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Rotation of crops prevents disease and maintains fertility; using cover crops like alfalfa pulls free nitrogen right out of the air. The fact that average levels of nearly a dozen nutrients are 25% higher in organic produce translates to greater calmness, endurance, mobility, allergy-resistance, sharper senses, and a better sex life in the daily lives of consumers – a higher quality of life, not just prevention of heart disease or cancer. Since only two percent of the country’s population now lives on a farm, we don’t think of ourselves as having a direct role in farming, yet we each eat an average of a ton of food every year. Dairy products: Milk, yogurt and cheese are considered healthy bone-strengtheners, especially for children, but the additions of hormones and antibiotics undermine the simple goodness of commercial dairy products.
Ketchup: Even besides the pesticide issue, research has shown organic ketchup has nearly double the good-for-you antioxidants of conventional ketchup. Coffee: Conventional coffee farming relies heavily on pesticide use and contributes to deforestation around the globe.
I recently read that the trees have evolved and began to process more carbon dioxide than 30 years ago. If you are looking for an authentic, relaxed, quality market experience, then look no further than the Marrickville Organic and Farmers market. Held every Sunday* (8.30am – 3pm) at the Addison Road Centre (142 Addison Road, Marrickville 2204), you could easily be forgiven for thinking you have stumbled across a Byron Bay style folk festival in all its indie glory! The food stalls are the heroes of this market with fruit and veggies, milk, cheeses, wines, breads, pastries, cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, smoked fish, Thai food, crepes, coffee and pies all begging to be bought and greedily devoured – preferably while basking in the dappled sunlight at the grassy end of the markets as you are serenaded by the gentle strum of a guitar.
All organic produce is easily identified by the yellow Certified Organic signs on the stalls.
Some of the stalls sell seasonable produce and may only operate in the appropriate months, giving you ample opportunities to avoid getting stuck in a 'gastro rut' – only visiting the same few stalls week after week. There is a small offering of clothing, books, stationery and homewares (both new and secondhand) towards the end of the stalls. Anyone who drives in Sydney and spends the GDP of a small country on parking will be thrilled to hear that you are able to park for free in the surrounding streets. On one of my recent sojourns to the Marrickville markets, I spied a 'being slightly famous' face casually browsing the food stalls (with her PA and brother in tow, of course!), her boho-chic ensemble enabling her to easily blend in with the diverse, colourful crowd. Marrickville markets are where beautiful produce, combi vans, 747s and the Subaru set happily co-exist in urban bliss.
Following your tip re Marrickville markets, my 2 teenage daughters and I took off to go and visit today - we had an absolute blast- the food was OUTSTANDING, interesting, fresh and of exceptional quality. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city.
In this post I want to take an objective look at the health effects of eating organic food.
Note: this post is about the health effects of eating organic, like nutritional value and pesticide residues in organic vs.
The point is that studies are messy and you should expect to find a lot of conflicting results.
With the disclaimer out of the way, let’s look at what the science says about nutritional quality of organic vs. Recent Commentslovetigerzz on Does Sugar Cause Acne – 3 Ways Sweet Tooth Can Ruin Your Skinasy on Does Sugar Cause Acne – 3 Ways Sweet Tooth Can Ruin Your SkinAnna on 3 Surprising Ways Green Tea Fights Acneboblegab on Is Your Acne Caused By Gut Issues? Eating organic means that produce is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. These days, farmers are switching to organic agriculture once again, but now with an ecologically based, systematic approach that includes long-term planning, detailed record keeping and major investment in equipment and supplies.

The USDA's Economic Research Service reports that in 2003, the latest year for which data are available, farmers in 49 states used organic production methods and third-party organic certification services on 2.2 million acres out of a total of 828 million acres of farmland.
Large farms, mostly located in the Midwest and West, produced processed tomatoes, organic wine grapes and other high-value crops on a commercial scale, whereas numerous small farms, concentrated in the Northeast, specialized in mixed vegetable production for direct marketing to consumers and restaurants.
While organic food can be found throughout the country, California was the leader in production of organic fruits and vegetables in 2003, with Washington and Oregon not far behind.
Beginning October 21, 2002, all farms and handling operations selling organic agricultural products worth more than $5,000 a year must be certified by a state or private agency accredited by the USDA.
Every Sunday morning the Parkway Hotel comes alive with some of Sydney's best seasonal produce and quite a few other surprises. The indoor market offers Power of the Soul healing, clothing and a London-based hair stylist where bookings may need to be made such is the loyal clientele. Carpark being full is a sure fire indicator that Organic Food Markets simply are the only place to be on a Sunday. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
From the eclectic to the eccentric, from organic to conventional, eco-friendly, chai-tentingly chillaxing this market would have to be THE best Organic Market Sydney's Inner West around.
This market has something for everyone including the kids:jumping castles, pony rides, babycino, eco friendly baby food and clothing and SO much more. The Raw and Vegan community are more than able to be satisfied at this market, as well as those with a sweet tooth! As a culture, we don’t yet recognize the difference in quality between organic and conventional food; between conventional and organic growing.
Recycling “wastes” like manure, crop residues, and by-products of regional industries, such as coffee roasters or fruit canneries makes full use of existing resources. Those who associate organic food with astrology or hippies may not be aware that the White House chef has routinely served organic food to the Clintons, the Bushes, and now the Obamas. Farms and ranches still cover more than half our land, and consume three-fourths of our water and 70% percent of our antibiotics.
University of Washington researchers analyzed urine samples of 110 preschoolers, only one of whom had no measurable level of pesticides. Organic farming produces the same yields of corn and soybeans as does conventional farming, but uses 30 percent less energy, a 22-year farming trial study concludes.
Organic farming preserves natural habitat in hedgerows, crop diversity, ponds, and forests, while conventional farming typically uses methods (mono-cropping and pesticides) that reduce biodiversity.  Beneficial insects such as bees flourish on organic farms, but often suffer from “colony collapse” on conventional farms. Organic methods of growing crops generate fewer greenhouse emissions, both because energy-intensive fertilizers and pesticides are not used and because organic soil sequesters carbon dioxide. Many studies give strong evidence that produce grown organically promotes non-aggressive behavior in schools and prisons and increases performance on academic exams – largely because of increased nutrient density. It seems logical to choose organic for the foods you eat the most, as well as for the produce that is sprayed most heavily. For example, although our ancestors hunted and ate far leaner animals than we do — species closer to modern deer and elk than the typical cow – it’s fashionable these days for meat to be fatty and tender, as if the goal of eating was heart disease.
Organic is portrayed as the right choice for your health and conventionally produced food is scoffed as being ‘pesticide laden’. Because organic is more expensive, and feeling like they have to eat organic those with smaller budgets feel stressed.
That’s why we should look at the evidence as a whole and not rely too much on any one study.

I do my best to use credible sources, but medical research is complex and I can't guarantee the information on this site is error-free. A recent study conducted by researchers at Stanford University found that eating organic food was not any healthier than eating conventionally-grown produce.But some health experts cite serious flaws in this study. Animal products such as meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy are not fed antibiotics or growth hormones.Conventional farming methods use pesticides, fertilizer, antibiotics, and growth hormones to mass-produce large quantities of food. 71 percent of conventionally-grown food).[2]Studies are just beginning to capture the extent to which even low-level exposure to pesticides are causing serious health issues.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pesticides can harm children by blocking the absorption of important food nutrients necessary for normal, healthy growth. Although it is still only a small industry, the number of organic farmers is growing by about 12 percent per year and now stands at more than 12,000 nationwide (source). Farmers and ranchers in 30 states raised a small number of certified organic cows, hogs and sheep.
Do an online search for these markets and the number of blogs are a testament as to its love not just by the public but by the stallholders as well! For example, we don’t recognize collectively that it’s more accurate to define the word “organic” by what it is, rather than what it isn’t. This information-rich way of farming provides habitat for wildlife (which reciprocate with natural pest control); conserves water and helps preserve family farms in rural and metro-edge communities. That one child’s parents ate exclusively organic food and didn’t use pesticides in their home or lawn.  EPA-documented effects in children of exposure to certain pesticides include poorer growth and impact on neurodevelopment.
Nutritional value changes with seasons, weather, soil quality, crop variety, freshness, storage time, etc.
That’s also the reason that both sides of the debate can claim “scientific validity” for their arguments.
So let’s set the record straight and uncover the truth about organic food once and for all. Before the end of World War II, farming without the use of petroleum-based chemicals (synthetic fertilizers and pesticides) was the only option for farmers. Gerundio of the Department of Agriculture (DA) said.Speaking before the participants to the first Organic Agriculture Program orientation and briefing in Eastern Visayas on November 23, at the Ritz Tower de Leyte, RED Gerundio said, “it is not true that organic agriculture would hamper us from achieving our goal on food security. Studies use various ways to try to control for those variables, such as using adjacent plants and matching cultivars and growing seasons.
In this field (like in most areas of scientific study) it’s easy to find some studies that support your predetermined conclusions.
Several studies show that organic farming will even help us attain higher productivity on a long term basis. In addition, conventional produce has fewer of the enzymes and minerals that enhance flavor. For example, the chemical ammonium nitrate, which was used as munitions, became useful as fertilizer, and organophosphates used for nerve gas were later used as insecticide.
Let’s go back to the natural way of farming for it is the only means to prevent the environmental and life-threatening effects of synthetic farming,” RED Gerundio told the participants composed of local chief executives, municipal agricultural officers, agricultural technologists, and representatives from the academe, partner-government agencies and some NGOs.RED Gerundio who is an avid organic agriculture advocate disclosed that Region 8 has an allocation of P17 million from the total budget of P900 million for the whole country.

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