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The Shipping Weight includes the product, protective packaging material and the actual shipping box. King Arthur Flour, founded in 1790, is America's oldest flour company - and is wholly owned by us, the employees.
Always unbleached, King Arthur Flour never contains any unnecessary chemicals or additives. This is refined white flour that looks and feels like all purpose flour but is higher in protein by about 2-3%. Our grain is grown by family-owned and operated farms — certified organic farms that are committed to ideals of sustainable stewardship of our natural resources for those of future generations. This flour, used with sourdough recipe from this site creates the most beautiful rise in proofing. Breadtopia Select flour is milled from the same wheat as our Bolted Hard Red Spring Wheat Flour, but is even finer in texture.
We feel our Breadtopia Select Bread Flour is the closest thing to the Holy Grail of bread flour.
Our premium bread flour boasts a strong 14% protein level for excellent gluten development. About bolted flour: Bolted (or high-extraction) flour is whole grain flour with some percentage of the bran sifted out, which makes it a nice compromise between hearty 100% whole grain and all purpose white flour.
Course bran cuts the gluten strands in the dough which tends to result in a dense loaf. Our flour feels and performs like ordinary bread flour but is extraordinary in its performance, flavor and nutritional qualities.

Also, since wheat germ is an oil, this flour will not keep for as long as typical commercially milled white flour. This organic flour is excellent for yeast breads as well as pizza crusts, rolls, and artisan breads. Or we have perfectly functional products with slight cosmetic or packaging flaws that we can’t sell at full retail.
At 13.5% protein level, this flour is ideal for bread baking when you need an extra strong rise.
It is drier than many other brands of flour because water is not added (tempering) to the wheat before milling, as is often the case with other brands. It has the fine texture of commercial white bread flour commonly found on store shelves, but is off white in color since it retains a portion of the wheat germ from the wheat berry. Use it in place of conventional white bread flour when you want a light, open crumb while retaining some of the nutrition found only in whole grain flour. Enjoy baguettes with a light open crumb and crispy crust along with a richer flavor profile and much higher nutritional value. We stone mill whole Hard Red Spring Wheat and then bolt it by passing it through a fine mesh cloth screen. Bolted flour (also know as high-extraction flour) removes much of the course bran while retaining some of the nutrient rich wheat germ. It’s ideal for when you want a lighter loaf or dough yet wish to retain the high nutrition found in the germ of the wheat berry. Flour produced from tempered wheat results in about a 14% moisture level, whereas our is at 10% moisture. I do a quick proofing no knead peasant bread recipe where I use 2 cups of my sourdough starters that I recently made (a sourdough rye starter with the whole rye flour product, and a sourdough white starter with this bread flour).

Be certain your flour performs perfectly every time - choose King Arthur brand Organic All-Purpose, Bread, Whole Wheat, and White Whole Wheat flours. We're a founding B-Corporation, using the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems. This results in both more net flour per pound to our customers plus it enhances the shelf life of the product. I use 1 cup of the sourdough rye starter and 1 cup of the sourdough white starter in my recipe. We recommend keeping your flour in air tight packaging or container and storing in a cool place or preferably the refrigerator or freezer. We're motivated by knowing that, every day, people like you count on our flour - on us - to make their baking the best it can be. Milling drier wheat causes the bran to be pulverized into much smaller particles which produces a finer textured flour. As such, these products will reflect a higher Shipping Weight compared to the unprotected product.

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