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Shop AmazonBy shopping through the Amazon boxes below, you'll help Daily Pea at no extra cost to you. Daily Pea and its authors do not claim to be nutritionists or medical professionals, but rather champions of nutritious foods for our families and providing the best tools for healthy living. Slow cooker turkey breast – my used your method for the slow cooker turkey breast this i had decided to try cooking a turkey breast in my crock pot.
I will be cooking many more turkey breasts in my slow slow cooker turkey breast is is packed full cranberry bread dressing for a one-pot main dish that. Turkey breast of wonder (crock pot) the combination of the cranberry and orange juice after cooking (after it’s cooked in crock pot) over the turkey breast. Turkey breast (crock pot) combination cranberry orange juice cooking ( ’ cooked crock pot) turkey breast.
Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Since having my epiphany about the foods my family eats (a post for another day) I have been following several food bloggers.
Rather than purchasing breasts, legs, or thighs, next time I encourage you to purchase the entire chicken (or better yet, support your local farmer in your chicken purchases). So, if you have a chicken, a few spices (which most of us have in our cabinets as staples), and a crock pot, you are all set.

1 large onion, sliced (Money Saving Tip– Organic onions aren’t really necessary! Quick question…my husband is allergic to onions (and everything in the onion family, like scallions).
Can I use a dutch oven instead of a crock pot, and cook this in the oven for a few hours rather than on the stove-top? Just found a big ol’ chicken on sale at the grocery store and guess what I am doing with it!!
I know that this recipe was posted a long time ago, but I just made it last night and it was delicious and wonderful and the first time I have successfully cooked an entire chicken. The first time I cooked the chicken in the slow cooker I didn’t even have time to look up the recipe.
I think I like the idea of putting onions on the bottom but it’s not needed for liquid production in my opinion. The nourishing organic veggies, chicken, beans, and slight spiciness of adobo sauce will warm you right up. This website is a guide to help you make informed decisions, but should never replace medical advice from licensed professionals. One of my favorite food bloggers is Lisa Leake at 100 Days of Real Food (follow her blog here and her Facebook page here). I was nervous the first time I cooked an entire chicken (what in the world do I do with this thing!??), but now that I have, I will never go back.

You can eat this chicken as is or use it for chicken noodle soup, chicken salad, chicken and rice, and so much more. If you cut up some carrots and celery and use this as a bed for your chicken, there will be enough juice. I am so amazed that it was as juicy as it was (my husband and I seriously debated whether or not we would need to add chicken stock because we thought it was CRAZY that we didn’t need to add any extra liquid). Lisa taught me not to fear the entire chicken, but to embrace it and indulge in all that this whole chicken has to offer.
You can also use a roaster chicken; they are older and tend to be more tough, but with this recipe I guarantee it will get tender. The chicken and onions naturally produce a lovely liquid to keep everything juicy and tender).
Now that I’ve made more today, I will track exactly how we use it and be able to tell you how many meals it provided for us. If your husband is allergic to the onion family, isn’t he also allergic to the garlic in this recipe?

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