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According to the 2008 Organic Production Survey (NASS 2010), the United States has 4.1 million acres used for organic production.
The number of certified organic farms, ranches and processing facilities in 2011 totaled 17,281, a 240 percent increase since 2002 (NOP 2012).
Organic agriculture has attracted conventional producers, who make the transition due mainly to the price premiums in the market. According to the 2008 Organic Production Survey (NASS 2010), nearly 128,500 acres of cropland and nearly 66,000 acres of pasture are currently being transitioned to organic production. In terms of sales outlets, the majority, or 82.6 percent, of organic sales were to wholesalers, including processors and distributors. A study conducted by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) surveyed manufacturers, distributors and retailers about the organic industry. Meat, poultry and fish sales experienced the fastest growth, increasing 13 percent from 2010.
Over $2 billion worth of organic fiber, cosmetics and household products were sold in 2011.
In June 2009, the joint Canada (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and United States (USDA) regulated organic system, the world’s first reciprocal agreement between two countries, was signed.
As of June 2012, the framework for an organic reciprocal agreement between the United States and the EU was approved, streamlining trade between the two largest organic producers in the world. Beginning in January 2014, organic products certified in Japan or the United States may be sold as organic in either country.
Similar organic trade partnerships are currently being discussed with South Korea and Switzerland (FAS 2013). Canada’s organic market grew to $3.7 billion in 2012, with national sales of certified organic food and non-alcoholic beverages reaching $3 billion. Organics in the United Kingdom (UK) experienced decreases in the amount of organic managed land and organic product sales during 2011, according to the Organic Market Report (2012) published by the Soil Association.
The Australian Organic Market Report 2012, funded by the Biological Farmers of Australia, reported that organic sales are increasingly becoming mainstream, with three out of four organic products being purchased at supermarkets.
Global demand for organic products continued to grow, with sales reaching $59.1 billion US in 2010, according to The World of Organic Agriculture (2012).
The World of Organic Agriculture (2012) also provides an overview of organic agriculture around the globe. The total number of organic certification organizations was reported as 549, up from 489 in 2009. Through its two organic certification cost share programs, NOP reimbursed organic farmers and handlers over $6 million during 2011, a 20 percent increase from 2010.
In late 2012, the USDA NOP announced a strengthened residue testing program to help increase consumer confidence in the $32 billion organic industry worldwide. In 2010 the United States surpassed the European Union as the largest market for organic products in the world.
One good news is that Delhiites have become more conscious about what they eat and their health recently.
While growing organic food no chemical fertilizers are used, but they are grown organically. But why there is a need to shift towards organic food when we are getting abundance normal produce?
But with time, people are becoming more health conscious and aware of such harmful chemicals in vegetables, pulses or dairy products they consume and have hence shifted to organic produce. Wide ranges of products from all across India are delivered at your door step and this store operates from Shantiniketan. This organic store has its own farm in Haryana and supplies fresh produce once in a week for an annual fee.
This is an organization for the welfare of farmers and has two outlets – one in Haus Khaz and other one at Dilli Haat.
Then there are other organic stores like Ahana Organics, Down to Earth Store, FabIndia Organics, Health is Wealth, Khadi Gramudyog Bhavan, Sikkim Organic Store, Whole Foods to buy range of organic staples that includes pulses, grains, spices etc.
You can buy organic eggs under the name Keggs which are very close to being organic and easily available. Specifically, the researchers said that organic fruits, vegetables and cereals contain significantly higher concentrations of antioxidants than conventionally grown crops.
For the study -- said to be the largest of its kind -- the researchers analyzed more than 340 international, peer-reviewed studies that looked at compositional differences between organic and conventional crops. According to the paper, researchers found that organically grown produce and cereals have between 19 and 69 percent higher concentrations of certain antioxidant compounds than conventionally grown crops.
The researchers added that pesticide residues were four times more likely to be found in conventional crops than organic ones. According to new research, consuming organically grown fruits and vegetables can improve health, lose weight and live longer. Fruits and vegetables have significantly more key nutrients which grown without artificial fertilizers, including C vitamin. But some lucky ones can live a few more months to five years, say scientists.They suggest that eating organic food is likely to improve our general health, this help in lowering weight and burn the fat while encouraging the body to do that. The findings challenged the Agency for Food Standards, which has long denied the health benefits of organic food. Join Us on Pinterest Follow Health's board Health and Nutrition on Pinterest.
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Clip art illustration of a strawberry on an oval background to be used as a logo element or design for organic foods. If you would like to "go green" and buy all organic foods, it may be that your aspirations are bigger than your budget. Animals that are raised organically feed on a diet that is free of pesticides and fertilizers, which is healthier for you and the animal itself.
Certain fruits and vegetables retain high levels of pesticides even after they have been washed and are therefore high on the "purchase organic" list. Fruits like peaches and nectarines, grapes, and even bell peppers, have thin permeable skins that easily absorb pesticides and should always be bought organic. Apples also test consistently high for pesticides, ranking the second highest for contamination. Strawberries, by their very nature, must be heavily treated with pesticides and keep in mind that when they are purchased in the off season they probably originate in countries that have few (if any) pesticide regulations. Other foods to buy organically due to pesticides and sometimes fungicides are potatoes, cherries, pears, lettuce and spinach.
In addition to the aforementioned 15 foods, coffee, baby foods and juices are also top buy-organic foods. When it comes to baby foods and juices, you only want your little one consuming the purest of substances. When our children ask what 2016 was like, what will we tell them about the likely hottest year that has ever been recorded.? When science attempts to discover how natural alcohol sources may affect calorie intake, it is likely that human considerations come into consideration.
When dolphins are 'rescued' in various countries, the car given seems to be ill-considered. Organic foods are produced by farmers that do not use many of the conventional synthetic pesticides, rather they use only specific pesticides defined by the U. Organics have continued to expand during the last few years, and industry experts are forecasting steady growth of 9 percent or higher (OTA 2012).
While there were organic farms or ranches in all 50 states, nearly 20 percent, or more than 2,500 of the operations, were in California. While transitioning to organics can be confusing, many resources are now available to help producers make the change.
Individuals wishing to transition to organic should verify that the agency they select is an approved certifier. Those states transitioning the most cropland to organic production are (in order): Idaho, Montana and Nebraska. There have been a few studies of farm-level, wholesale and retail organic price data, and these have shown significant organic premiums for most fruits, vegetables, grains and milk (ERS 2005).
Census Bureau began creating agricultural product trade codes for exported and imported organic products.
Organic foods, including fresh products, accounted for 1.7 percent of total food sales nationwide. The report also found that 65 percent of Australians purchased organic products in the last year, boosting the retail value of organic sales to nearly $1.3 billion AU.
This program will provide additional verification that organic farmers are following the rules and not using prohibited substances. According to the Organic Monitor (2010), mergers and acquisitions led to consolidation, with large companies emerging at every level of the supply chain. This can be proved with the growing number of organic food stores and organic products sale in Delhi. In the year 2010, tests were conducted on Delhi’s food produce and the results were astonishing, as the food that was tested had a very high level of pesticides.
Before buying organic products, again a question is raised, whether these organic produce is really organic or fake? At least, that's the conclusion of a new study conducted by researchers at Newcastle University and published this week. They added that organic produce and cereals were found to have lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides.
Organic produce and cereals were also found to have significantly lower concentrations of cadmium, a toxic heavy metal. As a result, the consumption of organic foods can prolong life usually 17 days for women and 25 days for men.
She points out that most people would have lived even longer, but you get lucky a few months or maybe to five years longer life. This is only for Better Service on our web page for Our Customers, Loyal Members and Guests. When bought organic, these three foods are free of antibiotics, pesticides, and added growth hormones.
Coffee farms are heavily dependent upon pesticides and herbicides and coffee is often grown in areas of the world where harmful chemicals have no restrictions. Whether you buy baby food or make it yourself, buy organic items if at all possible, especially if the food is made out of the fruits and vegetables mentioned above. Here he presents a vision of how his company may progress in the so-called circular economy. In this paper, the media can hopefully focus sufficiently on the genetic significance, and not whether monkeys drink or not! The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulates all organic agriculture in the United States.

Certifiers should be contacted early and often for assistance in complying with their individual requirements and procedures. Those states transitioning the most pasture to organic production are (in order): Texas, Oklahoma and Montana. Nearly 75 percent of sales were either local or regional (that is, more than 100 miles but less than 500 miles). The Mintel market research company found that frequent buyers of organics were remaining loyal but likely to purchase cheaper organic products. Overall, 78 percent of the nearly 1,300 families participating in the study reported they were purchasing organic products, up from 73 percent in 2009.
As of July 1, 2013, the number of trade codes for exported organic products totaled 26 and the number of trade codes for imported organic products totaled 35. An analysis of the data available for 2011 showed that the 23 commodities being tracked at that time accounted for more than $412 million in export sales, which was about evenly split between fruits and vegetables. As in the United States, fruit and vegetables dominate organic sales, capturing 40 percent of total sales. Fruit and vegetables remained the most comonly purchased item, but the meat sector experienced the largest increase in sales. Organic farmland increased in Europe; the largest increases were seen in France, Poland and Spain.
For example, the Organic Transition Support provision in the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) provides financial support to farmers to convert to organic production. Beginning January 1, 2013, USDA organic certifying agents will test products from at least five percent of the organic farms and businesses that they certify each year. People who can afford them are now buying organic vegetables and fruits from new grocery stores which have popped up, rather than buying them from local rehris (vegetable carts). And daughter of my loving parents by heart with passion for creativity, zeal to achieve something big in life but want to live life to its fullest. In addition, most of your organic purchases support and sustain small farmers, which is good for our local communities. We can see the result in the US and Europe quite soon, if his resource revolution technologies continue to be successful.
They could even end up in commercial aquarium shows, but they certainly rarely make it back to the sea.
Markets should be identified, and only certified organic processors and handlers used for organic certification compliance.
According to an ERS survey of organic handlers (2008), more than 50 percent of organic sales in 2004 were made either locally or regionally. Infrequent buyers of organics, on the other hand, were likely to select fewer organic products. Most of the trade codes for organic exports are for fresh fruits or vegetables, while most of the organic import codes are for coffee, olive oil, tea and wine.
The report also noted that 83 percent of UK households still buy organic products, with dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables being the most popular organic products.
On the other hand, organic farmland decreased in Asia, mainly due to large declines in organic farmland in China and India.
Other provisions in the Farm Act boost the funding for organic research, particularly for the development of new, improved seed varieties as well as for the conservation and environmental outcomes of organic practices, and support the expansion of data collection on organic production and marketing. Though, organic food is more expensive than regular food, not many want to compromise on their health any more and are willingly spending more on healthy food options. Green leafy vegetables were even more contaminated with pesticides, with figures going up to 1300 times than allowed level. Organic food production under the NOP is defined by the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) of 1990. The study also found that 30 percent of the families had only recently begun purchasing organic products. Even The Altitude Store has witnessed 500% growth in the sales of its organic product in the last two years. On the other hand if you are buying organic honey, dal or other such food items then you have to rely on the face value of the brand and product itself. In addition to regulating the pesticides and other chemicals that can be used in organic food production, the NOP also regulates the harvest and handling of those foods as well as the organic claims on the product labels.
Of the organic vegetables analyzed, lettuce, carrots and spinach had the highest export sales. The province of British Columbia has the most developed organic markets, followed by the provinces of Alberta and Ontario. Not only this, but many other stores like Dubdengreen, Fab India and Morarka Organics are also witnessing the same trend in growth. Apart from harmful pesticides, there’s also another problem of toxic water that comes from industries.
Organic lettuce sales, for example, totaled nearly $85.2 million and comprised about 16 percent of all lettuce exports.
All across India we have a web of small to large industries which dump their waste without treatment into nearby water bodies.
This water is then used by farmers for irrigation purposes leading to toxic elements  in the food that we eat.

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