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In order to defeat cancer and ensure there is no recurrence, the body must be brought into balance and the immune system rebuilt and fine tuned.
Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, watercress, kale, collard greens, cauliflower, bok choy, turnips, rutabagas, radishes, arugula, and more.
Google maitake mushrooms and cancer and the American Cancer Society pops up at the top of the search list. Egg yolks, avocadoes, apricots, green leafy vegetables, and pumpkin are among the foods rich in folate. Cold weather is starting to kick in this Fall or Autumn season and changing weather can affects our health condition especially that we have transition of weather from warm to cold.
Medicine nowadays are very expensive, we cannot afford to get sick and it is also not fun being sick.
Avocados: Being a rich source of antioxidant, glutathione, it is a helpful food to fight cancer. Apples: Apples are anyway recommended to everyone due to its qualities and minerals present in it.
Tomatoes: It is suspected that the free roaming oxygen molecules, also known as radicals, trigger cancer.
Walnuts: These have the capabilities to block the estrogen receptor and then slow down the cells’ growth. Red wines: Few say that red wines have necessary antioxidants which could be helpful to fight cancer. Oranges And Lemon: These two are rich in limonene which fuel immune cells which kill cancer and thus may be helpful in breaking down the cancer killing substances. Mushrooms: This may help to not only fight the cancer but can also strengthen your immune system. Tea: Tea like green tea and black tea contains antioxidants which can stop the cancer cell to divide and spread.

Vitamin D is also known to kill cancer, and you can find many fish oils and some vegan oil blends with vitamin D in them. These vegetables contain sulforaphane and other helpful compounds, which help fight tumors, chest, prostate, brain, and colorectal cancers, as well as leukemia. Broccoli sprouts and mature broccoli in combination really pack nutritional, cancer fighting punch. They said that chicken soup has been called as nature’s penicillin and it was known to be the top of the list for its healing and curative powers. The fragrant bulb of garlic contains a natural flavoring agent called alliin that acts as decongestant, that is why garlic are known to be natural prevention for cold symptoms.
We would rather eat our fresh fruit and vegetables to keep us away from sickness and diseases.
This antioxidant would stop your intestine to absorb certain fats, which might be dangerous for your health. This has the quality fight breast cancer by converting estrogen into a more protective type.
It contains anthocyanins, which can slow down the premalignant cells and prevents the new blood vessels from foaming. Tomatoes have an antioxidant which attacks those free radicals so that there is less chance that the cancer would spread. This would strengthen your immune so that your body is able to fight the cancer substance and also reduce it to the maximum. Detox, detox, detox and achieve a slightly alkaline pH, while filling the body with the best, organic, nutritionally dense food available.
It can be used liberally to spice your food (great on salads or in salad dressing as well as in cooked dishes) with no side effects. Eat it raw or chop it up and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before cooking with it or its beneficial compound, allicin, will not be released.

There are natural foods that can help us from preventing to get these common colds that are spreading around during this fall season.
You can get vitamin C with potatoes, strawberries, pineapple and green pepper this would be a good food that prevents you from getting common cold. Like drinking orange juice for breakfast, add tangerine slices to in your lunchtime salad, you can have a half of grapefruit in your snack or whatever citrus fruits available that can help increase your vitamin c.
We have natural foods available that would prevent us from having it especially during colder weather we have to boost it with, to prevent us from having common cold. These also contain more potassium than a banana and could help you to fight the hepatitis virus, which causes you liver cancer.
These also help the body boost out the protective level so that cancer can be flushed out of the body. So it is good if you’re having a non-alcoholic wine as it would be helpful in fighting various kinds of cancer.
It is better that you include these things to your diet so that your body is able to fight the cancer and keep you healthy and fit.
Your goal is to rebuild a killer immune system as you bathe every non-cancerous cell in your body with nutrition. But people forget that the diet could also help in to save you from this deadliest disease.

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