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The new organic eggs are produced by hens fed an organic diet free from GMOs, pesticides and other additives and graze on organic land. All happy egg farmers producing both free range and organic free range uphold the happy egg co.’s total commitment to ensuring its birds have an unrivalled quality of life. As with all happy egg hens the ‘girls’ that produce organic eggs have a full,  enriched, and happy life on farms which boast the highest possible standards of animal welfare. It's something many of us may have thought about: how do we know that the eggs we are buying really are organic or free range? We are very excited to be able to offer happy egg Organic to consumers who are looking for an organic option.
The organic market has witnessed recent growth providing the perfect opportunity to extend into this area.

Instead, it turns out that they were raised in battery cages and sold to Britain's biggest supermarkets under false pretenses over an 18 month period.Image from Mail OnlineKeith Owens, the former managing director of Heart of England Eggs Unlimited, operated a business as a middleman in the egg industry.
He bought eggs from battery farms around Britain, Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic, France, Germany and the Netherlands and passed them off as organic or free range. He even bought battery-cage eggs that had been rejected by other egg companies or were for industrial usage only.The fraud took place during 2004-2006. This was due to the fact the chickens had been affected by hot weather and laid fewer eggs. Many farmers could not afford to invest in free-range facilities so there was great demand. As a result, the price for free range and organic eggs (90p a dozen) was much higher than that of factory farmed eggs (35p a dozen).

How could he resist?New rules came into force in the EU in 2003 that eggs had to be stamped with the country of origin and a code for the method of production.
Eventually, they became suspicious that they were returning the same load of eggs to their depots.

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