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One Love Organics is a fabulous new organic skincare line that is fun, flirty, and absolutely delicious. One Love Organics is one of the only water-free skin care brand available in the United States. Thank you! Kendra Inman, my best friend from high school and OLO's Creative Director, developed the brand and packaging. What are you most excited about in 2013? We have some super exciting projects to announce in March of 2013. Like our packaging reflects, you can still care about design, femininity and frankly results and still be passionate about being green. One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser has a unique combination of organic Chilean soap bark, cold-pressed apple oil and vegetable glycerin, Easy Does It lathers into a soothing, non-drying foam that cleans, softens and helps to protect face, body and hair. Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser is a finalist in the 2011 Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards in the facial cleanser category. CartAbout UsWe’ve curated personal care products that provide exceptional performance and promote health-conscience living: organic, natural and sustainable products make your healthy and responsible choices easy! Hi y'all, I'm Ciera, graphic designer and co-founder of VenturePop creative conference. When I’m not designing for my amazing clients, writing blog posts or bringing people together through local events, I thrive on exploring my creative spirit. Pretty Darn Cute Customized by Ciera Design Studio Interested in sharing content from this site? I am so grateful for my education and what it has allowed me to do so many things in my life. The line up of ingredients is what really makes this product so fantastic and hard to duplicate.

The editors tested literally thousands of products before narrowing it down to the very best. I specializing in visual brand development and adore working with passionate entrepreneurs to design captivating and cohesive brand identities allowing them to fulfill their greatest potential and skyrocket their businesses to new heights. Having been featured in magazines like Marie Claire, People, and Womens Day, there has been lots of buzz around these products. Emulsifiers are good at keeping dissimilar elements combined, such as oil and water, but cosmetic emulsifiers are also usually (soap-based) surfactants. It features 3 supercritical oils of chia, vanilla and oat (which is the best form of extraction and produces plant oil in its most bioavailable state) in a base or virgin organic coconut oil and mango butter.
I’m passionate about using my skills in branding, marketing, design & social media to help your business succeed. Law school and the practice of law were both really stressful so I started studying aromatherapy as a way to unwind. When used in cleansing gels, emulsifiers do not pose much of a problem because they are washed off during use. The orange peel extract gives the product a super boost of Vitamin C in a stable form-so the product is a powerhouse of vitamins like A,C & E and beneficial Omega 3s.
After the birth of my two children, I started learning how to make personal care products for our family. However, when moisturizing and treatment is the goal, our findings agree with those of skincare researcher Dr. The product is 100% active with absolutely no water so one jar will last forever and you can use it to replace so many products to streamline your routine.

Ladies can't get enough of their products, so I decided to ask the founder, Susanne LeRoux a few questions. I loved doing it and people enjoyed my products-I also did not look forward to returning to the practice of law so I knew it was time for a career change. David Pollock, who has observed that emulsion preparations found in skin treatments tend to interfere with the natural restorative function of the skin. My husband was really supportive in my decision, too which was key in making such a big move. The water-based ingredients in the product evaporate, while the oil-based ingredients are absorbed, leaving the emulsifiers on the skina€™s surface. These alkaline, soap-like substances then combine with the lipid content of the skin, removing precious oils the next time we wash. Moreover, their alkalinity disturbs the natural pH balance of the skin (which is slightly acidic), leaving it more susceptible to microbial growth. In an effort to rebalance, the skin may then overproduce natural oils and sebum as it fights to reestablish its natural state.
Quite the opposite of what we want when we reach for our favorite moisturizer, foundation or sunscreen! When this happens, it is not only a great disappointment but can be a cause for real concern.

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