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However, while I am not living without these things, I do live with a lot less of them than I used to. Long story short, I went veggie, didn’t do a fabulous job of getting all the nutrition I needed, got crazy anxious (for a laundry list of reasons), upset my intestines, got more crazy anxious.
Anyway, because things were so out of wack in my gut, I started reducing my dairy intake, having heard that dairy can make digestive trouble worse. Once things were back to normal in my belly and head, I thought more about my dairy habits. I will, however, mention this Harvard article on the sky high (natural) hormones in our dairy cows, and that we really don’t keep and milk them the way nature intended. As for the grains, I think the paleo diet is practically void of them (not sure about the broccoli…).
I *am* making a trip to the health food store later this week… I’ll keep my eyes open for some! Danish dairy cows were excited to get outside after farmers kept them cooped up inside all winter. Danish dairy cows were excited to get outside after farmers kept them cooped up in barns all winter.
You don't have to be a booze hound to enjoy the travel adventures of Jack Maxwell, host of "Booze Traveler" on Travel Channel.
Louise Harrison, the elder sister of George Harrison, had a front-row seat to musical history. Lukas Nelson, the son of Willie Nelson, has released a new album, "Something Real," with his roots rock band Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real. A native of Holland, Rinske de Jong and her family have lived in the United States for 25 years, 19 of which have been spent on their current farm near Slocomb. Residents of South Alabama have a long-held pride in their reputation for early and prolific produce like Slocomb tomatoes or the fresh peas and strawberries coming from their area. Rinske and Jan de Jong, originally from Holland, have lived in the United States for 25 years now, and Rinske said she and her husband never imagined they’d settle in Alabama. So the de Jong family began their search for a new location, and they had to move quickly.
Most of the cows at Working Cows Dairy in Geneva County are Holsteins, producing Alabama’s Organic Milk.
As a group of cows leaves the barn to graze for the day, their pedometers begin the task of counting and recording their steps as part of the monitoring and heat detection process used by the de Jong family at Working Cows Dairy. So for the past 19 years, Rinske, Jan and their sons Jonny, Mendy and Ike have been living and working in Geneva County.

Rinske and her son, Mendy, discuss the day’s chores in front of the farm display of Alabama’s Organic Milk. While times have grown increasingly difficult for dairy farmers, Jan and Rinske saw the promise of organic milk as a way to ensure they could keep their dairy afloat in the future. Currently under contract to Horizon Organics, Working Cows Dairy has nearly 500 dairy cows grazing organic pasture for their primary food source. The de Jongs began the transition to an organic operation four years ago and were certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) in 2009.
And today, Working Cows Dairy milks twice a day producing organic milk that is low-temp pasteurized and bottled on their farm.
The de Jongs have their own refrigerated truck in which they transport much of the low-temp pasteurized, cream-rising, organic milk bottled on their farm.
While many people might think organic means old-fashioned, Working Cows Dairy’s day-to-day operations utilize some impressive technology.
In addition to the careful attention paid to their cows, the de Jongs also have to maintain very detailed records of other farm activities to keep their organic certification. Rinske also added their local Co-op store has been an important part of their operation for years. And Working Cows Dairy isn’t resting on their laurels now they’ve become the state’s first certified organic dairy. After three years of transition, the grazing pastures at Working Cows Dairy are now certified organic.
So far there have been a mixture of people in the programme — sharemilkers, farm managers, and some bigger operators showing interest.
Organic production is not necessarily a low input system but those that run low input systems whether organic or not, usually have lower production and lower return on investment he says. Mr Quinn said there are some organic properties that don't perform but the single biggest issue that affects farmers’ attitude to certified organics is the fear they may have to join the Green Party. There are organic dairy farmers who are in the top 5% of their district in terms of production and also in the top 3% for lowest costs.
He said in one case, the farmer was originally doing 1100 kgMS with heavy urea use, but in the first year of organic farming, with no urea, he achieved 1000 kgMS and reduced his animal health bill by about 40%. Those that are doing well have invested in knowledge and grown their operation, not tried to save the planet — although this has been a by-product. All these firms supply non-organic farms as the core of their turnover and they hold the key to maintaining production and profitability, while converting to what Fonterra have identified the world market as demanding - certified organic product.
Quinn said there were also many orthodox farmers adopting sustainable ideas and concepts, such as homeopathy, which is now used by about 30 per cent of diary farmers - a big change from a decade ago.

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I knew it was working when I overindulged one night and was in a bit of tummy pain the next day. Also – gotta ask it – how much milk do you think our early human, hunter-gatherer ancestors were drinking? But just outside of Wicksburg stands Working Cows Dairy, the first certified organic dairy in Alabama, and a business bringing its own farm-fresh pride to icy glasses across the state.
The couple had talked about maybe moving to Texas, but a European friend of theirs returned from a trip to the U.S. Really, this was the only property for sale at the time that was the size we needed," Rinske said. The milk – which is not homogenized so the cream rises to the top - is available on their farm in an honor-system cooler, but the de Jongs are making every effort to expand their customer-base by selling at various farmers markets, farm stands and health food stores.
Each cow has a pedometer around one foot to help gather information about that animal every day. Based on her movements, we can monitor her heat cycles and detect a possible injury or even get an idea that a particular cow maybe isn’t feeling well. These amount to about $90 per cow in the conversion years and about $270 per cow in the following three years. The country has designated April 19 as the annual holiday, also known as Organic Day, when growers can release their cattle.
When the cows enter the milking barn, an antenna gathers information from the pedometers on each cow’s movement over the past 24 hours, and each cow’s individual milk production is examined. Monitors also signal us as to the salt level of each particular cow’s milk, which may indicate possible infection. He said the scheme should continue given the growth in the demand for organic dairy foods world-wide. I loved cheese as much as the next guy, and enjoyed cream based soups as often as possible.
The equipment also records how much milk each cow produces, and it generates a daily report of any cows whose milk production dropped 20 percent or more from the previous day’s milking," she detailed.

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