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So armed with a fun new recipe to try I headed to the store for the ingredients and set about to create this wonderful dessert for all of you!
Initially I was going to make it in the recommended 10-inch springform pan, but then I remembered that I have a set of four smaller springforms that would allow me to share the dessert easily with family and friends.
My family and I used to sit around the fireplace in the winter cracking nuts for my mother to use in her baking.
If you are buying nuts in the bulk section of your grocery store, always taste one before you buy.
When you are baking a cheesecake, make sure you pull it out of the oven when the edges are firm and the center jiggles like pudding.
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Get some friends together and make a day or night of it, visit 2 places or more to share and taste the different cheesecakes or go solo or with a friend – just remember to VOTE for your favourites between March 26 – March 31.
Here are the 12 Cheesecakes in this challenge, listed in no particular order other than when they were received by us.
Description: Infusing a Sorrento lemon zest with the deep warm limoncello liquer from the Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy, then blended with a classic cream cheese, our cheesecake will take you to the warmth of the sun in Naples when you close your eyes.
Description: Gorgonzola Cheesecake with Maple glazed pear balls, dulce de leche pear puree, vanilla cinnamon jelly sheet, mascarpone cream. Ingredients: Gorganzola cheese, cream cheese, eggs, mascarpone, sugar, salt, cream, vanilla, cinnamon, greek yogurt, condensed milk. Description: Our Salontea Vanilla Chai tea-infused cheesecake is made with a flourless brownie and hazelnut base, with a hint of orange zest.
Make sure you pick up one of the Cheesecake Challenge postcards available at each of the participating restaurants and keep a record of your favourite cheesecake creations.
Unfortunately, the littler ones were too small for all the filling, so I wound up using a couple of ramekins for the extra. Unfortunately, sometimes the bulk items do not move as quickly as they should and you can wind up with rancid or stale nuts.
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But I am think I am going through a Nuteall phase in my life, so when I saw a Nutealla cheesecake recipe, it hit the jackpot. I am glad that you tried this nutty crust – it is my new standard and I think so much tastier than the normal graham crackers. Traditional recipes, gluten-free options, and healthy alternatives merge with today's food trends to give you nearly a thousand recipes to choose from.
I have invited restaurants, cafes and bakeries from all over the city to enter their cheesecake into this challenge, some have their cheesecake on their menus and others have created a special cheesecake just for this challenge. Well, this is a public challenge, you are invited to go out and order any or all of the cheesecakes in this challenge, then you decide who you think has the best cheesecake creation. A layer of homemade chocolate fudge sauce, covered with a creamy cheesecake filling and studded with rich chocolate brownie pieces, all nestled in our signature flaky, all-butter pie crust.
It is topped with Salontea Dancer tea-poached fresh blueberries.  Our cheesecake creation is gluten free and served individually-sized.
A classicNew Yorkstyle cheesecake served as an individual round and topped with whipped cream and a glazed strawberry. Cheesecake is not my idea of a fun baking adventure and the main reason is the water bath usually required. Then allowing it to rest in the refrigerator overnight helps the cheesecake become even creamier.
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Each restaurant, cafe and bakery will be featuring their cheesecake on their menu from March 7-28, 2013. It is a pain to wrap the pan with foil and it seldom works because my pan inevitably leaks. This creates a flavor very similar to the original with the added benefit of being gluten-free.

I should have added another one or two ramekins because I filled the containers so full that they rose well above the rims, not allowing me to top them with the original sweetened sour cream layer. So instead of the chocolate ganache sauce I was going to serve over the cheesecakes, I used the chocolate sour cream sauce.
If you have dietary restrictions, always read the labels before including any ingredient in your cooking.
Enjoy this decadent dessert that gives a whole new delicious meaning to the phrase “Triple Threat”! You could also use milk or white chocolate for different flavors and colors, but lower the amount of sugar to compensate.
For Hannukkah or Christmas, use white chocolate in the sauce and sprinkle the top with blue sprinkles or red and green. And using the sauce is brilliant for covering up the cracks and adding a little extra moisture. I have a new favorite – it is not as sweet as traditional dessert sauces, but is still packed with chocolate flavor. Remove from the oven.Immediately pour the sour cream topping over the cheesecake and smooth the surface.
This will hide any cracks that may have opened!Return the cheesecake to the oven and bake for 5 minutes longer. Add to the sour cream mixture and whisk in until thoroughly combined.Cover with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator. Make sure to rinse the knife clean and wipe dry between each slice for the cleanest presentation.Transfer wedges to serving plates.

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