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Natural Food Expo: Consumers Demand Healthy Convenience You are using an outdated browser. Congrats to last month's winner - Shanna A - who entered our contest by tweeting about us !
Enter below for your chance to win $100 BodyPure gift card to use on your choice of any BodyPure products!
You can find and lean on a biological dentist to remove old mercury-containing silver amalgam fillings. We know that blueberries are a super food but the skin and the raw berries can be hard for a baby to digest.
I am a working mother of two children under the age of four with a strong commitment to environment and teaching my children how to live in the world. An international organic food expo has kicked off in South Korea's central agricultural town of Goesan to promote sustainable agriculture and ecological life, organizers said Friday. The event is the first of its kind to gather together the world's top two organic food bodies, the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research (ISOFAR) and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. The organizing committee expects the expo to generate an economic ripple effect worth more than 170 billion won (US$146 million).
In the event, presented by ISOFAR and the Chungbuk Organic Agriculture Research Center, 29 experts from 18 countries will discuss topics on global food production, ethical dilemmas in agriculture, the quality of food and health.
Natural Products Expo West was home for three days to the largest number of exhibits in its 31 year history at the Anaheim Convention Center in Calif., March 10-13, 2011. The 2011 Natural Products Expo West encompassed more than 1 million square feet of education, community events and exhibits.
Patricia Bragg and Bragg Live Food Products set up their own booth at the Expo, displaying new products and preaching good health to all! Patricia Bragg found time in her busy expo schedule to sit down with New Hope 360 to discuss Bragg Live Foods and share her vast health knowledge with the world.
Natural Products Expo West is the premier show for organic, natural, green, gluten free and healthy products. There were a few particularly innovative convenience products including Pamela’s products Individual Brownie Mix that makes a one-serving microwavable brownie and single serving Baking & Pancake Mix. Four new flavors of this incredible ice-cream-like coconut milk frozen dessert were introduced, but this chocolate brownie flavor was indescribable. It should be noted, though, that Wolfgang Puck’s Soups are not marked gluten-free because their soups, broths and stocks share manufacturing processes and equipment with gluten containing ingredients and products. I did make it to just about every booth, but didn’t necessarily stop and chat since there were so many to see. After checking onto some of the products you mentioned that looked good to my family, I am at the same point I almost always am with gluten-free products.
Actually we avoid gluten and corn because of celiac and dairy, soy, MSG, sulfites, and beef between my daughter and I. Please understand that I wasn’t dissing your blog for focusing on gluten-free content. I love that more and more gluten-free items are being developed, especially if they are adding some whole grain goodness.
The GTN Bestsellers charts this week reflect, as if we didn’t know it, that most people stayed indoors last weekend and tried their best to keep warm. Professional food and drink buyers visiting next month’s Natural Food trade Show will be treated to a record number of new natural, organic, biodynamic, Fairtrade, free-from and special diet products for 2013, says organiser Diversified Business Communications UK.

With winter refusing to loosen its grip, the garden industry is now relying on pent-up demand to put sales back on track once the much delayed spring finally arrives.There is wide concensus across the industry that consumer demand for gardening, held back last year by rain and now by the cold snap, is likely to be strong when people are able to get onto their gardens again. Which garden centre and local nurseries are hoping for great things at Wembley next weekend? If you haven't been, this is the largest natural products convention in the country, full of interesting products, foods & suppliers.
Use a metal mesh strainer and put small amounts of the blueberry puree using the back of a spoon push the puree through the strainer into a pot. The 2015 Goesan International Organic Expo began in the mountainous town in North Chungcheong Province, for a 24-day run under the theme "Organic Life, Science Meets the Public," they said.
In the export fairs scheduled on three different occasions, 264 firms from 26 countries and arou d 620 buyers will participate.
Tickets can be purchased on site or through online ticket sellers such as Auction and Gmarket. They go to real business trade shows and talk to real business people and do real business transactions. This year, the event attracted 6% more exhibits from over 35 countries, showcasing the newest and most innovative natural, organic and healthy products and ingredients.
With guests lined up for three days for health knowledge and autographs, the Bragg Booth was the hit of the Expo! In just 76 days he traveled from the Hermosa Pier in California all the way to the Kitty Hawk Pier in NC and then up to the Capitol in Washington DC.
With an eventful and exciting expo, Bragg Live Foods and Patricia Bragg were quite a hit, and were glad to share the experience with the world of health.
The 2011 Expo was attended this past weekend in Anaheim, CA, by over 58,000 industry professionals. First, there were more puffed rice, puffed potato, and puffed corn products than I’ve ever seen in one place. Another notable tasty innovation coming soon to a store near you is Kinnikinnick’s refrigerated unfold-and-bake pie crust (2 to a package).
These buns are soft and have a great, slightly rustic texture with a hint of honey and molasses.
I don’t have to eat gluten free but tasted some that we made with dinner (hubby & son are Celiac) and I was amazed!!
Wish I met you at Expo West; I had a great time and tasted all of these gluten-free products. Our catering transactions were up 16% (surprise, surprise) and Gift and House Plants sales were up which shows that people want to spend. No matter how you look at the current set of figures in the GTN Bestsellers data, sales volumes make difficult reading. Fat balls and suet treats have been selling especially well, which suggests consumers understand the need to give garden birds energy food in extreme weather.Gardman said this week that overall sales of their wildbird care products in the first quarter had soared by 17 per cent compared with the same period last year.
Remember when giving your kids food for the first time make sure only one ingredient is new to them so you can determine if they have any food sensitivities. Use a slotted spoon to place the fruit in the food processor and use the cooking liquid for making the consistency correct. I still have a few more months until we start solids … trying to put it off as long as I can. As part of the expo, a symposium on the challenges and future of the world's organic industry will be held from Sept.

Most companies that are known for granola brought new bars, and most companies known for bars, brought new granola.
A third interesting convenience food was Maplegrove Rice Mac & Cheese Meal in a microwavable cup.
Sorry I couldn’t meet everyone personally this time since I was only there for one day.
We launched 6 new products at the show (4 Crunchy Cookies, 1 Chocolate Granola, and 1 Mega-Chunk semi-sweet chocolate chunks), all of which are Gluten Free, free of the 8 common allergens, and corn-free.
And until the temperatures start to rise again it’s going to be a challenging period for garden centre retailers and suppliers. Of these four showcase categories for 2013, new organic food and drink products have the most entries of all.
See?Cherryvale Farms will be in Booth #5397 at Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center, March 9-11, 2012. This rise in new innovations being launched onto the organic market reflects the continuing growth in the global sales of organic food and drink, which according to analysts Organic Monitor, has risen over 25% since 2008. ITV News this week reported from Capital Garden Centre in London, where manager Tim McLeod-Rice has cancelled all orders for spring bedding and started to lay off staff at a point in the season when he would normally be recruiting, following an 80 per cent fall in sales in recent weeks. Extra attention will be given to autumn planting this year, to help recruit new gardeners who may not be aware that it is nature’s best time to plant.
Kettle Cuisine, McDougall’s (not all are GF), Thai Kitchen & Annie Chun’s all had their convenient microwave soups and meals there as well. Despite the continuing economic downturn affecting all sales, this year’s Organic Market Report did announce some key areas of growth. Add cooked lamb to the food processor using a slotted spoon add the prunes, add some of the water and process. Conte’s Pasta & Caesar’s Pasta also have delicious microwave meals, pizza and easy pasta dishes. Continue to process until the consistency is right for your child’s age, add more of the water from the pot you cooked the prunes in to make it smoother.
Have you come up with extra restaurant promotions for the holiday period to tempt people in despite the cold? These latest positive figures for the total market come after a sales decline in the year from September 2011 to January 2012.Richard Maden, GfK account manager said that this time last year the bird care category was reporting double digit value declines.
Pre-season terms generally allow retailers to settle invoices in Spring when products have begun to sell. I have also noticed that a lot more gluten free companies are using gf oats lately in more products. We offer branded content, twitter chats, event promotion, custom content channels and more.
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