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Nuts have been an important food as a part of a raw food diet.  Nuts contain healthy, unsaturated fats which can help lower the risk of heart disease. Cashews have been treated with endosulfan which is a highly toxic to humans and animals.  They are also not actually raw since part of the process to bring them to market requires they are heated.  Purchase organic cashews! Sunflower Seeds like almonds have a high amount of oil and fat content that absorbs pesticides easily so it is best to buy organic. Walnuts have a lot of pest issues and as such are saturated with pesticides and more chemicals than any other nut.  Their fat content allows them to absorb these chemicals so again buy organic. Macadamia Nuts are treated with atrazine which has been shown to harm aquatic organisms and there is some evidence that it has a negative impact on human reproduction.  Buy organic only. Jean Sumner, author of “52 Tips to be Healthy” and co-founder of World Wellness Education has been involved with the health and wellness industry since 1996.   An avid runner, she is passionate about exercise, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Jean pursued alternative methods of treating cancer and met countless individuals who had great stories to tell regarding how nutrition, spirituality and exercise helped them to overcome their various illnesses. I want to eat raw and organic nuts and seeds, but I am finding out that the organic raw nuts that I have been buying may be pasteurized and not raw at all.
This is very troubling to me as I understand that pasteurizing changes foods and never in a good way. I believe that endosulfan, quoted in this articles as used on cashews, has been banned for many years in most countries, including the US.

I grew up with a walnut tree in our backyard and we always threw out the ones with the holes in the shell.
Yes, please explain how the pesticides reach the nut when many nuts are protected by a hard shell. It is distressing about the walnuts, they are very hard to find organic, and I always assumed the hard shell would protect them from sprays. They also provide magnesium, which helps maintain bone structure; and chromium, which helps to ensure proper insulin function. Jean was diagnosed with cancer in May, 2009 this only served to fuel the flames of her passions.
Since these stories were moving, motivating and timely she thought that each of these stories may make a difference in others’ lives. In the last number of years, due to a very strong allergy to birch tree pollen, I’ve developed a case of OAS (Oral Allergy Syndrome) and have been researching why some things bother me while others do not.
Can the author prove that endosulfan is presently being used in cashew cultivation or processing? Nuts contain zinc for growth and wound healing, and manganese, which protects against free radicals. With the knowledge that we learn from stories more quickly than other teaching methods, an organization was born in hopes to make a difference in the well-being of every individual on the planet.

They ate their fill and after their way out of the nut so we knew the holey ones would not be good inside.
My research seems to indicate it’s the pasteurization process that makes them less reactive. I consider every company on the anti-labelling campain a terrorist organisation, and I WILL NOT CONFORM TO TERRORISM, OR THE DEGRADATION OF MY OWN FREEDOM to save some fiat petrodollars. I’m sure the insecticide that is put around the walnut trees would come up through the roots and thus be SYSTEMIC toxin, not a sprayed on one.
Like all plant foods, they are high in fiber and phytochemicals—both of which help protect against cancer and other chronic diseases.
It will be hard to find the little guys, but it’s a very very long chain of positive outcomes with every $, not to mention overall better health, and environmental impact.

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