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Contact Jim in Huntly, Virginia, to order top-rated organic Wagyu beef from his reputable cattle farm. River Jordan Farm, LLC is a local cattle farm in Huntly, Virginia, that produces high-quality, organic beef. The beef sold at Food Lion, Kroger, Harris Teeter, etc is from cattle fattened in manure-filled feedlots with thousands of other cattle. In contrast, our small herd of cattle are individually cared-for and rotated through fresh pastures on our farm. Davis Creek Farm natural meats are available at our farm store and at the Nellysford Farmer's Market.
Enjoy a delicious variety of fresh picked seasonal certified organic produce, beef, homemade pies and syrups available for pick up from our farm and in North Toronto.
We are delighted that Belanger Organic Farm produce and meats are in high demand by our consumers locally and in the Greater Toronto Area.

To be sure you feel as good about our guarantee as we do, every crop we harvest on the farm is 100% Organically Grown and government certified. Our farm products are grown and harvested without pesticides, herbicides, commercial fertilizers, animal feed supplements or food preservatives. Run by Jim Yates, the ranch is one of the top producers of fresh and organically produced beef offered at affordable prices. Their diet consists of genetically-modified (GM) corn, antibiotics, growth hormones, liquefied fat from other cattle, urea made from natural gas, pig "by-products," and chicken feathers.
Their diet consists solely of grass, supplemented with certified organic alfalfa, sea kelp, and natural minerals. We proudly supply discerning retailers including The Big Carrot, both the Eglinton and Queen St. Jim has been very successful in offering all-natural Wagyu beef by maintaining high standards in livestock breeding.

This feedlot beef is higher in saturated fat and lower in omega-three fatty acids compared to grass-fed beef.
Our USDA-inspected beef is not only healthier, but we think you'll find it much tastier too. River Jordan Farms’ organic Wagyu beef products are available for purchase at a local Flint Hill market, called the Merry Moo. All the crops and produce we sell to retailers or at local farmer’s markets are harvested with care by hand, washed with spring water and packed for freshness.

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