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100% Organic cotton birdeye mesh fabric with high quality, soft ventilation,elasticity and suitableWe can do fabric with different specifications, diverse compositions (Modal, Tencel,, Rayon, Bamboo, Poly, Spandex, etc.) and various patterns, just upon your requirements.
It is antibacterial to some extent, making it a good choice for casual and sports related garments. People who have sensitive skin or who are allergic to fabrics made from wool or hemp find that they can wear bamboo based fabrics without any problems.
The cellulose is then forced through a machine much like a sieve and the resulting long fibers go into a bath where they harden. The truth is, according to the FTC, that these soft fabrics are either not made exclusively from bamboo. This means that the antimicrobial properties that were found in the original plant may be nonexistent in bamboo clothing. Companies that claim a product is "bamboo" should have reliable evidence, like scientific tests and analyses, to show that it's made of actual bamboo fiber. Reading as much as you can about a product helps you to decide if it is a product that you want to buy.
Excellent and comfortable organic cotton fabric (33)We are professional manufacturer & exporter in Zhejiang, China.
100% yarn dyed organic cotton woven fabric100% yarn dyed oganic cotton woven fabric 1.
Used in high quality women clothes or bag lining, fashionable dress, wedding or religious dress,etc. Since most consumers consider bamboo, a rapidly growing grass, to be planet friendly it is seen as a good alternative to other fibers.

Since it also wicks the moisture away from the skin, it can help you feel cool and dry in the heat of summer. The pulp is crushed and then either soaked in sodium hydroxide (a chemical that is not believed to harm the environment when used properly) or a natural enzyme is introduced into the batch. Depending on if the garment is a blended fabric, clothes can be washed in cold or warm water and tumble or line dried. They say that the soft bamboo fabrics are actually rayon and that they are made using toxic chemicals.
When bamboo is the plant source used to create rayon there are no traits of the original plant left in the fabric when it is finished. The Federal Trade Commission is calling for manufacturers of bamboo fabrics to supply test results proving their claims. It is a good idea to try to find a local source first so you can see the actual color and feel the fabric before you buy. They offer samples upon request so you can be sure that you are getting the exact color or texture you are looking for. Uses 100% cotton yarn, it is soft, with excellent looks, fashion designs, Plentiful varieties and competitive prices   2.
Designers are using it in almost any kind of wearing apparel that you can think of from baby clothing and diapers to designer evening wear. In addition to its ability to wick moisture away from the skin, bamboo fabric can kill odor-causing bacteria.
The chemical and the enzyme both work in the same way; breaking down the walls of the plant and allowing the fiber to be extracted.

Fine yarn will produce a silky fabric while a thicker yarn will produce a fabric more like linen. To avoid damaging the fabric, many manufacturers recommend washing on the delicate cycle without fabric softener or bleach.
Bamboo can be a fabulous fabric in many ways, but there are some manufacturers that are not reliable or ethical.
Fabric Innovations, a company that sells clothes and linens made from bamboo fabric, has stated that this quality lasts for up to 50 commercial washings.
This makes it a versatile option that is easy on the pocketbook as well as the environment.
Products that are made from 100 percent bamboo fabric tend to dry twice as fast as other fabrics so less dryer or hanging time is needed. The company also states that the antimicrobial properties of bamboo are nine times more effective against bacteria than chemical antimicrobial additives.
Bamboo is commonly woven with cotton in order to make it cost effective to produce as well as to allow for more stability and color variations.

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