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Olive Garden in Lithonia, GA, is located near the Mall at Stonecrest at 3011 Turner Hill Road, and is convenient to hotels, shopping, movie theaters, parks and outdoor recreation sites, national landmarks or historic sites, hospitals, places of worship, and schools.
Olive Garden in Bakersfield, CA, is located opposite Patriots Park at 1701 New Stine Road, and is convenient to shopping, parks and outdoor recreation sites, colleges or universities, schools, and major highways. Olive Garden was founded on 1982 and owned by Darden Restaurants which is the world’s major casual dining restaurant company. An analysis of their menu items are also offered by Italian Restaurant Olive Garden to help in your Olive Garden meal selection. Check in at the host stand when you arrive, and we'll send you a text as soon as your table is ready.This is NOT a reservation.

The family-oriented restaurant Olive Garden is specializing on serving fresh, simple and delicious Italian food. Olive Garden is serving a lot of dishes as well as pasta and seafood, accompanied by a polite wine list and the eatery's famed soup, salad and breadsticks. You can also ask Information Guide for additional options to further meet your dietary needs at Garden Fare. The first Olive Garden opened its doors on December 13, 1982 in Orlando, Florida, there are presently 611 Olive Garden locations throughout the United States and Canada.
Click on the new search and follow the instructions, to find the nearest Olive Garden in your area.

Here is included all the information about Olive Garden Menu, its nutrition facts and much more along with Olive Garden Locator. Naturally, Olive Garden restaurant menus and wine lists are depend on seasonal availability and local specialties.

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