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Grow tunnels from the outside at Gro-Eco Veggies and Fruit, LLC in Madison, FL; 2011 Farm Tour.
Owner Jay Fraleigh leading a tour at Gro-Eco Veggies and Fruit, LLC in Madison, FL; 2011 Farm Tour.
The butterflies stuck around for the tour at Clear Lake Farm in Lamont, FL; 2011 Farm Tour.
The horses were sure we had treats in our pockets at Johnnie's Garden in Quincy, FL; 2011 Farm Tour.
Cows seen from the hayride tour at Orchard Pond Organics in Tallahassee, FL; 2011 Farm Tour. A slide made from hay bales was a hit with the kiddos at Rocky Comfort Farm in Quincy, FL; 2011 Farm Tour. Hoop houses for chickens and turkeys at Shepherd's Hill Farm, Lake City, FL; 2011 Farm Tour. Preserves, eggs, whole chickens and more were sold at Twin Oaks Farm in Bonifay, FL; 2011 Farm Tour.
Baby chickens and rabbits did not want for attention at Twin Oaks Farm in Bonifay, FL; 2011 Farm Tour.
Solar panels provide 25% of the farm's electricity at White Oak Pastures, Bluffton, GA; 2011 Farm Tour.

We recently taught one of our permaculture design courses at Ragmans Farm in the Forest of Dean.
One problem is that the fruit is not as visually perfect as fruit sprayed with copper fungicides. RSS FeedThe Permaculture Design Course at High Heathercombe April 29, 2016Permaculture Gardening: from seed to table. Membership in the Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign (FAPC) helps increase public awareness of the importance of Florida agriculture. For years they’ve been innovating with permacultural ideas and their latest trend is holistic orchard management. This is a preparation of beneficial microbes, made by bubbling air through water to which a small amount of good compost has been added. An important detail, which was new to me and doesn’t occur in the book, is that these days you can’t use mains water. This is woodchip made from small branches and it’s higher in nitrogen and other nutrients than woodchip made from larger wood. There are various other optional things you can add to feed the microbes and Peter Kafno, who works on the farm, took us through how he makes compost tea step by step. It has the effect of encouraging a fungal microflora in the soil, which is beneficial for tree crops, as opposed to a bacterial one, which is what’s wanted for annuals such as vegetables and cereals.

But now water companies are using chloramines, which are more stable than chlorine and will not outgas. Imperfect fruit goes well in a box scheme, where there’s more direct contact between producer and consumer than there is through a shop.
The vegetable box scheme at Ragmans is just starting up again now, after a few years in abeyance, and fruit sales will be integrated with it. If you have a small garden and are able to make enough compost to dress the whole garden with it every year or two it’s probably not worth making compost tea. But on larger areas, where that amount of compost would be out of the question, it really comes into its own, bringing the biological benefits of compost without the need for masses of material.
Much of it is based on the work of Michael Phillips, the pioneering American orchardist, and Matt recomends his book.
Most organic fruit growers spray every 10-20 days with copper fungicdes to control fungus diseases and keep the fruit unblemished so it looks good on the supermarket shelf.

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