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So we spoke with a former executive chef of a famous steakhouse, he explained to us how he developed an appreciation for the superior quality of organic food and sustainably raised beef. While admittedly, organic-beef is more expensive than its conventional counterpart, the added expense is worth it. In addition to organic food labels, look for "heritage" and "heirloom" animal breeds when making your selections.
This beef comes from cows that were never on a feedlot, began their lives in the pasture and finished that way. Other humane methods include finishing cattle by spreading a controlled amount of grain in the fields where they are pastured.
When you buy organic food at the local market, getting information from the farmers is easy. If shopping at the local market is not always possible, let your needs be known at your local stores or super markets. Ask store managers if the distributors of the organic food and meat you buy can provide their list of standards. A sandwich should be thoughtfully laid out, with components that add up to a complete meal, but the most important thing is that the ingredients should be of excellent quality. The three basic cuts to make a sandwich without requiring the tenderizing process of a marinade are rib eye, New York strip (sirloin), and filet or tenderloin, all available from any butcher. This open-faced sandwich is a bit more elegant than one you pick up; ita€™s like a great steak salad on toast. Everything you want is already in that bottle a€” the tomatoes, the spices, the vinegar a€” and in just the right proportions. Grill, broil, or pan-sear steak until medium rare, season with coarse salt and ground black pepper, and let rest before thinly slicing.
Add peppers and mushrooms and cook, flipping frequently, until well mixed, about 3 minutes. Arrange organic-beef atop broiled bread, overlapping slices slightly, and evenly distribute vegetable mixture, finishing with dressed arugula salad. Using small-hole side of box grater or a zester, shred horseradish root (as when working with raw chiles, do not touch your eyes) over sandwich and serve. Using broad side of a chefa€™s knife, crush slightly and macerate, using circular motions, until it becomes paste. Stir paste into mayonnaise, adding ground black pepper and a pinch of finely chopped flat-leaf parsley. I promise to use it only to send you Super Natural Foods, Super Recipes & Super Food Remedies. The information provided on this site should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction.
June 11, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Seeing the Dakota Beef Seal is a verifiable promise that the beef you are buying is guaranteed to be free of growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics and that the feed the cattle have been given is certified organic.
Around one in four adults in Britain is obese - at 17 stone, David Hack used to be one of them.

In search for the true reason behind his obesity, he enrolled at university to study biological sciences, where he studied human evolution and the diet of our earliest ancestors. He discovered how people are "supposed to eat" and decided our modern lifestyle was to blame for his weight problem. After just six months of following the programme himself, the 56-year-old now weighs 14.5 stone. With his newfound knowledge, Hack created The Back To Basics Diet and wrote a book with the same title all about it. Throughout the book, he talks about the need to eat a predominantly vegetarian diet, only eating real food, carbohydrate density, plus the dangers of processed foods and sugar. We know that our evolutionary history has designed us to function at our best on a predominantly vegetarian diet, but what does this mean in reality?
I used this phrase earlier in the book: ‘We are eating in a way that is completely out of kilter with our evolutionary design’. Because of the idea of carbohydrate density, this type of real plant food is actually low-carb, and is naturally low in calories but very high in nutrients (i.e. By eating lots of real plant foods, we can reverse the damage of a lifetime, start to lose weight effortlessly and painlessly, and boost our health and happiness all in one fell swoop. In his book Fit for Life, Sir Ranulph Fiennes states, “Fruit is truly the panacea to good health.” He’s right and fresh fruit will certainly form a very important part of our new, healthy diet in the future. However, certain fruits are very high in sugar (fructose, mostly), so we just need to be a little careful about how much fruit we eat in the early stages of our new, real food diet, particularly if we are diabetic or pre-diabetic – medical conditions that should be checked for you by your doctor. So, I recommend sticking to fruits that are not particularly sweet at first, such as the berries (e.g.
However, for most of us, the benefits of eating fruit massively outweigh the risk that a small amount of natural fructose might have on our health. Nevertheless, if you are diabetic, you might be best advised to avoid fruits altogether until your blood sugar levels are better controlled. It is time to give up all those man-made ready meals and takeaways that made us fat and unhealthy and switch to eating real, natural foods instead. You won’t be eating a lot of these foods, as vegetables will make up about 80% of each meal, so you will be saving money on this programme as well.
Good Herdsmen Ltd, the Cahir Co.Tipperary based organic meat producer, has just agreed a major contract with a German company to supply organic beef to be used in the manufacture of baby food. Good Herdsmen Ltd which was founded in 1989 by Josef Finke and John Purcell, to co-ordinate the supply, processing and marketing of organic meat in Ireland, today represents the production of over 200 certified organic farmers and has grown to become the largest dedicated organic meat processor in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Approximately 50% of the companies production remains in Ireland and can be obtained in most Irish multiples and many independently owned quality food stores and restaurants.
Good Herdsmen Ltd will now require a minimum additional 700 organic beef cattle each year, to supply beef to this German company, of which most will be processed into casseroles, beef stews, and other dishes.
Taking into account that annual organic cattle slaughter in Ireland is about 5,000 animals presently, this new contract will now amount to almost 14% of Ireland’s total national kill. Director of Good Herdsmen Ltd, Thurles native, Mr John Purcell, stated that the first supplies of organic beef will be delivered to Germany later this month following a week-long inspection of their processing plant at Cahir, here in Co Tipperary. Tipperary Co-Op’s cheese division has also performed strongly during 2010 with total cheese sales, inclusive of its French subsidiary Tippagral, latter a key element of the companies cheese strategy, amounting to almost 15,000 tonnes. This Co-Op also manufactures specialised products for the Irish Dairy Board’s Kerrygold Brand range and has continued to grow and strengthen its position as one of the key suppliers to the Kerrygold lactic butter market in Germany.

Buy directly from the farms and the people who have ensured your organic beef has been raised humanely in a healthy environment. In order to maintain the full integrity of grass- fed flavours, healthy vitamins, fats and proteins all of our cattle are raised on 100% healthy organic pastures.
Invoice - we will provide you an invoice for payment with the weight of the body and the final price. Choose Butcher - After ordering your beef we will organise delivery to a suitable butcher where you can specify how you would like your organic beef cut up. Nevertheless, if we want to lose weight effectively and become healthy, we have to face our demons and make eating some fruit and lots of vegetables the central part of each and every meal. Well, the simplest way to redress our ‘out of kilter’ diet is to replace all of the processed carbohydrate with fruit and lots of salad and vegetables. As a result, it is well worth seeking out good quality proteins; today, it is fairly easy to find healthy poultry and fish in the supermarket, local shops or online.
They need not be too expensive and can easily be made to feed a family for two, if not three, meals (more later).
I recommend you eat lots of fish, because so long as we are careful in our choices, fish is a healthy and highly nutritious foodstuff and an excellent source of protein. Source high-quality, free- range organic eggs (or keep your own chickens?) and enjoy a few times each week.
We are not designed to consume the milk of other mammals and, in particular, the milk from cows. Walnuts are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids and Brazil nuts contain selenium, which is one of our most important micronutrients and often lacking in the modern diet. All beef to be supplied under this contract will be under 30 months old and will undergo rigorous testing for quality and safety standards. Tipperary have increased profits, with a reported a 17% jump in sales for 2010, to €146m from a recorded €125m in 2009, with profit before tax doubled to €784,000. A whole can be up to 220kg of beef so we advise maybe organising with friends and family to share the purchase. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health. I do use a little skimmed milk in some of my fish recipes, but otherwise try and cut down on cow’s milk products as much as possible.
Nevertheless, I do eat legumes and with careful preparation, they are an excellent source of all the macronutrients and fibre we need in our diet.
The information and opinions provided here are believed to be accurate and sound, based on the best judgment available to the authors, but readers who fail to consult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries.
Switch to organic goat’s milk, Soya milk etc – some goat’s cheese is fine too, as is a little organic butter now and again.
These foods will just enhance the enormous array of wonderfully tasty, nutritious foods that you will be enjoying from now on.

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