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I was very happy to find out that a favorite online store that sells only natural and organic beauty products is now offering free international shipping. All these online stores carry handpicked beauty products ranging from skincare, bath products, makeup, haircare and babycare from different brands. Of the five featured here, two of them are based in UK and the remaining three are based in Singapore. Lovelula is the first shop I’ve purchased natural and organic beauty products online. Bud Cosmetics is the most established online and retail store for natural and organic beauty products in Singapore. In terms of its online orders, the store only offers free local shipping on orders over S$50. NatureLOVA is another online store based in Singapore I’ve worked with but not ordered from. The good news is that NatureLOVA is the only online store that offers free shipping in Singapore regardless of the amount of order—no minimum purchase is required.
Personally, I like to shop at LoveLula or Naturisimo because they offer a wider range of products from over 100 different brands. I love Naturisimo too but I may give LoveLula another try cos they seems to stock more stuff now. Hi, I know this post is a little late but I wanted to purchase some items from Naturisimo, I am just wondering are the products from Naturisimo authentic? Hello guys what a nice blog that contains information of top 5 on line beauty stores in India.As you will get the beauty products at a very affordable range by on line buying.
Hi, can check if deliveries to Singapore for both LoveLula and Naturisimo are as efficient?
Yes, no problems for both…usually take around a week or slightly more but always within 2 weeks.
Thanks for a very comprehensive list of online stores where we can purchase the nature n organic skincare products. Its incredible nutrients, delicious taste and high a€?smoke pointa€™ make virgin coconut oil ideal for cooking. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Pukka organic virgin coconut oil 300g in Cooking Oils and Foods.

All the products are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils and some other toxic chemical additives. If you visit the store, you’ll notice that they not only categorized their products by brands and types, but also via certification. In fact, the store started offering free local and international shipping right from the beginning. They also carry a limited range of natural and organic beauty products, lesser than Bud Cosmetics and Pure Tincture. Moreover, many of their prices are lower and if you factor in the free shipping, the deals are attractive. However, the latter is quite expensive and not always readily available or affordable for me where I’m based. But I wonder how it works because we do have to pay the tax here if the value exceeds a certain amount.
A lot of the products are from UK and hence, they’re cheaper since Naturisimo is based there.
Thanks to you I found out Naturisimo , bought a rose gel cleanser and a multioils serum , all the process was perfect and The products are good. I found this shop that has many Greek brands of natural cosmetics made mostly using organic olive oil. I have yet to go through the entire lists of products in each store but I must say for Bud Cosmetics, products being carried do contain chemical preservatives.
This broad-spectrum oil is of the highest organic grade, sustainable cultivated, and carefully selected to bring you the full potential of naturea€™s goodness. Supplying customers locally in Stirling, Dunblane, Falkirk, Alloa and online throughout Scotland and the UK. Most of them are certified to be natural or organic and they are also formulated without animal testing and in many cases, suitable for vegans. However, I’m featuring these five only because I’ve personally shopped with them, or have had good collaborations with them in the past.
That was why I switched to placing my orders from the store instead of continuing with LoveLula.
I guess you can easily check the pricing at both sites and decide where you want to place your order.

Although I’ve purchased items from the retail store, I have not tried ordering anything online from them before. The company also ships internationally but you’ll need to check rates with them prior to confirming your order. International shipping is available and rates are either listed on the website or you’ll need to write in to check with them.
I’ve had readers who told me they’ve ordered from the store without any issues so I believe they’re good to check out. I can do all my shopping in one place and not have to search far and wide for the products I need.
After all, it is important to read the labels and the ingredients list to understand what these products are made of. Upon checking, I realized that they’ve now introduced lots more brands and naturally thought of writing something about them.
Now this really excites me because it’s a beauty box of natural and organic beauty products! However, LoveLula’s website is more user-friendly with the ability to choose pricing listing in the currency of your choice. But on second thoughts, I decided to cover more than just that store and bring you instead, five online stores that I’ll recommend for a variety of natural and organic beauty buys. So I’m so glad to know that the store is now offering free shipping locally and internationally. However, in addition to selling natural and organic beauty products online, Pure Tincture is also a face boutique with its salon at The Adephi and offers facial services using organic products. And the Giovanni shampoo I use is much cheaper on IHerb (5.57 USD) than on Naturissimo (8 GBP)! Interestingly, the three of them do not offer the same brands and so in that sense, you do get quite a variety of selection when viewed in totality.

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