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It's a battle for market share, one that seems squarely aimed at luring in those fickle Millennials or that subsequent group widely called Generation Z. We thought it was a fitting time to pay a visit to these two mega-chains (Carrabba's boasts 240 locations nationally, Olive Garden has more than 800 in North America), stopping into a South Tampa Carrabba's outpost and the Olive Garden location that opened in February on West Shore.
In my mind, Carrabba's has always been a tick more expensive than the Garden (with Macaroni Grill and Maggiano's a couple ticks above it). Darden shareholders have been pushing for the restaurant giant to spin off or sell Olive Garden and Red Lobster.
At lunchtime, the main idea is speed: In order to compete with fast food and grab-and-go concepts, they've trained servers to assess diners' time crunch and to respond accordingly. Lingering at the deep-fryer for a minute, Olive Garden has added arancini, classic Sicilian risotto balls that are bread-crumbed and fried.
In all, improvements like mini desserts (shades of Seasons 52, another Darden chain), Tuscan-style wings (a nod to Anthony's Coal Fired's success with that dish) and hummus (it's white bean, so Italian-ish) give Olive Garden a fighting chance. The single best dish we tried from the new menu was a gorgeous vanilla bean panna cotta served in a jar and topped with sweet-tart fresh raspberries ($6).
Before that, though, I was impressed with new prosciutto-wrapped pork tenderloin medallions (a real steal at $13.90). Tomato cream sauce is the dominant flavor in the new rigatoni Martino ($14), with planks of grilled chicken, sun-dried tomato and sliced mushroom, as well as in the shrimp and scallop linguine alla vodka ($15), the latter's vodka demure enough that the sauces tasted identical. Since the deeply awful economic woes of 2008 and 2009, the restaurant industry has been slow to bounce back, with sit-down restaurants losing out to fast food and the like (read: places you don't have to tip). Olive Garden in Tampa, FL, is located across from the Citrus Park Towne Center Mall at 8306 Citrus Park Dr., and is convenient to shopping, tourist attractions, movie theaters, places of worship, schools, and major highways. As for its breadsticks, Starboard said last week that Olive Garden was being wasteful because servers weren’t sticking to the policy of providing one breadstick per customer, plus an extra for the table.
Starboard also said servers were overfilling salad bowls and using too much dressing, which it said drives up costs.
Carrabba's, owned by Bloomin' Brands, and Olive Garden, owned by Darden Restaurants, seem in a race to reinvent themselves.
Theirs aren't quite as zesty as the new ones on the Carrabba's menu (those are studded with fennel sausage and plopped in a slightly spicy marinara, $6), but it's an appealing shared finger food ($4.50), as is the duet of herb-flecked chicken meatballs wading in marinara ($4).

Chicken Toscana ($13.99) makes use of the chain's new Piastra flat-top grill, which gives meats an even, deep sear on both sides. But there's a lot of competition at the $15 Italian-meal-that-includes-soup-or-salad price point, with 15 of those anchoring Carrabba's newly debuted menu. In recent months, I've eaten overly rubbery versions of this Italian custard at a number of high-end restaurants, and Carrabba's got it plushly perfect.
In the past, I've felt that what makes a lot of Carrabba's dishes taste good is liberal use of cream or butter a€” this one eschews that in favor of deep savoriness imparted by wood smoke and prosciutto, counterbalanced by a touch of sweetness in a port wine fig sauce, nicely accessorized with a passel of tender-crisp green beans. To my mind, a more contemporary dish was the new grilled Tuscan skewers ($15), juicy sirloin sandwiched between soft grilled cherry tomatoes and lengths of red onion, all drizzled with a simple but appealing red wine sauce. It's clear that both of these restaurant giants have a lot of smart people working furiously to keep pace with food trends while giving customers perceived value. However, I do like to go here once and a while for lunch-- usually to get the all you eat soup, salad, and breadsticks. Check in at the host stand when you arrive, and we'll send you a text as soon as your table is ready.This is NOT a reservation.
Starboard took Olive Garden and its management to task for a litany of issues, including its liberal distribution of breadsticks to customers, its failure to salt the water used to boil its pasta and even the length of the asparagus it serves.
The company says it has introduced new menu items to underscore value, for instance, and is testing new ordering technologies using table-top tablets. It looks updated and clean, and has high tech screens you can review the menu on or pay at directly at your table.
They both recently launched dramatically revised menus incorporating a number of culinary buzzwords: small plates for sharing, lighter fare and smaller portions (and prices), specialty items with mix-and-match customizability, hand-helds, gluten-free dishes, kale, craft beer, mini dessert indulgences and a€” the two words that summed up 2013 a€” salted caramel. A just-released new logo is getting mixed feedback, but the new menu features a number of fresh and welcome ideas. The jury's out on whether the launch of new menus at Olive Garden and Carrabba's will keep both concepts healthy in a competitive market, but both offer a number of appealing dishes that keep dining out affordable for most of us.
Darden, which is based in Orlando, has struggled to boost sales at Olive Garden with the growing popularity of chains such as Chipotle, where people feel they can get food similar in quality to a sit-down restaurant for less money. Unlike some of the foot at Olive Garden, I'm a big fan of their salads, especially the dressing.

Under pressure to boost results, Darden recently sold off Red Lobster, which was doing even worse than Olive Garden. The menu has been revamped since a few years ago when I visited, and while I was excited to see some new menu items, I was disappointed when my food arrived.
The Zuppa Toscana soup was pretty good as well.Something new on my most recent visit to this Olive Garden was that they had touch-screen kiosks at every table.
But Starboard and others took issue with the sale and wanted the company’s breakup structured differently. The five cheese ziti al forno that I used to always get didn't have nearly enough sauce, and the grilled chicken that I added on was simply tossed on top, and was a very small portion.
We did not use for much, but I checked it out and it appears it let's you order drinks and appetizers.
The steak's flavors clashed with the gorgonzola, the alfredo sauce was minimal, and the addition of the balsamic really made the whole combination funky.
Steak, gorgonzola, alfredo, and balsamic are four of my favorite food groups, so I was really disappointed to find that all of them together were so bad.
There were also some games which is an interesting idea when bringing kids here, but there was a charge to play them.Where the kiosk was useful was paying our check. Adding insult to injury, the subpar meal was over $50, when adding one soda and one dessert.
I'd be happy to pay that at a nicer restaurant or for a quality meal, but the restaurant and meal were anything but quality.
While the aesthetic changes at Olive Garden are nice, they aren't enough to distract me from the lesser quality of food and the higher prices.

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