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We’re very excited to welcome our seasonal workers back this spring with exciting news… Koinonia Organic Farm at Gramercy Mansion in Stevenson, Maryland is expanding!
As we spring forward with our growing organic farm operations, we thought we’d reflect and share some of the history (the roots, so to speak!) of Koinonia Farm. Koinonia Farm is the oldest continually-operated organic farm in the state of Maryland, receiving its first organic certification from Pennsylvania as Maryland did not yet have an organic certification program in place.
Look for the Koinonia Farm label at local Giant, Whole Foods and Mom’s Organic Markets.
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The 30 acre Eggert Family Organic Farm is located on Animal Sciences Road directly east of the main Pullman campus.
The field day will begin at 8am and run to 11am with time for networking and discussion to noon.  The farm is located on Animal Science Rd off Terra View Rd directly behind the Grizzly Bear Center. The Eggert Family Organic Farm at Washington State University will hold its first farm sale of the season 3-6 p.m. In a change from the last six years, the farm will not be at the mid-week Pullman Farmer’s Market.
As the season progresses, the farm will sell a variety of berries in addition to mainstays like tomatoes, garlic and other fruits and vegetables. In coming years, once fruit trees mature, a variety of tree fruits will be available for sale.
If you would like to get on the mailing list for the 2017 season please email Brad your email address.  Membership will open to the public on March 1st. WSU Organic Agriculture Majors have formed an official RSO sanctioned club.  The Organic Agriculture club is open to anybody who is interested in organic and sustainable farming.
The farm does offer tours to the public and school groups.  Our guided tours provide a detailed walk through the farm to view over 80 different varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruit, grains, and flowers. Farm Manager Brad Jaeckel and Melissa Barker from Evergreen State College presented a Beginning Farmers Series Workshop at the 2012 WA Tilth Conference.  The workshop titled “Essential Recordkeeping for Farm and Business” covered records from both teaching farms. The Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources provides a portal of organic agriculture statistics. CSANR has been compiling statistics to characterize the organic agriculture sector in Washington State. If you can read this, you either have iframes turned off or your browser does not support iframes.
If you’re a health conscious person or beginning to be one, you’re probably changing your lifestyle, doing more exercises, changing your eating habits and most probably, looking closer on the food you eat. Chances are, you are now finding on how to eat less meat, more vegetables and fruits, and most likely – organic food. Organic Food, is just going back to the basics, the all-natural way of feeding our body with the right food we need and the right nutrients to keep us going healthy. Looking at the price tag of organic vegetables and fruits may be a “sore” for starters, but if you compute it the long haul, it is cheaper than buying other food. Processing our food (putting preservatives and additives) may make it tastier to our tongue, but not good for our body in general. In the Philippines, many individuals tried to re-introduce organic farming in the 80’s when only aa limited few started doing.
At first, people look into “clinical” ways to answer to their health needs, but realizing that most of the diseases are results of our lifestyle, a change in the habit of how we eat, exercise and all other things, came to sense. Thus, it is very timely, for the Department of Agriculture to be more aggressive in their campaign recently on Organic Farming or Organic Agriculture in the Philippines.
I just find it so ironic, that considering we are an agricultural country, yet, recent administrations tried to convert our country to an industrial or even technological country, which personally I find absurd. Anyway, in a recent opportunity granted by the Agricultural Training Institute or ATI, an agency of the Department of Agriculture, I was able to see a more aggressive approach of the government to promote Organic Agriculture. I remember that only private individuals and companies, were very vocal in organic farming. Fortunately, Organic Agriculture is advocated now by the Secretary of Agriculture himself, who was one of the principal authors of the RA 10068 or the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010, when Sec. RA 10068 establishes a comprehensive national agricultural program which will promote organic-farming methods through farmers’ and consumers’ education, and the extension of assistance to local government units, peoples’ organizations, non-government organizations (NGOs), and other stakeholders.

I hope that soon, with much supply of organic outputs in the Philippines, more Filipinos will have access to lower price of REAL organic vegetables and fruits. Organic agriculture gives farmers an opportunity to yield more money with less inputs on the crops.
In a brief experience in select farms up North, I came to realize new things that I did not encounter before. I am more convinced as well to encourage everyone to convert their spare lots or spaces in growing own organic vegetables. Tell me if you do try to go into organic farming, either comment here or on my Facebook, Google + or Twitter.
If you want to get real organic vegetables, ATI (Department of Agriculture) has an organic food market every 3rd Friday of the month. We are passionate about raising the standards within the organic industry by our own example, and are amongst the few herbal companies in India to receive HACCP, GMP, ISO 9001-2008 and Kosher Certifications. From preservation of seed to sowing, from cultivation to harvesting, from processing to production through sales and marketing, each step of the way is a testimony of our commitment to integrity, accountability and responsibility for Holistic Quality Assurance. This new standard reflects a sustainable business commitment which inspires, promotes and supports well-being and respect for all beings and for Mother Nature. SGS GMP certification verifies that all required practices necessary for an effective food safety program are being followed.
HACCP based Food Safety Management System registration and certification verifies that World Health Organization standards are met in the management of food safety and hygiene. Indian National Programme for Organic Production & India Organic Logo is governed by APEDA, which provides national standards for organic products through a National Accreditation Policy and Programme. The USDA organic certification verifies that all United States Department of Agriculture regulations, requirement and specifications are adhered to.
Control Union Certifications World Group is an internationally recognized certification organization and carries out inspections and issues certification for sustainable agricultural, processing and production methods. The EU organic logo guarantees that the product in question complies with the common European organic food standards. The OU logo indicates that a product may be consumed by all those who observe kosher dietary laws, as well as by many others who have special dietary requirements.
Established since 1973, the Soil Association certifies over 4,500 farms and businesses all over the world. Halal Committee - Jamiat Ulama - E - Maharashtra (JUM) looks after all matters pertaining to the general application of the term Halal with specific reference to Islamic dietary laws. A numerous amount of ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi teas and herbal supplements (expect Ghee and Chyawanprash which are outside the scope of verification) have been verified as Non-GMO.
In 1951, the 45-acre estate that is now Gramercy Mansion became a spiritual community center for Koinonia Foundation. This club was created to foster the organic farming community here in Pullman and to give everyone a comfortable place to talk, network, and farm together. The basic state of the vegetables and fruits make it the best candidate of nutrients-giving food for our body. It was not only until the late 90s and early years of 2000, when more people noticed organic food again, thus, many tried organic farming themselves.
Not just focusing on the taste, but on the contents and effects of the food to the body as well. I had coverages in a business show in ABS-CBN that involved many Filipino farmers going into organic farming.
And later on, organic farmers can export farm outputs elsewhere in the region and even the world.
Plus, it gives more value to every square of their farm lots as organic vegetables and fruits are high-value crops – making it more cost-efficient and cost-effective for farmers to venture on.
Since most of the time, I thought that if veggies and fruits were bought in Baguio, then, they must be fresh. We have Organic Certifications from Control Union and SGS as per USDA, EU and NPOP Organic Standards. It addresses hygiene In all aspects of the SGS manufacturing process, including premises and equipment, primary production, packaging, warehousing, distribution, pest control and waste management, as well as routine personal hygiene of personnel.

There is no better guarantee than ISO Certification in earning the buyer’s confidence and recognition for a product. It certifies that raw materials originate from organic cultivation and are processed using organic methods. Consumers buying products bearing this logo can be confident that at least 95% of the product’s ingredients have been organically produced, the product complies with the rules of the official inspection scheme, the product has come directly from the producer or preparer in a sealed package and that the product bears the name of the producer, the preparer or vendor and the name or code of the inspection body.
Today, manufacturers and consumers alike view the logo as an independent verification of quality, integrity and purity. Experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the organic sector, means the Soil Association symbol is the most recognised organic mark in the UK today. This verification authenticates the integrity of ORGANIC INDIA seeds, herbs and products as natural, heritage strains. To keep up with that demand, Anne has purchased a 28-acre farm with six greenhouses just a few miles from Gramercy Mansion in Baltimore County. We build and enhance the soil used at Koinonia naturally, protecting the environment and our resident wildlife by avoiding the use of toxic substances. The Organic Farm was first certified organic in 2004 and remains certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. The farm is located on Animal Sciences Road, just off Terra View Road, and directly behind the WSU Bear Center near Grimes Way.
The more we alter the things we eat, the lesser nutrients we get from it, and the more risk we put in our body. But many of those farmers are a bit on their own in terms of honing their knowledge in organics. Organizations that successfully complete the assessment earn both a highly regarded HACCP certificate and registration, communicating to consumers, retailers, governmental authorities and other interested parties that they can have justified confidence in the way that organization controls food safety and food hygiene. It is one of the most comprehensive and demanding certification systems to ensure absolute commitment to Organic Certification qualifications as established by the United States Department of Agriculture. The hope is that in the long term the EU logo will be able to solve the trade problems that the organic food sector faces today. They know, too, that the reputation of the Orthodox Union is unmatched for reliability and for meeting the highest kosher standards.
Jamiat enjoys worldwide recognition as the only National Body from India authorized to do Halal Certification of Indian Products. Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization raising awareness about the dangers and unknowns of genetically modified foods and encouraging government to allow consumers to make informed decisions about purchasing GMO products. Clean up is now underway with anticipation to begin growing our current variety of organic culinary herbs at the new farm in the coming months. ISO standards ensure vital features such as quality, ecology, safety, economy, reliability, compatibility, inter-operability, efficiency and effectiveness. By far the largest of the kosher certification agencies - and by far the most extensive in its global reach - the Orthodox Union is renowned for its ability to serve its clients’ needs promptly and efficiently. Raina Gover, sales executive for Koinonia Farm and Anne’s right-hand lady, is busy at work organizing the new operation. Programs focused on retreat study and training to take literacy, agriculture, health and other practical skills into the undeveloped world. They facilitate trade, spread knowledge, and share technological advances and good management practices.
The conferral of OU Kosher certification on our brand raises its profile in the market place and helps to expand our market share.
ISO standards provide practical solutions and achieve benefits for almost every sector of business, industry and technology, and for all three dimensions of sustainable development - economic, environmental and social. When a product is certified Kosher, the consumer can be assured that every ingredient going into that product is identified and sourced with the highest integrity.

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