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Olive Garden in Schaumburg, IL, is located adjacent to Woodfield Mall at 1925 East Golf Road, and is convenient to hotels, shopping, movie theaters, convention centers, colleges or universities, and major highways. Olive Garden in East Wenatchee, WA, is located at Wenatchee Valley Mall at 615 Valley Mall Parkway, and is convenient to hotels, shopping, parks and outdoor recreation sites, places of worship, and schools. In a presentation given on Monday to shareholders and investors, Olive Garden announced a so-called brand renaissance, which replaces its old, cheerfully incompetent logo with one that looks as if it were stolen from the header of a vegetarian's Wordpress blog.
At least with the old logo you knew what it meant: bad food served in a depressing mass-produced setting.

Check in at the host stand when you arrive, and we'll send you a text as soon as your table is ready.This is NOT a reservation. The gray evokes the ashen complexion of someone who has just discovered that he will be having dinner at an Olive Garden, while the green resembles the complexion of that same patron as he nauseously walks out of the restaurant, his meal completed.
It told anyone who saw it, at a glance, that whatever cuisine this Olive Garden served, it would be artificial, inedible, and served to you by corporate cretins. As the Consumerist notes, it looks like it was just ripped from a generic package of veggie burgers.

Other than that, though, this new logo references barely any of the gastronomic horrors or culinary disappointments that await you.

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