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We at our farm insist on natural and organic medicines for plants, crops, birds and animals we rear.
Except some vaccination for animals we give our animals only ayurvedic medicines, except major vaccinations. Our sincere thanks to all farmers and various websites from where most of our information are gathered.Our Special thanks to our beloved staff and Head of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Kattupakkam for helping this website to come to life.
Note : All information given in this website are taken from various websites and experience gained by us. This is a small farm started in the year 2001 and has been producing quality grains and eggs in organic and natural way. We are associated with various organizations, organic farmers and governmental institutions. We also guarantee that the animals are properly vaccinated and free from various diseases that affect human health. Our farm produces organic fertilizers and pesticides and also offer consultancy for enthusiastic people who like to start small organic fertilizer production unit.
We also do Landscaping and maintain home gardens at a very reasonable rate and according to your needs. We all know how the world has changed due to pollution and global warming has take its toll on each and everyone of us. We sprayed fungicide insecticide, pesticide 10% more than the prescribe dosage, now the new generation is struggling to cope with these demands.
Every one knows what is organic farming, for those who wants to know what it is, it is the farming practice done in olden days (before 1967), the days our grandfather and great grandfather did.
Simple, although the amount spent on fertilizer is less compared to the inorganic way, extra labour, low yield and the bottom line is very few organic farms, the produce is of high QUALITY. In order to have a long and a safe way of investment we preferred buying residential before plots. Once genetically modified foods reach the supermarket bins, the difference between hybrid ones and genetically modified ones are difficult to assess. When you come across an Uradh Dhal which is bigger in size, seedless grape or a seedless watermelon, do you think it's a genetically modified mutant or a farmer's experiment with hybrid plants? If you think that is genetically modified then you are wrong don`t worry you are the not the only one to think so. Hybrid plants (the result of crossbreeding) don't have any of the unhealthy effects that research is finding are associated genetically modified crops.
Golden rice, a genetically modified rice variety which is high vitamin A levels could cure deficiencies in the developing world; its detractors question their evidence and feel that cheaper, more effective and less biologically risky solutions to vitamin A deficiency already exist. Crossbreeding is such a tried-and-true method for developing new crops that it's no wonder the GMO (genetically modified organism) crowd wants to "genewash" us into believing they're doing pretty much the same thing.
Usually, the process of genetic modification involves genes from totally different species that could never be crossbred-wheat genes injected into soybeans, for example.
Genetically modified crops are often designed to manufacture their own pesticides, he adds, and we're essentially eating those pesticides when we eat GM crops. One other major difference between the two: Hybrid seeds are allowed for use in organic production, while GMO seeds most definitely are not. Hybrids and genetically modified vegetables are not the same; the difference lies in the DNA. Hybrid vegetables have a favorable public opinion since they have existed naturally for centuries; when gardeners or farmers create them, they are using noninvasive methods of cross-pollination.
Genetically modified vegetables, on the other hand, are the result of a new technology that may have serious drawbacks. Since then, the debate has intensified because little is known about the long-term effects on the consumer of the extra gene sequences used as the guide markers in the modification process. The questions regarding whether GMOs are entirely safe for human consumption, and whether they are equivalent in nutritional value to conventional vegetables, will not be definitively answered until scientists can study the long-term effects of consuming them. It is exactly situated in between Avalur village lake and Thammanur village lake on the Wallajabad-Uttiremerur Bye pass road, around 3 kms from Wallajabad bus stand and 4 kms from Wallajabad railway station. There is an ancient temple for Lord Muruga four kms from our farm (Elayanar Vellore Murugan temple). People can contact us over phone or email us, or visit us in person either at our farm or in office, address given below to purchase our organic products. The male turkey has a long wattle at the base of the bill and additional wattles on the neck. Broad breasted white: This is a cross between Broad breasted bronze and White Holland with white feathers.
Beltsville small white: It closely resembles the Broad breasted white in color and shape but smaller in size. Nandanam turkey 1: Nandanam Turkey - 1 variety is a cross between the black desi variety and exotic Beltsville small white variety. Chinese Silkie: Silkie (sometimes spelled Silky) is a breed of chicken named for its unique, fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk. The morning call your hear on the farm every morning is actually the rooster crowing "cock-a-doodle-doo". Chickens eat worms, insects, seeds, grains, snails, slugs, fruits, vegetables and many other foods. UPCARI (Frizzle Cross): Unique scavenging type birds developed with native breed base, having typical desi fowl look, better tropical adaptability and disease resistance, exceptional growth and production performance. Cari Sonali Layer(Golden - 92): This breed also has the same desi look and categorized as a country chicken starts to lay eggs at 17 to 18 weeks.
The emu belongs to a group of flightless running birds with flat breastbones known as ratites. The small wings help the bird cool itself in hot weather - they hold the wings out so that the air can circulate around the body. Emus generally find partners in Autumn, September- October, and breed in the winter months, December-January. When sprayed on leaves, it is readily absorbed and transmitted to other parts of the plant. It prevents crops from diseases during its essential stages like germination, flowering, fruiting, maturity and harvest.
Helps leaves to expand as a result of cell enlargement that in turn results in more photosynthesis.
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
By now, you are well underway on your New Year’s resolutions: You’ve quit smoking, curbed your drinking to weekends, you’re eating better, taking on that juice cleanse, started dating more appropriate people, cleaned out your closet, organized your clutter, gone to bed earlier and are sleeping the right number of hours, meditated daily, called your mother, bought that new language software and are spending less time on the internet cruising for the bigger, better deal. Let’s face it, as the clock struck midnight, I had a glass of Champagne in one hand, a cigarette in the other, I kissed an inappropriate stranger, didn’t get to bed until the sun came up and slept all day…with the inappropriate stranger.
Two years ago the Sonoma County Winegrowers (SCW) resolved to reinvent their wineries to 100% sustainable by the year 2019.
Sustainable wine is not a thing, but rather a practice, an attitude, a conscientious decision to do the right thing in the vineyard, the winery, and the community.

As much as 30 gallons of water goes into the production of one bottle of wine when you take into consideration irrigation, frost protection, and equipment cleaning. Okay, so you feel a little better about the farmer, the land, the environment and the future. One of the main practices in biodynamics is in composting by taking a hollow unicorn horn (okay, so it’s really a bull’s horn), filling it with cow manure, and burying it during the Winter Equinox. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians have looked to celestial bodies for guidance, navigation and farming.
Austrian physicist Rudolph Steiner shook the world in 1924 by creating nine different “preparations” to be used in the vineyard, each a little freakier than the next. Bonterra, Bonny Doon, Grgich Hills Cellar, Joseph Phelps Vineyards, Quintessa, Robert Sinskey Vineyards, Frog’s Leap, Frey Vineyards, the list goes on. Sustainability has taken a front seat in this year’s Super Bowl 50 which is focusing on creating a positive impact on the social and economic climate for the Bay Area. Apart from these vegetative foods we also produce quality eggs, fresh- water fish, milk and meat for consumers in natural way. This involves using advanced scientific techniques to achieve a good crop yield, without harming the environment or the people who live and work in it. Jeffery Smith, founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology, a nonprofit devoted to educating the public about the risks of genetically modified crops, says that some hybrid varieties of our indigenous red rice have higher levels of vitamin A than genetically modified Golden Rice. Sometimes, genes are transferred not just from another species, but from a different kingdom, such as animal cells injected into plant cells. The first is through a "gene gun." "You basically shoot millions of genes into a plate of cells, which you then clone into a plant," Smith says. Concerns over increased antibiotic resistance, unknown toxicity and allergen levels keep GM fruits and vegetables from being fully embraced by the general public. Because the FDA doesn't require food companies to label products as containing GMOs, the easiest way to avoid them is to buy only organic foods. GMO crops make their way into the food chain via secondary sources, too, such as the cattle, chicken, and pigs that eat GM corn or GM alfalfa. The male will raise its tail feathers to form a vertical fan shape when it is courting the female.
The females have black breast feathers with white tips, which help in sex determination as early as 12 weeks of age. White plumage turkeys seems to be suitable Indian-Agro climatic conditions as they have better heat tolerance and also good and clean in appearance after dressing. Egg production, fertility and hatchability tend to be higher and broodiness tends to be lower than heavy varieties. The breed has several other unusual qualities, such as dark blue flesh and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot (most chickens only have four). It is also one of the true bantam breeds, meaning it is a naturally small bird with no related large fowl from which it was miniaturized. Also called the Antwerp Belgian, both names refer to the breed's origin in Antwerp (the French version being Anvers). Its name is derived from the bird's extravagant feathering on the feet and hock joints, which are called vulture hocks or "sabels" in Dutch. This is best suited for backyard system of poultry production, the age at sexual maturity 170-180 days with an annual egg production 165-180 eggs, with an egg size of 52-55 gms. It is over 30 cm long and very thin-walled, and it allows the bird to produce deep guttural grunts.
The proteins are in the form of simple amino acids which can easily be utilized by the plants. My juicer is collecting dust, I’ve been committing processed carbocide daily, my mother’s not sure if I still exist, and the only meditation I’ve been doing is justifying that since I already blew my resolutions, it’s too late to start now. At what point do we accept that we’ve set unrealistically high expectations that are doomed to fail?
As of today, almost 60% fall into the category of sustainable wineries and are completely on track for their goal of 100%. It’s practicing greener efforts utilizing such things as renewable energy, repurposing resources, taking care of labor forces, educating consumers and respecting our environment for the long haul.
Basically, not much has changed in what you’re drinking in flavor or additives, pesticides or sulfites, but it’s that small step towards reinventing yourself. After all, organic wines use natural pesticides and is regulated by the USDA (and we all know what a great job government regulators do). Biodynamics is and has been one of the most controversial subjects in the wine world for the past 90 years. It is then exhumed and precisely seeped into a tea which is sprayed onto the vines to create a truly nutrient enriched fertilizer that preserves the ecosystem and works in harmony with nature creating better tasting fruit, thus better tasting wine.
Ben Franklin’s 1739 Poor Richard’s Almanac and The Farmers Almanac are based on the premise of biodynamics, so who’s to say it’s bullshit? But you can enjoy a wide range of truly stunning biodynamic wines today without knowing that a stag’s bladder is filled with Yarrow flowers. Levi’s Stadium is a LEED Gold Certified stadium that is built on sustainable land, uses NRG Energy solar panels where applicable, utilizes reclaimed wood and building products where possible, uses reclaimed water for playing field irrigation, sponsors local suppliers providing farm­-to-­table concessions, and will be composting and recycling to the greatest extent possible.
Organic farmers do not leave their farms to be taken over by nature, instead they use all their knowledge, techniques and materials available to work with nature.
Lets go back to the green revolution period which started in 1967, in order to avoid the great Bengal Famine 1943 the then government thought of increase the food production and succeeded to an extent.
However, there is a significant difference in how the two different types of tomatoes came into being, and, perhaps most importantly, how the general public views the methods that made them. Crossbreeding and creating hybrid crops, such as bigger Dhal, lengthy Basmati rice and seedless watermelons and grapes, have been common practices for centuries, but the process is very different from genetic modification.
The other way is through a bacterial infection; scientists create tumors out of various bacterial strains that "smuggle" the new gene into another plant's cell.
Genetic modification only happens in the laboratory because it combines DNA from organisms (plants or animals) outside of a vegetable's species. Developing nations are receiving aid in the form of genetically modified crops like rice and corn to feed their starving populations, but activist groups cry foul, claiming the developed world is using the disadvantaged as guinea pigs. By definition, organic products can't contain any ingredients produced using biotechnology or genetic engineering.
Dutch Bantams have many color variations, and have grown in popularity as exhibition poultry worldwide.
With no large fowl counterpart from which it was miniaturized, the Booted is one of the true bantams. A fertilized egg starts developing into a chicken when its temperature reaches 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
It also has an larger egg size and can produce 50 to 60 eggs in a year with high disease tolerance and mortality rate of less than 4%.
It lays egg brown in colour and has an excellent Internal quality, with a livability above 95%. This pouch develops fully during the breeding season and is most frequently used during courtship.

The barbs coming out of the shafts are separate, not joined together as they are in the feathers of birds that fly. This biodegradable, insecticidal soap works as a contact only which means good coverage is critical to achieving control. Perhaps this is the year to stop searching for the magic pill, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and unicorns. It’s rethinking water conservation, lowering waste and emissions and farming for the future. But chances are good that you’ve been imbibing in some amazing wine that continues to make make a difference. When I think organic, I thinks of ladybugs and butterflies eating the “bad bugs”, fresh air blowing through the vineyard at the right time of day creating lush grapes full of juice that will make my taste buds sing in harmony with the blue jays flying around my flowing hippie skirt, knowing that Monsanto is far beyond the moated chateau…and then I wake up. I even want to believe in natural pesticides, but I’m not crazy about the idea of copper sulphate killing off foraging sheep, making vineyard workers sick and polluting the groundwater. I don’t mean to slam organic wines or organic farming, but it’s going to make the next category of Biodynamic wines seem so much less of a freak show. Some have equated it to witchcraft and voodoo while others have shown scientific evidence to the contrary.
There’s some naked dancing and howling at the moon and a high priestess named Maria Thun who created a biodynamic calendar divided up into Root, Fruit, Flower and Leaf days which coincide with the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. It answers the question “but is it good?” Benziger Family Winery founded more than 30 years ago, and the model for biodynamics in Sonoma, recently sold to The Wine Group which produces one of the largest selection of low-­priced wines, so keep an eye out for stinging nettles in your box wine. Look for local beers that are produced in a sustainable manner that didn’t have to travel halfway around the world imparting toxic emissions. One more example to hybrid is our indigenous paddy variety which takes around six months to give us yield while the hybrid takes just 100 to 120 days. This forces the farmers to go back to the corporate companies to get seeds for the next season. Arpad Pusztai was a career research scientist on plant lections, and considered an expert in his field, concluded that consuming genetically modified potatoes had negative effects on lab rats, and he instantly become a voice of dissent among the many scientists embracing the possibilities of GMOs. Opt for organic dairy products; and country chicken as they don`t contain any synthetic growth hormones in their feed.
In the wild, turkeys build their nests with dried leaves and grasses in places that are not easily seen on the ground.
Some bantams have been bred from "normal sized chickens" to retain the characteristics of the breed in a smaller size. A banty egg is very small and it will take about three to make one normal sized chicken egg. In additions to their distinctive physical characteristics, Silkies are well known for their calm, friendly temperament. At the peak age it attains a body weight of 3kg., comparatively with other desi varieties this is almost double the weight. Ratites have tiny wings but the bones across their chest do not have a part for flight muscles to attach to.
Safer's Soap is effective against aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, spider mites, mealybugs, scale, pear psylla, earwigs, spittle bugs and rose slugs. It is not necessarily produced or grown without pesticides or herbicides or NSA (No Sulfites Added), or even regulated by any branch of government, however, there are several domestic third party certifiers such as SIP (Sustainability In Practice) and CSWA (California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance) that ensure best practices for continued improvement. Biodynamics employs the celestial powers of the moon and the universe sending vibes resonating between man and earth and stars.
I am proud that we’re taking our consciousness and awareness of our environment to the next level.
By this corporate companies can indulge in a particular variety to be marketed leading to a crisis in future (other varieties will tend to lose its existence).Some varieties do not go good in some areas, thus forcing the farmer to go for traditional varieties. The female then leaves and the male sits on the eggs for 8 weeks (49-50 days) until they hatch. Resolution is the spontaneous checkout register purchase of what you want right here right now.
Well that depends on the winemaking additives such as sulfites (and yes, all wine contains natural sulfites) and organic wine is no exception.
It treats the vine and the vineyard as a holistic body of life and permits the ultimate expression of terroir.
We have spoiled our lands, we poured fertilizers 20% more than what agriculturists prescribed.
Primarily breeders do not raise them for meat but when the birds are culled the culls make a nice cacciatore (mixture containing tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs, and other seasonings). The hens of the breed are very friendly to humans, however the roosters may be aggressive to people. The Leghorn is a light breed that matures quickly and is not considered a viable meat producer. Perhaps this is the year to resolve to reinvent…oh, and there are unicorns involved, kind of. To answer these questions, let me give you a condensed version of what sustainability is and isn’t as well as a brief introduction to Organic wines and Biodynamic wines. Sulfites may be added after the grapes are harvested if the label reads “Organically Grown”.
Most Bearded D'Anvers live longer and healthier if kept in free-range or in an open space with no crowding.
Other additives such as fining agents which are often animal based clarifiers to remove sediment and unwanted solids can be made from blood and bone marrow, casein (milk protein), chitin (fiber from crustacean shells), egg whites, fish oil, gelatin (use your imagination). Its plumage can by one of fourteen varieties recognized in competition, ranging from Porcelain to Quail (one of the more common for the breed). All bantams are smaller than regular chickens and they share some unique personality traits. People who raise bantams say that they have more personality than chickens do, are more able to care for themselves, and find more of their own food. As its name implies, the d'Anvers has a profuse beard of feathers that covers the earlobes. But the real problem was that their hard or alkaline water was inactivating the soap in the spray tank. If you think you may have hard water, a simple test can be done by putting a small amount of Safer's soap (at normal dilution) in a jar of water and shake to see if you get any foam. If you don ft.t get any foam, you have hard water and a water hardness kit should be ordered to determine how much water softening agent (such as Hampene or Triton AG44M) must be added to the tank to prevent the potassium salts from getting tied up by the excess calcium or magnesium present in the hard water.

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