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The above is just what you will see, don't forget the whole processed flour where the flour are bleached with more chemical to gives you the end product of soft white bread.
It has three weight option as well to make a 500gram, 750 gram or 1kg bread - though we have ours set to 1kg all the time.
I believe any other bread maker available in the market is good, as long as you know what to do with it.
The initial investment on a bread maker is high, as well as the ingredient that you will buy to make your own loafs. I got a request from a buddy on why a triathlon event order is Swim, followed by Bike and then by Run. Some of you might be new to activities that requires you to carry or use hydration pack (i.e. Instead of All-Purpose Flour, I have substituted half Bread Flour and half King Arthur’s special 12-Grain Flour.
I used my King Arthur dough whisk (I swear I’m not getting paid for product placement, I just really like their stuff) to mix everything together without the dough getting stuck in a normal whisk or on a wooden spoon. I ended up cutting it into 11 pieces, which really means that I cut it into 8 pieces and then cut small pieces off and joined them together until I had the size buns that I wanted. I shaped them for real, kinda (I really suck at shaping), and let them do their final rise under some plastic wrap.
Let the buns rest for 15 minutes, covered, then shape each piece into a smooth, small loaf.
Primary reason for this was to start eating healthier and to have better bread where we can control our ingredient.

Often the bread that comes out from the bread maker will not be soft and fluffy by virtue that it doesn't have improver or shortening. Which is interesting as you will then realise, that for the commercial bakers to sell you the bread at the price they are selling, are you really getting the ingredients you should be?
With less salt, less sugar, less oil and definitely no usage of margarine or transfat, each and every loaf that comes out is uniquely baked.
I will consider advertorials and I have a family and would love to review family trips too! I’ve adapted it from King Arthur’s Pan Cubano recipe, multiplying the recipe by 1.5 and converting it to a whole grain bread.
Along with these, I added an extra quarter cup of water (for the Bread Flour) and King Arthur’s Whole Grain Bread Improver, which I find makes things rise well and prevents excessive density. King Arthur recommends adding the bread improver by putting a teaspoon in the bottom of each cup of whole wheat flour, then filling the cup the rest of the way up with flour. Should have taken a picture of it at the end of the rise, but believe me when I say it was vigorous. They have a really good flavor as well, which I think is imparted mostly by the 12-grain flour. I’m just starting up this blog, so I will likely have more posts like this in the future. If you ever wondered, here are some of the chemicals and preservatives that goes into every loaf of commercial bread that is available out there. However, the unit is still in perfect condition churning out bread on weekly (sometimes once a month) basis.

You see, with bread mix where the only extra ingredients you don't need to put in are the flour mix (and often, it has bread improver and preservatives as well to store the flour longer on the shelf). I often modify the bread recipe according to taste and if i have other items available that will add more bite or nutrition into the bread, we will add in. With no preservatives, these homemade bread will need to be consumed within 3 days of baking and the unfinished portion needs to be placed in the freezer to prevent it from turning mouldy. All of them has different character, color and texture, which makes the whole experience more rewarding that getting that predictable taste.
At this point I let it sit for about 20 minutes, as per the tip on the back of the Whole Grain Bread Improver bag.
Actually, I don’t mind the process of kneading itself, but the stickiness of most doughs before they get kneaded, plus the amount of extraneous flour that usually ends up getting incorporated (bad for the bread) makes me more inclined to go mechanical. They’re not crusty (the crust is thin and quite soft, actually), but they make for a good sandwich that is easy to eat and tasty. Since I don’t have a stand mixer (or a bread machine), I use my hand mixer with the dough hook attachments.

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