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Organic chemistry covers the chemistry of carbon compounds, many of which come from biological or petroleum-based resources. About UsStarted in 2002 by two IITians, Quest is the fastest growing coaching brand in India.
This tutorial provides the comprehensive coverage of the chapter with easy introduction and simple illustration. Concept map showing interconnections of new concepts in this tutorial and those previously introduced. In freshman year I remember being aghast at some of the  exam questions my dorm-mates got in their engineering physics classes. They typically had some hideous problem that involved a block on an inclined plane, attached to a pulley, which was attached to some other random item involving another inclined plane and a spring. The exam questions didn’t ask the students to solve each type of problem (pulley, spring, inclined plane etc) individually. Here are two problems I like that contain concepts that are known by maybe 50-60% of the way through a typical Org I course (depending on the course, of course).

The first problem I like because it involves an application of concepts learned in two individual chapters in your textbook.
The second problem also involves the application of two different concepts that are covered in different parts of the course. Nobody seems to talk about these psychological side-issues in asking exam questions but I bet there’s a lot to explore there. Did the ring expansion in problem 2 take place just because it was getting converted into a six membered ring or are there more reasons? If you look at the starting materials, you will see that there is a five membered ring (pentagon) whereas in the products there is a six membered ring. About Master Organic Chemistry Imagine having a comprehensive online guide to help you solve your own problems in organic chemistry.
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Reaction pathway overview for alkene and alkyne reactions including radicals, alcohols, carbonyls, epoxides and grignards. Would you consider making a video that explains the color coding and overall use of the map. Alkene Reactions Overview Cheat Sheet – Organic ChemistryThe true key to successful mastery of alkene reactions lies in practice practice practice.

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