’t seem to do it justice) and WHOLEY MOLY, if it weren’t for a looming preschool pick-up, both of us could have spent the whole day there! Upon entering the store we were greeted by an inviting rainbow of colorful, perfectly ripened produce, stands and stands of it. The care they put into their produce was subliminally saying: Eat these beautiful whole foods and you will feel happy. It was a little bit of sensory overload because we wanted to take it all in and enjoy but we weren’t sure where to begin (in a good way). We worked our way through the produce and noticed some bins of sprouted grain trail mixes and porridges (ooooooohhh) next we found ourselves in front with large vats of different types of olive oils to taste and bottles you can fill yourself  to take home (aaaaaahhh), and behind that were a bunch of empty little honey bear bottles begging you to choose your flavor and fill (I chose a sage flavored selection). As we strolled a little further we encountered the friendliest of helpers in the meat department.
We were quite enamored by a find in the center cooler for a quick grab: a few different types of pre-packaged dinner kits. Ryan shared that their meat department also boasts an in-store smoker and they will smoke smaller cuts as you shop or with 24 hours notice they will smoke a larger cut to order. Just behind the cheese is the Back Bay Tavern a gastro pub featuring a cozy atmosphere, 24 beers on tap, cocktails and a nice wine selection plus a playful menu of exciting comfort foods.

We were rounding out our visit and headed back to the front of the store to The Tea Hive featuring frozen tea drinks, a mixologist’s version of an iced tea and a selection of hot teas. As we were shopping and chatting we made plans for Jen and her family to come over for dinner. As we headed out the doors with our shopping bags, we were greeted by a shuttle attendant that offered us a free ride to our car.
Allie – I was there to witness it – and can attest to the fact that Susanne had found her mecca!
Most of the stalls in the Taipo market sell locally produced vegetables, fresh from the field, from eggplants, cucumbers to all sort of seasonal vegetables. The photo at the right shows the path leading to the entrance of the market, which is right behind the vehicles. If you are not sure, ask the staff at the Customer Service Counter in the shopping mall for direction. They are sold at a fraction of the cost of the name brand items and can be found throughout the store. You can also follow Whole Foods Market Camelback on Twitter to stay up to date on all of the events and sales that are taking place. He admits it was a pretty radical step, but after living a rather typical American life, a life based on seeking comforts and accumulating possessions, he longed for adventure and experiences far more than holding on to his “stuff”.
We were given a sample of this goat cheese called Mitica Capricho De Cabra (he simply called it Mitica) which put the other pre-crumbled stuff to shame.
Other organic stuff such as fruits (wampee and lychee, for example), drinks, hair dyes and skin products are also on sale here. But the market does provide you an opportunity to discover Hong Konga€™s seasonal vegetables and fruits, and come face to face with Hong Konga€™s organic farmers whose number is really minimal. Get off at Tai Woo MTR station of the East Rail line; take exit B, which will lead you into a shopping mall. Tell them you want to go to e??a?Y (agricultural market), and they will be happy to give you guidance.

The new location is conveniently located at 4701 N 20th street (20th street just south of Camelback in the Towne & Country shopping center). I love that they contain no artificial colors or preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup and all plant based products are certified non-GMO! To accomplish this he got rid of most of his possessions, packed up what little he saw as necessities and headed out. All you have to do is unwrap, season and throw it in a 300 degree oven for about 3 hours for a delicious dinner! And a great deal- priced about $15.99 for about 5 lbs of food (before cooking).
The market is a fun place to explore, but do not expect it to be large a€“ it has probably about 30 stalls only. Most of the vegetables you can find in Hong Konga€™s supermarkets or any markets, sadly, come from China.
His goal is to spend ten years discovering new places, meeting new people and taking the time to learn about them, their values and their place on this tiny planet. To find fresh vegetables produced in Hong Kong, this Taipo market is one of the very few choices.
He embraces the philosophy that says a person is the sum of their experiences and rejects the fraud of modern consumerism that makes people into slaves of their consumption. He doesn't intend to be modern day ascetic, just more mindful of his place in the world and to make decisions according to that new standard.
Once you step foot into the doors, you too, will be taken away into the Whole Foods Wonderland!

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