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According to the latest organic cotton market report published by the Textile Exchange, India is the world leader in the production of organic cotton, followed by China, Turkey, Tanzania, USA, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Mali, Uganda and Peru. India is also at the top of the list of countries with organic content standard (OCS) certified facilities, followed by Bangladesh, China, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Germany. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Organic farming meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. GET THE LATEST GREEN BEAUTY TIPS, NATURAL + ORGANIC PRODUCT REVIEWS, + HEALTHY LIFESTYLE HOW-TO'S - DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOUR INBOX!
The Glamorganic Goddess is your source for the latest clean beauty tips, natural + organic product reviews + healthy lifestyle how-to's from a sassy, young Breast Cancer Survivor with a passion for prevention!
Detox Your Makeup Bag + Your Life with the Latest Clean Beauty Product Reviews, Recipes + Tips, Delivered to Your Inbox! Grapes that taste like Cotton Candy, it’s all the rage and Walter Stewart’s has them!

Two new fresh arrivals that are delicious discoveries that you don’t see everyday: Tiger Figs and Organic White Beets!
From bedding manufacturers the largest Nishikawa living goods, tailoring in polite, also feels very soft and supple.
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Pakistan, despite being the fourth largest producer of conventional cotton could not make any place in the top 10 league. LOVE that these are whitened with hydrogen peroxide instead of toxic chlorine bleach + also heart that that are very affordable since I use these daily to apply + remove anything + everything! It is a certain products can be recommended with confidence is the price a little expensive,. I never really even knew that Organic ones were even available until a recent trip to Whole Foods.
Cotton Candy® grapes taste exactly like the pink spun-sugar treat you loved as a kid at the circus—and we mean exactly.

A happy accident,according to NPR reports, the breeder — horticulturalist David Cain — went through roughly 100,000 test-tube plants before discovering a seedless, cotton candy-flavored one. Pop some in your mouth, close your eyes, and you’re that kid again! The grapes really do taste like the popular carnival confectionary made from air and spun sugar, but with one great twist – they are surprisingly all-natural! Although their nutritional value, including fiber, the minerals folate and manganese and leafy greens full of vitamin K, A and C are no different from the more common red beet, white beets have a milder flavor. Danielle currently consults for natural beauty brands, retailers, salons and organizations, and lives happily ever after.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies nine of the most common pesticides used on cotton as highly toxic and five are considered probable carcinogens. I have no desire to take any chances, and I definitely don’t want anyone to be harmed in the growing + production of something I use to remove my makeup.

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