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Pervoe Reshenie, one of Russia’s leading health and beauty manufacturers, has launched a range of new stores with the help of brand and packaging design consultancy We Are Pure. The four new outlets, simply called ‘Organic Shop’ are situated across Moscow and offer customers a choice of organic health and beauty products from Pervoe Reshenie’s own ranges, as well as lines from other brands in the sector.
As part of an ongoing working relationship with Pervoe Reshenie, We Are Pure took control of major part of design work for the stores. Commenting on the new Organic Shop stores, David Rogers, owner and creative partner of We Are Pure, said, “The challenge for this project was to fully immerse ourselves into a completely different retail market with a new set of consumer expectations. We Are Pure has worked in partnership with Pervoe Reshenie for the past three years, with the consultancy creating many of the key brands that have resulted in the company becoming a multi-million pound business.
Amongst the brands created by We Are Pure is Natura Siberica, Russia’s first organic health and beauty range.
If you’re looking for natural and organic skincare products in Singapore, then Bud Cosmetics is the place to go because they have a fairly extensive organic range which can meet your beauty needs from head to toe.
Having visited the shop now, I have to say that Bud Cosmetics is indeed committed to the manifesto they’ve outlined on their website. They currently have 11 brands of natural skincare products under their umbrella which include The Organic Pharmacy, Sophyto, John Masters Organics, Logona Naturkosmetik, Sante Naturkosmetik, 100% Pure, Eyre BioBotanics, Aqua Dessa, Badger Balm, Haven Scent Organics and Filthy Farmgirl.
Although Bud Cosmetics has an online presence, the bulk of the business comes from customers at the shop.
As a matter of fact, while I was at the shop, Eric was attending to a customer and even helping her to customize products to suit her specific needs.
What I like about Bud Cosmetics is Eric’s honest acknowledgement that while natural and organic skincare products are a safer alternative, it does not mean that they are the best for everyone.
Actually the first product I noticed at Bud Cosmetics were these Filthy Farmgirl soap which I’ve stumbled across a year or so ago. I asked Eric what was at the top of his list when it comes to harmful ingredient for skincare formulation and his reply was Dimethicones which are unmodified silicones which companies claim traps moisture to the upper layers of skin, thus increasing a moisturizer’s effectiveness. Speaking of which, a promotion on the Sophyto range with Bud Cosmetics is coming up specially for the readers of Viva Woman! Meanwhile, check out Bud Cosmetics at #01-66 Square 2, 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307506 which is right above the Novena MRT station or look up more details on their website.

I heard Jessica Alba say in an interview that she used this product called Abs in a Box to get her pre-baby body back. I have been buying The Organic Pharmacy products from Bud Cosmetics for the past year and can say without a doubt that they are the best cosmetics that I have ever used. I read an article recently where Gwyneth Paltrow speaks about a range called Organic Apoteke and so I asked my husband to get it for me from New York. ?anneaaey?uee aaeu aey aooa iiii?ao ainnoaiiaeou aa?iiie? n ie?o?a?uei ie?ii e i?eaanoe a ii?yaie ?oanoaa.
With products of natural cosmetics Organic Shop you will be able to experience the incredible harmony, sensual comfort of the soul and the body.
NEW May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden, $60 – Everything May Lindstrom does is amazing and her NEW Jasmine Garden is no exception!
NEW MUN Rejuvenating Rose Toner, $68 – This rose toner goes on with a cotton pad after cleansing and leaves skin hydrated, soft and refreshed. Noyah Lipstick in Empire Red, $18 – A flattering red lipstick is an essential beauty staple and Empire Red looks good on just about everyone.
Josh Rosebrook Styling Cream, $35 – Style long or short, straight, curly or wavy hair with this versatile styling cream. Aqua with infusions of Organic Citrus Hystrix Peel Oil (органическое масло кафрского лайма), Jasminum Officinale Flower Extract (экстракт жасмина), Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (экстракт белого чая), Hydrolyzed Keratin (гидролизованный кератин), Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Lauryl Glucoside, Glycerin, Panthenol, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Citric Acid, Parfum, Kathon, CI 75810, CI 75130.
The Nottingham-based consultancy worked alongside the company to design interiors and packaging for a unique Organic Shop health and beauty range. We had to create the required premium feel, but still emphasise the organic nature of the products. The consultancy has also developed the Mama Kam Chat Ka and Organic Garden brands, helping them to become some of the biggest sellers across Russia and neighbouring countries.
Which isn’t so suprising after I learnt that Eric used to make his own soaps in Australia and ran a similar business then. I have very oily skin and the Carrot Butter Cleanser leaves my face feeling clean and moisturized, but never greasy.
Her got the Rejuvenating Face Cream and Serum and I still can’t get over the difference it has made to my skin!!

Come discover skin care tips, ingredient analysis, green product reviews, sunscreen recommendations, DIY beauty remedies, K-beauty, clean food recipes, and much more. You will dive into the entrancing tenderness, cozy tranquility or sparkling freshness and energy that will last all day.
As many of you already know, the Organic Beauty Talk Holiday Pop-Up Shop officially re-opened on Black Friday.
Notable ingredients include rose blossoms, prickly pear stem extract, goji berry, hyaluronic acid and a floral blend of jasmine and daisy. By clicking on them and purchasing products from us, you help to fund this blog and keep it going.
They also handled all aspects of in-store design, from creating the POS and marketing video, to visualising the staff uniforms and gift boxes.
It’s only been 2 weeks and everybody has noticed the change, I just love the compliments now.
I?aaie?aneia ianei a?aociie einoi?ee eioaineaii oaea?iyao ei?o, i?eaaaay ae anoanoaaiiia neyiea. This new facial mist smells divine while providing antioxidant protection, restoring elasticity, and stimulating micro-circulation. You need to take this styling cream home with you and actually start playing with it (a little goes a long way) to see just how magical it really is on your hair. The logo and the store concept were initially designed by a Paris-based firm Western Design.
For those of you with fussy skin, it also frees delicate complexions of redness and inflammation.
If you want to shop any of the brands from last year’s Holiday store, we encourage you to go to each of their websites.

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