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Not only is packaged organic chicken less likely to give you salmonella, as we explored in an earlier blog post, but a study released today has found that the farms that organic chicken is produced on feature less antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
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These are special birds in that they are certified organic and they are truly “free-range”. Because they are slower growing and more muscular than commercial birds, they have a tender but more “meaty” consistency and a more flavorful satisfying taste than standard grocery store fare.

Roxanne, John’s wife and chicken-cook par excellence, is a fan of brining the birds for 30 minutes before cooking. I believe that every single person on the planet deserves to live well, eat well, and thrive! Salmonella isn’t the only risk, a number of food-borne viruses can take you down if you are chowing down on antibiotic-laced meat of any description. They collected samples from 10 conventional and 10 organic poultry farms to make their determination.

In addition to all the foraged food they want, the chickens dine on organic feed from In Seasons Farm (Abbotsford, BC).

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