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We are in the process of developing our own core range of branded fruits in order to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase fruits that are not only deliciously healthy & natural, but also that have been fairly & ethically produced.
We are starting with apples & pears but will shortly roll this out to other fruit lines such as kiwi, grapes, citrus fruits, blueberries, mangoes and others. Earthbound Farm, Horizon, and The Organic Cow of Vermont are now owned by Whitewave (spin-off of Dean).
Why is it important not to support these organic brands now that they are owned by giant corporations? For one, these big corporations support putting GMO’s in our food without our knowledge.

So the profits made from your organic food purchases are used in ways you would not knowingly support, like defeating important Propositions such as Prop. Another reason is that it’s very common that when an organic food brand is acquired, that the new parent corporation reduces its commitment to organic ingredients and seeks out cheaper substitutes.
Checking the fine print on packaging can help consumers assess how many of the ingredients remain organic even after a company take over. You can safely assume I get a few bucks in affiliate commission any time you click a link on this site. I was disappointed to find out that some of my favorite organic food brands are now owned by corporations who could care less about keeping their consumers health in mind.

They shelled out millions (money we gave them by buying their “organic” foods) to defeat Prop. These giant producers of junk food, processed food and sugary beverages are replacing ingredients in organic foods with lesser quality, cheaper ingredients. 37 in 2012 which would have required that foods with GMO’s be labeled, so we can make the choice whether to buy or not.

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